Kyria & Kryon: How to Instruct your Cells to Heal


Dear friends,

Today we speak about reprogramming your DNA

and working with your consciousness in

working with your thought power in healing.



The day is here, when you release your karma,

the unfinished business of your incarnations,

and rise to your soul level

and awaken as an

Ascended HUman of the 5th Dimension.

Being totally in LOVE in your heart, every cell and thoughts,

will elevate you to a  higher awareness or consciousness

and by being in a heightened vibrational body state,

you have control of matter and can regrow cells,

limbs, teeth, spinal vertebrae and more….

Master Thoth said,

“Thoughts are the essence of Human creation….

One thought can manifest into a illness and one thought can erase it”.

You can speak with your body and cells, you can send viruses away,

and delete what doesn’t do you good.

You can reprogram your body and mind and DNA (light information),

 with the power of positive affirmations. 

This is why I channel and give affirmations to all my clients to say for 40 Days.

Let’s now be the Divine HUman that Yeshua( Jesus) spoke about.

He said,

” You will be able to do what I do and even greater things.”

You really are immortal and death is not necessary.

You can stop aging and you can stay.

Death is a illusion for the soul and you need not reincarnate

once you live in Dharma –

which is Truth and Love of your true self – The Original Soul.


– Kyria Aluéla Lumina


Now, I just have to share this channeling

from Kryon via Lee Carol

as he speaks about your true abilities,

confirming what I knew and do.

Check out my work on my homepage, to see how I assist and guide you with your empowerment and by the reprogramming you with holographic healing and sound in light language with your SOUL CODES.

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Sounds & Colors the Chakras of the Adam Kadmon Rainbow Lightbody – Kyria Mystica


Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist


Kyria Alu’ela Lumina 


Chakras are wheels of light or power engines, or energy vortexes of the body that store information and memories and there is a exchange of energies from person to person. Each chakra has distinct components and corresponds with a certain tone of the musical scale and a color . Chakras are related to emotions as well. For instance, if you had a trauma, the memory gets stuck in a chakra and wishes to be release and healed.  The lower chakras, situated lower than the diaphragm are connected to the physical or survival world. Those chakras situated over the diaphragm –  are linked with spiritual, imaginative or expressive tasks.

The Heart chakra ( the lower heart is F Note and the Higher self heart is F#) is the center where the lower and higher chakras come together and there is the flame of love and where you will find the point of freedom and peace.



Inner Sounds and Colors.

The colors and sounds of the body chakras are related in frequencies and each opens a door into your experiences and memories that are stored there. Even organs have notes associated with them, as ancient Chinese medicine knows of. Today with the ascension process the chakra colors are changing from the traditionally known rainbow. We are vibrating higher and out of the physical body. So I will not list any set chakra colors here now.  Just know, that the heart is red now and we have the Thymus chakra between the heart and throat chakra as a main chakra in aquamarine. The Thymus chakra is also connected to the higher heart( of your higher self) and is an F#, for example.    

There also are vowel sounds related to different energy centers, which you can chant. For example the Aaah sound( long and soft) is for the Heart and helps heal and open it. The crown is white and we can chant OM for it. Third Eye-Pineal is Violet and we can chant Eeeh. (We can chant all the chakras in my sessions and toning classes)


Outer sound and colors of the

Adam Kadmon Lightbody

There also are other higher colors and sounds that are beyond the normal human spectrum and notes that continue up out of the body into the Adam Kadmon lightbody layers which relate to a 4 body system with many more chakras outside of the body in the higher dimensions and some down below the body into the 2nd and 1st dimension into the earth core as well.  The upper colors may look opalescent and metallic sparkly.  ( Learn about this more in my upcoming seminars and webinars TBA in 2017 or by working with me privately)

By tuning into the outer sounds you open your multi-dimensional soul knowledge. It is like each color and sound can unlock a layer of information of your soul journey. Each note and color can bust open and heal a stuck trauma and wound. This is why my vocal sound healing work is so powerful and fast. Try toning and chanting mantras yourself – it is so helpful. Toning is chanting free-flow sound from your soul. Try letting sounds come out of you without thinking. Meditate more – breathe and you will tap into your soul in the Zone of the unknown and then sounds will come. 

