Feb 10, Full Moon in Leo & Partial Eclipse – Letting Go To Receive Infinite Love


Dear Friends,
Blessed Full Moon in Leo. Leo is the sign that represents  Father, Big Heart, Creative Energy, playfulness, Actor -Showman ( as in Ego playing a role). Leo can either be egoistical, a show off, needy of constant attention, player of games and roles, be controlling due to cowardliness, or the Leo can pendle to its higher aspect and opposite, by being courageous  in total unconditional love with a huge heart for all, as Yeshua( Jesus) was/is. During Full Moon we have, the sun is in the opposite sign of the Leo Moon in Aquarius, which represents unconditional Love, acceptance and non-judgement for all – the total humanitarian serving all in some original way.  I am not saying one can not be playful, just not playing manipulative games in a dishonest, hurtful way – being joyfully playful in a divine, creative way is the juice of life – be as children – imaginative and creative. 
When we can release the ego and controller in us and step up or actually surrender to the trusting, higher self and soul, we allow the flow of infinite, universal love to enter our hearts. This love is so huge, that we have so much to share. It is like the “Ace of Cups” card…never ending love pouring in and overflowing. Surrender is scary for most. Surrender means letting your defences drop and being totally the real you. How do you know the real you? The authentic you will feel good when it expresses itself creatively in love and not pretend to be someone you are not, someone that others expect you to be. The ego wishes to protect itself and a distorted, illusionary will. By meditating daily and breathing into your heart connecting heaven and earth within you, you can feel the love of creation permeating all of you. The more you do this you can heal wounds and then express love in all you do. Find a few “meditations” ( use search bar) on my blog and if you wish a personal holographic healing and sound session, Life coaching with me, contact me by email which you can find on my Homepage. Also read there about your SOUL CODES, which take you to your true self and alchemically transform you and reconnect more DNA strands.  
I love you all,
Kyria Aluéla Lumina


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