TWO HEARTS are ONE – by Kyria

Kyria Aluéla - Priestess Chantress Melchizedekia - The Vocal Alchemist

A Story of Soul Twins



Once upon a time, One soul’s heart split into two

Separately journeying through space and time

Learning of life and death

Meeting from time to time

Loosing each other again

In the darkness of evolution

Striving to bring light to all


Two lonely hearts
Searching for truth
Searching for love
Searching for each other

Feeling the other from afar
Seeing each other in dream space
Hearing the others whispers in the dark
Sensing a new kind of joy on the horizon

Each heart yearning to love the other heart
Each heart longing to embrace the other hearts body
Each heart wishing to share words of wisdom and love
Each heart’s music desiring to fuse into a symphony of light


In divine time
Two hearts shall have a reunion
To beat as one again
Igniting a passionate fire of creation

Two Hearts merging into one

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