Teachings of the Divine Father & Mother via Rananda Kumara

Hi all,

I am posting the Blog of Rananda Kumara aka XDavid Spears ( FB) who last week on Jan 24, 2017 made his journey back to the higher dimensions. He is a wise teacher who had embodiments just before and during Yeshua’s life on earth as a Magi who searched for Yeshua ( via the so called Star of Bethlahem) and as a disciple and scribe for Yeshua ( Jesus). You can explore his legacy/blog below. Just as I am creating and posting this on my blog, a beam of white light crossed in front of my computer screen. Hello Rananda, good to know you are next to us in the parallel dimensions

Many Blessings on your Heavenly Journey dear Rananda.


Rananda’s FB page:



Posted in Uncategorized, tagged “End Times”, ascendent Brothers and Sisters, ascension, Darkness, Eternal Truth, Joy, Light on October 11, 2012 | 

“There are no special meditations that you have to do in order to ensure your ascension. All you have to do is to feel the joy along with your ascendent Brothers and Sisters, and go with the flow of Joy, together with them

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The Concept Of “The Divine Father/ Mother”

Posted in Uncategorized, tagged Divine Mother, Spiritual evolution, Spiritual Wisdom on May 7, 2010 

From “Father” :–” Father” reminds us that “Father/Mother” is only a concept of Spirit; a way of understanding It; and sometimes, when we try to to apply more than one concept at a time , we get tangled up in our own concepts. Concepts are not reality, as “Father” has explained before [See channelled message- […]

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Find many more of his teachings and writings here:



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