Doorway of Completion Opening


Channeling from the Pleiades via Gillian Macbeth Louthan

Welcome.  We are the energies of the Pleiades.  You each dwell upon an island of self.  A place that you know well and that others visit occasionally when you allow them in. On this island of self you enjoy being who you are, being who you are not, being who you once were, and being who you dream to be.  You practice on all levels of self before you introduce those nebulae aspects to the rest of your world that on looks as an audience with canned laughter that never goes home. 

In the near future, a doorway of completion will be opened. You will be asked to introduce yourself to many scenarios that you have not encountered in the past and may not encounter in the future. You will be asked to introduce yourself to ways of thinking, ways of healing, ways of speaking and understanding that you have not thought about exercising your rights within. Imagine yourself as a salesperson that goes from door to door selling a unique concept or product. You will be asked to knock upon doors of future ventures and endeavors that have not taken form in the physical. 

You will do this upon the island of self, practicing with your own thoughts, creations, and innate abilities.  Earlier we asked you to practice commanding the parts of your life that do obey you. (When you tell a chair to stay it does. When you tell a picture to hang it does, when you tell a refrigerator to be cool, it is) These are energies in your life that listen to you when you tell them to sit, to stand, to not fall over.  (Of course this does not include people and cats and most dogs.)  When you believe that you are commander-in-chief of your life and all surrounding inanimate energies then you will be much more comfortable in your power and your abilities to create in the near future. 

You are all stepping onto the platform of receiving ‘accommodations for creation’.  In the next octave of this Universal aspect of time, you will find that your words are heard and understood by everything.  It does not matter if it is on another planet, another star, and another part of the world, another part of the ocean all that you speak is heard.  For the ‘accommodations of creation’ are issued to you as you receive the little “g” god-ness of your divine inheritance and heritage.  It does not mean that you are manifesting as a big “G” all capital letters GOD, but as a little “g” god with emphasis on the god. 

You will implement creation in the same fashion as a farmer that places seeds in his field.  For each seed that that he curses as he plants– (whether yelling at the blackbirds, the tractor, his wife, the dog, or himself) that seed will have stunted growth.  For each seed that he blesses, it will grow in bounty and abundance.  Your words are as such seeds.  Your thoughts are seed-lets. When you focus any energy, any attention, any word, any frequency, on something that you do not want to birth – you are impregnated that possibility — immediately.  For thoughts that negative are more magnetic in flux and stronger in adhesion.  When you delete these negative statements from your life and your vocabulary, then that magnetic energy will go forth to what you want to birth.  But until you shift your intentions, your vocabulary, your manifestation into that place of void of negativity, you will only be planting half your crops positively. 

there is no limit to you and your abilities.  You have only preconceived ideas of what should be and what should not be.  When you “not/knot” anything, you tie up the manifestation process and you keep yourself from sailing into clear seas.  You are pulled by the riptides of your own choices into decisions that are created by you and no one else.  It is important for your choices to be clear and your intention to be clear.  Without clarity, you plant in polluted haze and fog and you will not reap for you will not be clear in remembering where you have planted. 

The gifts that come to you are grand beyond your knowing.  Some days you are all thumbs and some days you are all toes and other days you trip over your tongue.  Hold your hands out without grasping too tightly, as if you are holding a fragile baby bird that has fallen from the nest.  Do not try to hold onto what comes or what does not come.  Do not try to make something happen.  It will be as a thirsty man holding water from a mirage.  Gently receive with open palms and sup upon that which you receive without regrets.  For there will come a day when the bounty will fill you and you will drink heartily from a world filled with love.  Do not drink or sup upon the toxins that come via the media, your own thoughts, others’ words.  Do not drink of what is poison to your thinking.  Do not eat of the food of what is forbidden in your soul. 

Your soul seeks peace, joy and harmony.  It seeks oneness within itself before it ever asks for oneness with others.  Each day you are influenced by the particles and parcels of what is yet to be manifested.  Each day you are tested by everything that you come across.  The initiation in this lifetime is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout this earth incarnation.  Even when you sleep there are initiations.  Every thought that crosses your path begets you.  It can take you prisoner or it can set you free.  It is up to you.  You must hone and sharpen your senses to know what is truth for you.  For your truth may not fit another and nor is it designed to.  Your truth is just for you.  It is personalized truth, personalized love, personalized God, personalized healing, and personalized miracles.  For each one of you is in a category and a universe onto yourself. you inherently have all that you  seek. 

We are the Pleiadian Council of Light.  We are part of the very fabric of your dimensional self.  Announce and pronounce your life, carefully.  All words are sacred.  All actions are sacred.  Do not play games with your words and your creations.  Do not tempt the fates or try to cajole the gods –whether those gods are in human form or celestial form.  Speak what you intend to manifest – or do not speak at all. 

Silence is golden in the very fact that it is profitable oft times to keep your mouth closed instead of manifesting a disaster.  We leave you with grace and with blessings.  

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from KYRIA ALUÉLA – MELCHIZEDEKIA – Kyria Mystica- The Vocal Alchemist

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