Soul Lovers – I’ll Be By Your Side



Soul love for another soul

is so much grander than human love

of minds and bodies.


Soul lovers need not be physically together,

as they reside in a higher kingdom,

where their spirits swim side by side

in a liquid-blue angel light realm.


Their love is so huge,

that it encompasses the human selves,

to slip off into the Black Zone of the unknown,

to co-create beautiful new music together.


That overflowing, deep and infinite  love

nurtures and embraces humanity,

lifting them out of the dark and heaviness

of the wounded hearts of the world,

to shine and share their inner light,

so they too can love all there is.

Krishna & Radha 


Kyria Aluéla Lumina


Kyria Mystica 

written on March 5, 2017

Copyrighted, all rights reserved


Do Not Copy and Paste, nor publish this anywhere else

without written permission of the Author


Here is a lovely Melody that fits to this poem.

“I’ll Be By Your Side “

from the Film Score

“ I Love You Perfect”

Composed by YANNI


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