The Highest Love is Unconditional -Releasing a Beloved, Even the Embodied Twin Flame


The highest Love you can have for another is wanting them to be on their journey of exploring their Highest Expression whether this includes you in their life or not. Releasing all personal attachments out of deepest Honouring of a beloved Soul’s evolution on Earth –  An Initiation of the highest order. Quote by ~ Saskia Waheina


Yes, Unconditional Love often means letting someone you love go for a divine higher purpose. In this altruistic love, souls usually stay connected above ( higher dimensions) and support each other from there, even if the physical persons are separated or have not even met in person. This can happen with Twin Flames (souls) who’s hearts and energies or Lightbodies have merged as one in higher dimension, but the physical extensions of them and their respective lives need to be lived separately. Remember, the Twin Flame is part of oneself, and the love of the duals, is to feel self love and wholeness within. The love between the united Twin-flame souls is so great and will infiltrate the human selves so strongly that each will radiate this love out to the world. Not all Soul Twins need to be human couples, they are partners in the higher worlds and can help each other energetically and even communicate telepathically when needed with each other, as well as visit each other in dreams. These higher dimensional pairs are working planetary as well, to illuminate and bring more love into the planet’s consciousness grid. Only a certain group of physical twins share the same goal to work with each other on on earth and can be partners – some may just be platonic friends or colleagues. All is open in love – no rules.

Other Human and soul connections may need to be cut totally, if they bring one down and do not serve a purpose for growth and evolution. One does not need to go backwards or suffer. Best to do then, is to communicate in honesty and release them in unconditional love, and wish them well. This also means forgiving all involved, including self. 

Love is freedom.  Letting go in love this way, opens new doors of creativity and vibrating in so much unconditional love, makes one attract more love and a vibrational match for ones life journey on earth. 

Love is all,

by Kyria Aluéla Lumina 


Kyria Aluéla is a Intuitive Life Coach, Holographic & Sound Healer, Vocalist – Composer, Channel, SOUL CODES transmission, Twin Flame Guidance . Merkaba Lightbody teachings for ascension and more…

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Top  Quote is from S. WaHeiNa



2 thoughts on “The Highest Love is Unconditional -Releasing a Beloved, Even the Embodied Twin Flame

  1. spiritualascensionbog

    Dear Friend, The image is absolutely gorgeous you have used. Love it!

    The message you have shared and expressed resonates very well with me Darling, on multi levels. I agree that unconditional love is surrendering in grace and peace to the unfolding of the Divine Plan of the Twin Flame Beloved-Heart’s journey.

    I have continually done this for over 13 yrs, (whether I liked it or not), following my Beloved’s personal Will and Personal Wishes every time; indeed, just as he has always honoured my own WILL, his Other Half, in total unconditional Love and surrender. What will be will be, all is LOVE. All is Divine and Perfect as it is. The vibration of TWIN FLAMES is ineffable, exquisite, supreme and exceptional in its other-worldy expanded potency, whether they or we are together physically does’nt affect the power of the essence and the impact too. All the world, the NEW Earth Consciousness, I know as Numis ‘Om and the oher decayed Earth, plus everything in Creation on every planet feels this energy and is affected by it. We are ALL-Love. Love YOU Carol, New Eden, Scotland x


    1. Thank you Sister Carol. Yes the Union above is so powerful and gives strength below…and many options to create the new world. Some TF physicals work separately below but above together others meet below to do the work. As we are becoming 5d earth..thats where the meeting is( and above as well). Again…ea soul can have more than one body on earth, so another TF physical could be out there.LOL K


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