Real-ationships – Unconditional Love and Acceptance

Real-ationships are being tested and refined, at this time on earth. Some are breaking up, but not all need to. It takes working on them and having compassion and patience. Remember all is a mirror of self.  Do you reach out your hand and have open ears to try to understand the other person’s thoughts and feelings? Or you you argue about being right? Do you want to control the other person and force your likes onto them? 

Unconditional Love means accepting each others differences and loving the opportunity to learn from anothers viewpoints. Allowing another person to enjoy what they like, even if you don’t care about that thing in the same way, is love also. Sometimes doing something with your partner that they enjoy and visa versa creates a caring atmosphere. Some things can just be the other persons time for themselves too, as not everything needs to be done together. Listening, understanding and caring for another and loving the soul of another person, is what creates true intimacy. 


Too many give up too easily, due to lack of tolerance and the inability to communicate ones feelings in a compassionate and non-acusative way. Saying how something the other did made you feel, instead of pointing a finger and telling the other what they did wrong for example, is the way to go. It takes courage to express your true feelings and not talk around them and use some other excuse to complain about something.  If one does not clearly address the issue and feeling one has, the other then won’t understand what it is really all about. This is how misunderstandings happen, due to lack of clarity in communication.

Each person has values and viewpoints to take into consideration too. One can find a common ground if one tells each other what they feel and think. Not always does one have to share the same views. One can accept each other as is and love them for their differentness. Value each other’s values. That’s the spice of life and relationships. 

I have another blog on REAL-ATIONSHIPS which you can find on this site. If anyone needs some counseling or healing for themselves and their relationships, contact me via the email on my home page.


Kyria Aluéla Lumina


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