Dear Friends and Followers of Melchizedekia Blog and FB Page,

Re. My Blog, FB page and Services:

If you have benefited from my offerings and would like to say thank you, your support would help me continue to offer you teachings and information as well as support my projects in sound and for the new children. It takes much time to research, write and gift you all that I share here. I am not able to give as much time here without your support. A balance is required between giving and receiving( taking). If no balance one party gets drained giving too much and other other party gets overfed and non-appreciative and often confused, or even numbed by taking in too much food.

In ancient traditions one was taught to support the priests and gurus, teachers with 10% of ones income and the universe brings back to you a 1000 Fold. Not that I ask 10% of your salary, but if one gives of ones “energies”( money, time, gifts) to a cause for planetary and humanitarian or Lightworker who serving the divine plan, then divine supports you as well with multitudes of gifts and support.

I am now focusing on my sound healing work and recording music, which  you will be able to purchase online in a few months from now. Also soon, I will have a log-in community where those who wish my teachings can become members to access what I offer for a monthly or annual fee. Some info will be for public viewing but the teachings and healings will not be available to the public without joining.

For now I will continue share my own work here on this blog and Facebook Community page  1-4 times a month, and I may not share other authors anymore, unless more support comes from all of you.

I offer powerful transformation to you all such as:






Read more on my homepage.

I love you all and wish you to feel happy, healthy and whole living your dreams and life purpose


Kyria Aluéla Lumina – Priestess of Melchizedekia – Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist
Spiritual Medium, Vocalist-Composer, Vocal Alchemist, Sound-Light healer, Intuitive Life Coach, Twin Flame advisor, Shaman, Channel, Metaphysical teacher, Artist, Photographer, Author, Motivational Speaker, Ceremonial & Tour Leader. Priestess of Melchizedek & Universal Ministries.

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My FB pages are on the right hand side of this blog to LIKE .

My Chanting and Music:

has some music for listening only…may not be uploaded or Copied

I will have some files on BANDCAMP soon for sale..TBA on this blog.



Kyria Aluéla Lumina & Kyria Mystica – Die Vokal-Alchemistin

Spirituelles Medium & Lehrerin, Sängerin – Komponistin, Gesang Alchemistin, Klang-Licht Geist-Heilerin, Intuitiver Lebens-Coach, Zwillingsflammen Beratering, Schamanin, Channel, Metaphysische Lehrerin, Künstlerin, Fotografin, Autorin, Motivationstrainerin, Zeremonien Meisterin, ordenierte Priesterin des Melchisedek Ordens und Universalen Ministerien.

( finde den deutschen Text unter dem Englischen Teil)

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