Kyria & Kryon: How to Instruct your Cells to Heal


Dear friends,

Today we speak about reprogramming your DNA

and working with your consciousness in

working with your thought power in healing.



The day is here, when you release your karma,

the unfinished business of your incarnations,

and rise to your soul level

and awaken as an

Ascended HUman of the 5th Dimension.

Being totally in LOVE in your heart, every cell and thoughts,

will elevate you to a  higher awareness or consciousness

and by being in a heightened vibrational body state,

you have control of matter and can regrow cells,

limbs, teeth, spinal vertebrae and more….

Master Thoth said,

“Thoughts are the essence of Human creation….

One thought can manifest into a illness and one thought can erase it”.

You can speak with your body and cells, you can send viruses away,

and delete what doesn’t do you good.

You can reprogram your body and mind and DNA (light information),

 with the power of positive affirmations. 

This is why I channel and give affirmations to all my clients to say for 40 Days.

Let’s now be the Divine HUman that Yeshua( Jesus) spoke about.

He said,

” You will be able to do what I do and even greater things.”

You really are immortal and death is not necessary.

You can stop aging and you can stay.

Death is a illusion for the soul and you need not reincarnate

once you live in Dharma –

which is Truth and Love of your true self – The Original Soul.


– Kyria Aluéla Lumina


Now, I just have to share this channeling

from Kryon via Lee Carol

as he speaks about your true abilities,

confirming what I knew and do.

Check out my work on my homepage, to see how I assist and guide you with your empowerment and by the reprogramming you with holographic healing and sound in light language with your SOUL CODES.

Read more and find my email contact address on:



are appreciated to help me record my sound healing music

and support me with other ascension projects.

Thank you for your generous support,

and may all come back to you 1000 fold.

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