Music of the Soul – Sound Keys to Open the Door to Your Soul – For Your Healing & Ascension


Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.

― Kahlil Gibran


Divine Sound is the language of the soul, that needs no words to understand. Your whole being is sound, as sound creates form. Each soul is sound and has a unique signature. Sounds can unlock the door to the soul to access all of its knowledge of its journey through space and time lines.

The right Sound Keys or Sound Soul Codes will first heal emotions and open the heart from pain and traumas,  then create a bridge from the lower human self to the higher Self and I AM Presence and then Galactic Soul. The heart then can be open to receive the divine Love of creation and expand to share the love with all of humanity and beyond.


By finding those notes and keys, one opens to the immortality of ones soul existence. Certain sounds can shatter a block, trauma and illusions, where other sounds can access different levels of ones soul library so to say. The different sound frequencies are connected to the lightbody layers. The proper sounds will balance ones feminine and masculine side as well.  

Sound will help one remember who one is, and what one knows deep inside and possibly where one came from and existed in other realms.  Once  more connected with oneself, one is able to be creative with ones imagination as Plato said.( the picture above). Knowing and loving oneself completely brings inner peace and harmony.

Opening up to unite with ones soul is what some call ASCENSION. Some people on a spiritual path can find these sound codes in their own deep meditations and or chanting practice, and others can receive them transmitted from a Sat-Guru or Activator, Master. One receives this gift when one has done the inner work, is ready and lead to it.

I send you many blessings your way,


– Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist

– Kyria Aluéla
Priestess & Chantress of Melchizedekia

Check out my music and sound & holographic healing services on my website.

I offer SOUL CODES – Sound Keys to the Soul in transmissions, to help you get in touch with your true self and heal the past to live as your soul intended, free and happy. ( see the link to my blog article on the bottom of this page)

I also offer classes and private vocal coaching to access the soul voice by toning. Read more about my teachings as well and find my contact info on the Homepage of my website.

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*YOUR LOVE DONATIONS IN APPRECIATION & SUPPORT FOR THIS SERVICE TO BE ABLE CONTINUE THESE UNCONDITIONAL OFFERINGS are welcomed in gratitude. It assists me in creating Children’s programs, CDs with sound healing codes for ascension and helps those less fortunate to receive teachings who can not afford classes.

Anything you give from your heart is fine.


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I offer only the highest vibrational messages of love and truth on this Page which is dedicated to ASCENSION teachings and news and my own wisdom teachings and messages I receive from Higher dimensional Masters of Light and Sound.

Thank You for your support and kindness.

– Kyria Alu’ela Lumina – Priestess of Melchizedekia





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