11:11 on Jan 11 – 5 D HUman on a 5.D. Earth

Dear friends,
Today is an 11:11 Gate – 1.11.1 – Jan 11, 2017 . We will have 1-1-1 also on Jan 19 and 28th this month. 
I am feeling my heart bigger than my body and like I am floating above the floor and almost translucent. I feel I am somewhere else and when I close my eyes. I am traveling in space continuum, accessing much information, and my higher self is talking with other souls. I am doing service somewhere else, where I am needed.
This is the shift from physical 3d to 5d body vibration. We entered 5d and NO-TIME of the TIME-SPACE-CONTINUUM. Our sleep patterns can be different now, as our soul is always awake. Once we are more connected, and even embody the soul now, we may need less sleep, or just short naps more often, to recharge the human body form. Exciting times!!!
We may even feel we are somewhere else while being here…hmm? That is the Lightbody teleporting to the places we are thinking about, or our lightbody is needed and is working somewhere else – on the other side of the earth or in another dimension. We can split off and do multi-dimensional multi-tasking so to say. The 5th dimensional Human can be in more than one place simultaneously in consciousness, and the mastery of this new HUman is, to de-materialize and re-appear elsewhere in a different form. There are masters such as Sai Baba, Babaji, Jesus, Thoth and some shamans who do and did this.
Diamand soul octahedron-1We must surrender now to our  diamond soul – GOD-SELF -the I AM presence and allow it to lead us and control our lower self…it knows what is good for us and it knows its purpose! We just need to unite and catch up with our soul and then the magic begins. We are creators of our world and destiny. Let us be in love, create all with love and be in JOY in everything we do. Once we surrender to the higher divine self, everything flows and support comes from everywhere – the Universe, God, Master teachers, Angels etc. In unconditional Love, we can not be judgemental anymore. Judgement cuts us off from creation and joy.
“Ask and thou shall receive”– Jesus said this. Call and ask the angels for assistance, as they are waiting for a job and love to serve Humans. Ask your own higher self and soul to assist you too. When you ask for a divine purpose and to serve a good cause,  the gifts will come to you. It’s about allowing the infinite love and abundance into you, as the cosmic is full of wonders and love and creative juices are constantly emanating from source. 
layoesh-pillar-light-earth-godSo to get to this level, all you need is to be still and away from the distractions, such as internet and smart phones, TV, etc…Breathe into your heart and walk in nature. Meditate inside a sphere of Light – The Hologram of Love with the earth-to-source pillar of light connection, where the earth energies come up and the heavenly energies come down and meet in your Heart.
You can find some of my blogs on this site with short meditations. Type in the word MEDITATION and MERKABA into the search bar and some will come up. If anyone needs some assistance in form of healing, DIAMOND SOUL CODES, counselling, Initiations, Lightbody Merkaba, lessons, and more, please read my website homepage and you can email me ( see there) for further info to work with me. 
Say this:
I love you all, 
Kyria Aluéla Lumina 
The above text is copyrighted – DO NOT Copy and Paste to other sites, blogs or publications without permission of Kyria Aluéla Lumina – you may share  as this blog link. 

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Now, I also share  an Article  by Lisa Brown that fits to what I have written above
Listen to her message on this YOUTUBE Video:

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