Valentines – True Lovers are never apart – One Heart



True Love transcends all boundaries. There is no time or distance between hearts. When a soul loves another soul, then the physical togetherness is not needed to love each other.


Once the souls join their hearts and soul energy in the ethers, such as in the Alchemist Wedding of Twin Flames, the Human selves are more still and complete within. The fire of the love of creation permeates every cell of the physical human body and each person is joyful alone. 


Then these humans can share great love with Humanity and the Galaxy. They can love everyone. They can unconditionally love anyone they choose even if its not the two original Lovers. If the human lovers can enjoy a co-existence and it fits into each others viewpoints and lives, then they can love each other in the here and now in body.


Remember, you first need to be your own Valentine and then you can love others! 


I Love you all,

Kyria Aluéla Lumina – Priestess & Chantress of Melchizedekia

Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist

Heavenly Gifts by Kyria Aluéla

Melchizedekia Community

Kyria Aluéla offers:

Intuitive Life Counselling, Holographic Light and Sound Healing, Twin Flame Guidance,

SOUL CODES Transmissions and  Initiations, Energetic clearings of self and spaces,

Ascension Merkaba Teachings…

Read more on my website and contact me by email which you will find there. 


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