You are the Sum of all of Your Soul’s Experiences -Integrating the Soul -by Kyria Aluéla & Rananda

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Dear friends,

You are the summ of all of your learning experiences, not just of this life, but from other embodiments/incarnations on earth and even other places of the Cosmos. When you are born you bring with you information and talents that shapes your personality. This is why you have certain given talents that you continue to work on, as you had already learned this before. Of course you might have brought traumas and pain with you too, that you need to heal and release now to fully be your true self.

Some of these records are not remembered, as when born, you go through a tunnel of amnesia and forget your past lives. Some older souls remember some things and gain more memory during their present life. Even small children may talk about things from their past lives. Society and parents may not understand, nor do not accept this, saying it is non-sense,  so many suppress the knowledge and forget again.  


Now in this age of awakening, many are beginning to re-member who they are totally. Meditation and chanting expands your awareness, so you  can tap  into  all  of yourselves, as the lightbody has all knowledge of your soul journey stored. Your Soul is a Diamond and your Lightbody is a rainbow body. Each color level has a frequency of Light and sound representing it. Each level has information stored, as if you open a dresser drawer with things in it. Sound will open these drawers of yourself. 

If you wish assistance to connect and tap into your Lightbody and Soul, info I offer sound and holographic energy sessions with SOUL CODES and intuitive coaching, as well as lessons. To learn more, I will also be teaching classes soon online and in person – TBA. Read more on my website Homepage and contact me by the email there.

Many blessings on your journey back home to yourself.

Kyria Aluéla Lumina


Below I share a blog on this subject from a cosmic brother of mine,

Rananda , who ascended on Jan. 24, 2017

Integrating the Soul

April 17, 2010 by ranandaatchakra8

We Are ONE I AM Community“Before one can reunite with Spirit, one must reintegrate all of the past life aspects of one’s Soul that have become dissociated for one reason or another.

When one approaches the point of union, one’s Higher Self begins to remind one of one’s past lives. These are the lives that are problematical for some reason, but some are just because you need to know for reasons of your self esteem. Some of them may be lives in which one was persecuted, or traumatized in some way, and one has buried them deep in the darkest corner of one’s subconscious, in isolation from the group of one’s other past lives.

In order that you understand what comes next, it is necessary to explain about time. In the material world [3D] ,time is experienced sequentially, like a river; but in the inner planes, i.e. at Soul level, time is not spread out in that way; everything is happening at the same moment, and one just `tunes in’ to the events one wishes to see. Even though these events may have happened hundreds of years ago, they appear to be happening now , i.e. in “the now moment”, and it is possible to go back in time, as it were, and talk to a traumatized past life Soul aspect in it’s own time frame. One may have hidden the full horror of the traumatic events from oneself, but one can still talk to the traumatized Soul aspect.

Before one sets out to recover and reintegrate that Soul aspect, one must ask oneself what is the nature of the `chain’ that is binding it and keeping it trapped in it’s time frame, while the remainder of the Soul has moved on. Is it a chain of e.g. fear? Some past life Soul aspects may have been trapped in their tomb by a black magic spell cast by their enemies. That used to sometimes happen in ancient Egypt. However, the Angels of Spirit are always available to help, and they have the power to cut all chains, and to break magic spells, so it is a good idea to enlist their help before tuning in to the traumatized Soul aspect. To tune in, one can visualise flying back down the ages to the relevant time frame accompanied by the Angels of Spirit; then see the Soul aspect standing before one.

When one speaks to the Soul aspect, one may need to explain about reincarnation, and that one is a Soul aspect from it’s future. One may also find it helpful to tell it [him or her] that it has been trapped in it’s time frame while the rest of it’s Soul has moved on in time. Also that it is in it’s interest to be released, as the end of time is near, and that the Soul must be complete in order to unite with Spirit. Explain also that you have brought the Angels of Spirit to cut the `chains’, and `see’ them do so. At the same time take the hand of the Soul aspect and `fly’ upward and forward through time, to the Heaven of today.

Visualise an idyllic heavenly home [perhaps a beautiful and large communal house on a lake, where all of your past life Soul aspects live together in harmony] and take the recovered Soul aspect there to join the community. Then thank the Angels of Spirit for their help. ”

Channelled through David / Rananda on 1st July 2009



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P.S. Rananda left the physical dimension and ascended on Jan 24th – find more of his teaching legacy on his blog

Integrating the Soul

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