Ascension Symptoms: Our New Body is Forming – Shift From Carbon To Crystalline Silicon Structure




Dear friends,

you may be having many physical symptoms as we are receiving such high vibrations from the galactic core ( source) through our lightbodies and physical vessel. You may have strange heart beats and jumping ( I have this once in a while), feel surges in the spine and meridians, feel pains in back, joints and muscles,  emotional and toxin releasing on all levels. We may feel hot and cold chills and drift off while sitting or even fall asleep at unusual times. I feel myself slipping away – to another space often even while taking walks and seeing things in my peripheral vision.  I often feel I am SEE-THROUGH – almost not here, if you know what I mean. This is because we are shifting into the 5th Dimension and some of us accessing or vibrating even higher into other dimensional spaces of the 8th and 9th D. 

We are releasing old wounds and karma from our energy body and on a cellular level. The physical body is denser( carbon) and the Light-body is Crystalline. As the lightbody and soul merges with us, we need time to adjust,as the physical is slower to catch up with what is happening in the lightbody.  You may be becoming more sensitive, seeing and hearing differently, as I have noticed the last few years. We just need to be loving and gentle with our selves and accept these changes. Give our self healthy nurturing and rest .

People around us may not fit into our lives any more and fall away or you choose to detach from those who cannot match your vibrational level. Not all souls are the same soul age and different soul groups evolve differently and in their own time. That is ok. Just let them go in unconditional love and bless them on their evolutionary journey. 

Our Lightbody and DNA is changing and therefore the physical too. We need to activate our Merkaba/Omkabah for this will assist with the ascension.

The Carbon based 3 D body becoming Silicon Crystalline. This is because our soul is a Diamond and we are fusing with our soul essence more and more. SOUND is the KEY TO ASCENSION. Sounds open the gates to the higher worlds and you may be hearing ringing in the ears, that is part of this process. Chanting and Toning can assist you to balance the process. 

I had posted a similar article about this last year, which you can find below suggested as a related post. Below I share a video I found of from Celia Fenn – at one point she speaks of the Merkaba as a 6 pointed cube – this incorrect.  The Merkaba is a Hologram, with many platonic solids and other energetic components and within it is the Star-tetrahedron which has 8 points corresponding to Metatron’s Cube and the sound of OM is part of it too. 

So don’t freak out about your over-sensitivities and all pains of the ascension symptoms. . If you need a little help, I offer you energetic & sound support to balance you by attuning  you with specific sounds and your own DIAMOND SOUL CODES, I also offer Merkaba teachings. Read more about my offerings and my contact email on my homepage. 

Kyria Aluéla Lumina

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You can also listen to the video below – where Celia explains her experiences – enjoy .


This is the Audio of Celia Fenn’s article

Her  info is posted under the video on youtube.

Another Blog from Last year

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