Giants and Other Size Beings on Earth

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I once traveled to the Samoa Islands in the south pacific in 1997, and the locals spoke about that they had found giant bones. On the Island of Savai, I was guided to a giant foot print in lava. I don’t have my own picture of it now, as it is not digital and in storage box in EU.  I also saw the huge sarcophagus’ in the museum in Cairo of the taller people and shorter ones with short legs and big heads too. The tall people must have been the highly advanced Sirians in Egypt, short ones Arcturians and Pleiadians, as the original Hawaiians, Mayas and Inkas all speak of coming from the Pleiades. I have a friend in Hawaii, who remembers being a Giant in a ancient life of his. We have so much ancient DNA info and humans have interbred over aeons, so  then you wonder why some people like  are 7 + feet and some like 3-4 feet tall. They are not mutations – we have many star races on earth.

I share a few Videos and Images below…you can research more yourself.

Images below:

Top Left: Hunbatz Men Maya Elder and a Mayas and a Giant( below him)

Menehunes in Hawaii ( top right)

Left bottom: Maestro Don Manuel, Inca – who is a spiritual father of mine I worked with in Peru from 1999-2004. The Q’eros all say they came from the

Pleiades – 7 sisters ( right bottom)

The really huge Giants or Nephlim are are from earlier times on earth, I feel. The time of the Dinasaurs may have needed these Very Huge Giants in those days to survive on earth.


More skeletons are being found now.

human giants.jpg

Samoa Savai: Giant Foot Print


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Kyria Aluéla Lumina

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Here a few videos and links about Giants and Pleiades:

‘Huge Skeleton’ Discovered in Bulgaria’s Varna

According to ancient legends and the old testament of the bible a giant race of people walked the earth, who built the giant pyramids and buildings as a divine temples. Their existence also tells the story of David and Goliath. Why these huge people die out. Unusually large remains, allegedly scientists have discovered in Bulgaria, could help answer that question.

Necropolis had a stash of about 80 skeletons, and most of them were complete. In recent years, however, the villagers discovered the cemetery Titans in the planting apple orchard. 


Over 1000 Giant digs have been found in recent years. Giant skeleton


Egypt Giants

Mayas, Pleiades and Hunbatz Men


2 thoughts on “Giants and Other Size Beings on Earth

  1. Errol M Roberts

    There were many Giants on Mother Earth …Lemuria for example … Which sank as did Atlantis..Whats left of the West Coast of USA Is All the Pacific Islands even Easter Island ..Which was once Lemuria ..Atlantis was on the East Coast of USA…I read a Book called
    ” Isle of Mu ” << which is Le MU ria "
    Pretty Amasing ..True Story for Me


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