New Beginning & Empty Space – AA Michael


Dear friends,

The sun went into Aries this Equinox on March 20-21 and we being a new Solar Year. Aries ist the first sign of the Zodiac and it is Mars energy – meaning going into action, being a pioneer and warrior. Much of the old has left us and the earth during Pisces month. Being empty is a good thing actually. Now we can fill our selves up with what is good for us and  we can create something new for our lives. This we need to do from our heart and soul level which is pure love and wisdom, instead of from our ego. 


Kyria Aluéla

In the Video, AA Michael shares some insights to this time of emptiness and how to move forward on a new level. Enjoy the message. 

Under the video is the link to the transcript by Celia Fenn, if you wish to read it.


*If you need assistance with these changes, you can contact Kyria Alu’ela for a spiritual guidance consultation, holographic & sound healing and your DIAMOND SOUL CODES as a Transmission, Twin Flame counseling, Lightbody activation & Merkaba teachings and more..

Read more on the homepage and find the contact email as well.


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