During my work with people, I tune in to each persons light-body and soul and bring through or channel those sounds and vowels and light language syllables in my sound healing and ascension activation work and in the DIAMOND SOUL CODES (see link below) that I transmit to my clients and audiences. I also have you do toning and chanting exercises with me during sessions and events if needed. Read more on my web and if you are interested in having a session or inviting me to come present at your center or conferences. Email me – you will find this info on the homepage.


Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist 

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Real-ationships – Unconditional Love and Acceptance

Real-ationships are being tested and refined, at this time on earth. Some are breaking up, but not all need to. It takes working on them and having compassion and patience. Remember all is a mirror of self.  Do you reach out your hand and have open ears to try to understand the other person’s thoughts and feelings? Or you you argue about being right? Do you want to control the other person and force your likes onto them? 

Unconditional Love means accepting each others differences and loving the opportunity to learn from anothers viewpoints. Allowing another person to enjoy what they like, even if you don’t care about that thing in the same way, is love also. Sometimes doing something with your partner that they enjoy and visa versa creates a caring atmosphere. Some things can just be the other persons time for themselves too, as not everything needs to be done together. Listening, understanding and caring for another and loving the soul of another person, is what creates true intimacy. 


Too many give up too easily, due to lack of tolerance and the inability to communicate ones feelings in a compassionate and non-acusative way. Saying how something the other did made you feel, instead of pointing a finger and telling the other what they did wrong for example, is the way to go. It takes courage to express your true feelings and not talk around them and use some other excuse to complain about something.  If one does not clearly address the issue and feeling one has, the other then won’t understand what it is really all about. This is how misunderstandings happen, due to lack of clarity in communication.

Each person has values and viewpoints to take into consideration too. One can find a common ground if one tells each other what they feel and think. Not always does one have to share the same views. One can accept each other as is and love them for their differentness. Value each other’s values. That’s the spice of life and relationships. 

I have another blog on REAL-ATIONSHIPS which you can find on this site. If anyone needs some counseling or healing for themselves and their relationships, contact me via the email on my home page.


Kyria Aluéla Lumina


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MARCH 22 – WORLD WATER DAY – Join in Blessing all our Waters


Water is Life. Water is revered as our planet’s most vital, life-giving element. Our bodies are also made up of 75 % Water. Let us honor and appreciate every drop of water and not waste any. Let us bless the earth’s waters and our own body fluids as well. We can heal it and us. Chant, pray and bless your water daily. Without water we can not live on this earth plane.

The image to the right and above is a blessing of water from Tirta Empul in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Below are structured water crystals which formed after it was prayed and sung into, and blessed. This happens in your body too if you chant and pray or receive sound healing.


Below you will find a video and link to join a ceremony for March 22.


Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist

Sound Healer

March 22, 2017

World Water Day Cermony


Give Thanks for Water and for Life. Let’s come together to Bless The Water around the World on March 22 for World Water Day.

Gather at your local water source, or homes, and place good intentions and prayers into the Water. Let’s stand in solidarity with the World’s Water Protectors and take the first step towards cleaning and restoring the world’s water.

Register now and watch the online premiere of the FREE UPLIFT film ‘WATER is LIFE’ on March 22nd and to listen to the Live AUDIO BROADCAST from Unify at 5pm Pacific/Midnight GMT

New Beginning & Empty Space – AA Michael


Dear friends,

The sun went into Aries this Equinox on March 20-21 and we being a new Solar Year. Aries ist the first sign of the Zodiac and it is Mars energy – meaning going into action, being a pioneer and warrior. Much of the old has left us and the earth during Pisces month. Being empty is a good thing actually. Now we can fill our selves up with what is good for us and  we can create something new for our lives. This we need to do from our heart and soul level which is pure love and wisdom, instead of from our ego. 


Kyria Aluéla

In the Video, AA Michael shares some insights to this time of emptiness and how to move forward on a new level. Enjoy the message. 

Under the video is the link to the transcript by Celia Fenn, if you wish to read it.


*If you need assistance with these changes, you can contact Kyria Alu’ela for a spiritual guidance consultation, holographic & sound healing and your DIAMOND SOUL CODES as a Transmission, Twin Flame counseling, Lightbody activation & Merkaba teachings and more..

