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Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist


Kyria Alu’ela Lumina 


Chakras are wheels of light or power engines, or energy vortexes of the body that store information and memories and there is a exchange of energies from person to person. Each chakra has distinct components and corresponds with a certain tone of the musical scale and a color . Chakras are related to emotions as well. For instance, if you had a trauma, the memory gets stuck in a chakra and wishes to be release and healed.  The lower chakras, situated lower than the diaphragm are connected to the physical or survival world. Those chakras situated over the diaphragm –  are linked with spiritual, imaginative or expressive tasks.

The Heart chakra ( the lower heart is F Note and the Higher self heart is F#) is the center where the lower and higher chakras come together and there is the flame of love and where you will find the point of freedom and peace.



Inner Sounds and Colors.

The colors and sounds of the body chakras are related in frequencies and each opens a door into your experiences and memories that are stored there. Even organs have notes associated with them, as ancient Chinese medicine knows of. Today with the ascension process the chakra colors are changing from the traditionally known rainbow. We are vibrating higher and out of the physical body. So I will not list any set chakra colors here now.  Just know, that the heart is red now and we have the Thymus chakra between the heart and throat chakra as a main chakra in aquamarine. The Thymus chakra is also connected to the higher heart( of your higher self) and is an F#, for example.    

There also are vowel sounds related to different energy centers, which you can chant. For example the Aaah sound( long and soft) is for the Heart and helps heal and open it. The crown is white and we can chant OM for it. Third Eye-Pineal is Violet and we can chant Eeeh. (We can chant all the chakras in my sessions and toning classes)


Outer sound and colors of the

Adam Kadmon Lightbody

There also are other higher colors and sounds that are beyond the normal human spectrum and notes that continue up out of the body into the Adam Kadmon lightbody layers which relate to a 4 body system with many more chakras outside of the body in the higher dimensions and some down below the body into the 2nd and 1st dimension into the earth core as well.  The upper colors may look opalescent and metallic sparkly.  ( Learn about this more in my upcoming seminars and webinars TBA in 2017 or by working with me privately)

By tuning into the outer sounds you open your multi-dimensional soul knowledge. It is like each color and sound can unlock a layer of information of your soul journey. Each note and color can bust open and heal a stuck trauma and wound. This is why my vocal sound healing work is so powerful and fast. Try toning and chanting mantras yourself – it is so helpful. Toning is chanting free-flow sound from your soul. Try letting sounds come out of you without thinking. Meditate more – breathe and you will tap into your soul in the Zone of the unknown and then sounds will come. 

During my work with people, I tune in to each persons light-body and soul and bring through or channel those sounds and vowels and light language syllables in my sound healing and ascension activation work and in the DIAMOND SOUL CODES (see link below) that I transmit to my clients and audiences. I also have you do toning and chanting exercises with me during sessions and events if needed. Read more on my web and if you are interested in having a session or inviting me to come present at your center or conferences. Email me – you will find this info on the homepage.


Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist 

aka Kyria Aluéla Lumina


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3 thoughts on “Sounds & Colors the Chakras of the Adam Kadmon Rainbow Lightbody – Kyria Mystica

  1. Sue

    Thank you for just every bit of inspiration I can get. It’s never boring and always. I mean ALWAYS note worthy (mind notes) Like the sleepiness talk of recently. I thought it was me! Went crazy trying to pin point what was going on til it all made sense (Arch Angel Michaels message)


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