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Vernal Equinox 2017 (The First Day of Spring) Grand Cross

Hi Friends,

Today I share with you this Astrology info for the Equinox March 20, 2017.

Enjoy, Kyria Aluéla Lumina



Vernal Equinox 2017 (The First Day of Spring) Grand Cross

The Vernal Equinox of 2017 has a Grand Cross pattern in it if you use certain asteroids (and a T-Square otherwise):

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We omit the T-Square variant (which is identical)

A rather peculiar Grand Trine is present (if you are willing to use asteroids and the nodes):

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The 5th Harmonic variant shows significant activity but no patterns of note:

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Our interpretation is that you might have some bright ideas, some particularly useful ones, but this is not a peak time of creativity.  (Nevertheless, opportunities are present if you are a “creative” that you should harness.)

We do see a triangular pattern present in the Septiles, and we believe that this means that this is a good time to help others less fortunate than yourself without expectations of any returns.  You may…

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by Andye Murphy September 30, 2016

Reports of the unique generation known as the Indigo Children have permeated our collective consciousness since the 1980s. But as these “children” have grown into adulthood, we are blessed with an entirely new wave of beings known as the Crystals.

Beginning to arrive en masse in the 1990’s, a few scouts made their way through to test the waters as early as the 1980’s. Their temperament is entirely fresh in comparison to their elder spiritual counterparts yet their unique life path and imprint on our world is just as profound. While the Indigos forged their way by challenging the establishment, the zen and blissful nature of the Crystal Children came here in sublime harmony to champion a loving partnership with the Gaia.

It is the Crystal Children who will herald in the next phase of humanity honoring the ways of the natural world, protective of the Earth and in gentler ways illuminating ways to shift the trajectory of humanity.

As we are witnessing the millennials (many of whom are early Crystals) re-shape corporate America, question established moral structures and step away completely from the materially driven ideal of success, we can see early inklings of just what their impact will be.

The Crystal Children follow their heart in all matters, championing an idealism not as a lofty notion but actually put into practice. They are not contented to suck up and work hard in order to attain vernacular success but rather are driven in heart and soul by making the world better in every facet.


Because of their closeness to the spiritual realms, the Crystal Children often had delayed speech waiting until 3 or 4 years of age to begin connecting with the outside world. While this freaked out some parents, it is a sign of their divine intimacy with the other realms.

Rather than panicking, many parents instead chose to nurture their telepathy and creativity offering more expanded forms of connection. Songs and physical language became the norm as they offered instead more meaningful ways of communication. Singing, rocking, touch and telepathy became their chosen mediums and ignited the psychic gifts of kids and parents alike.

Their delays and unusual ways created a wave of labels – autism and Asperger’s spectrum were born of this generation. Beyond a limitation, this difference is striking and instructs their enlightened genetic blueprint.

Parents should not be discouraged by these diagnoses nor should they seek to fix it! As literal angels that enter our world and gene pool, the Crystal Children are here to illuminate the inherent spirit of mankind.

True autism means literally that they are unable to connect with others. Any encounter with this heightened being however shows us clearly this is not the case. They are re-connecting on higher dimensions than that of previous generations. Far from cut off from others, they are here to bring these celestial frequencies into human form. Kindness, compassion and a deep love of the Earth and all her inhabitants are the norm.

I’ve done readings for years for kids with autism and can tell you that their telepathy is strongly in tact. It is the non-verbals who have the most to say and are grateful for an opportunity to be heard. They are avid walkers between worlds here to convey great knowledge and wisdom that will alter forever our understanding of the universe we inhabit.

Sensitivities of all manner –food allergies, intolerance of outside stimulus, and reactions to the prescribed medical model– are but a few of the ways these beings are highlighting the ills of the modern world. Because of their response, GMOs are being removed from mainstream foods, we are becoming more aware of the pollutants in our air and water. Their reaction to our world is enabling us to change to more natural ways of living on the planet free of harmful toxins and its effects.



The most notable physical feature of the Crystals is their eyes– deep, wide and penetrating– these beings ooze “old soul.” It is their wisdom which is most startling, for it feels as if they can at times see right through you beaming back loving compassion and understanding. From their eyes exude waves of divine light. Sometimes intense, not everyone can rest easy in their gaze, for their power is commanding. To be sure, being in their presence can be unnerving to those who walk out of sincerity.

My kiddo is in a Waldorf school. In kindergarten when most kids were drawing pictures of the sun, their pets and their happy families, my daughter was drawing pictures of the starry night sky. Her teacher pointed out that this is sign is an old soul, not from this realm and is thereby more connected to her past life and off planet origins. Not surprising as the daughter of a shaman, I was more impressed that the school recognized and honored her uniqueness. No condemnation, no being told what to draw instead, she was seen and encouraged in drawing the places that felt like home to her.


Thanks in part to the aggressive trail blazing ways of the Indigos, the Crystal Children appeared in a unsteady society emboldened to walk in peaceful harmony and gently offer new ways of being. In their heart centered ways, they are more easily received than the Indigo generation and will help create a safer, more beautiful and inclusive world for us all.

They move not from force but from clear purpose as beacons of possibility and peace. It was this generation that created school recycling programs, collected clothing and food for the less fortunate and spoke in public forums on what they saw as the demise of our civilization. Immensely connected to nature, they are creating a resurgence in living off the grid, working with crystals as tools for well being and seek healing outside of the medical paradigm.

The Crystals emanate a pure vibration of love. More than simply the next wave, they are here to elevate humanity and pave the way for new compassion, community and ways of being that will uplift us all. They are the future illuminating true unity consciousness free of greed and ego based drives.




Large clear eyes which seem to see right through you.

Immediately likable, they are beings of pure love and people are drawn to them.

Deeply affectionate, their hugs will feel sincere and meaningful.

Start talking later in toddler years.

Vibrational beings and may have a gift for music and singing.

Highly psychic with no need for developing these skills.

Telepathic communicators you will feel them before you hear them.

May carry autism or Asperger’s spectrum labels.

Peaceful and loving toward all.

Protective of planet.

Compassionate and forgiving

Their radiant vibration transforms those around them.

Highly sensitive both emotionally and environmentally. The Crystal children may be affected by loud sounds, chaotic surroundings, smells & textures.

Allergies and food intolerances – because of their more finely tuned frequency, they may have multiple food allergies and cannot endure chemicals and GMOs.

Animal Lovers.

Vegetarians at an early age – they can feel the pain of others and don’t desire to contribute toward suffering.

Empathic – in feeling everything around them, may not know the distinction between their emotions and those they experience in others.

Love crystals, rocks and gems – drawn to all things from the earth (even dirt!) they can elicit healing abilities through their connection with crystals.

Direct connection to Spirit – feel close to angels, ancestors and many have past life memories in tact

Artistic and creative – coupled with sensitive and loving nature, they see the world through rose colored glasses and invite us to move into more compassion.

Fearless – due to their intuitive connection to the planet, they tend to know their boundaries better than we as parents may be comfortable. They are avid climbers and explorers yet not always mindful of the limitations of their little physical bodies.

Parents often are Indigos
internal governing force – My daughter once channeled through a psychic stating “It must be hard to raise a fully ascended being!” Boy was she right! These kids are ancient souls who are impatient with the limitations of their young bodies. They are eager to grow up and often know better than us what will serve them. Sleep schedules, food choices and arbitrary rules don’t fly easily as they innately know what is better for them than our idea of parenting permits.

The blessings of these beings of light are certainly making our world an easier, kinder and gentler place to inhabit. When we can honor their teachings and new ways, we are more easily moving into a new vibration of consciousness. It will be these brave and delightful souls who show us the ways of the New Earth and herald in a golden age of peace.

About the author of the article – found on GAIA


A gifted medium, healer and intuitive, Andye Murphy walks with a foot in both worlds. As a child psychic, she quickly realized there was more to reality than what most people could see or touch. With a degree in psychology and a decade spent in corporate America, Andye admitted talking to angels and spirit guides was more fulfilling, and left the nine to five behind. She has devoted her studies to shamanic traditions, ancient civilizations, past lives, galactic activations and vibrational healing, seamlessly weaving empowered spiritual guidance with effective transmutative healing.
Known as the “Rock ‘n Roll Shaman“on Facebook and Instagram.


Shared and Illustrated 


with public pictures from Google Images

AA Michael March Message- Are You A Starseed Wayshower? via Ronna


is someone who is showing the way of Truth and Love for Ascension of Humanity – living by example. Some Way-showers may not yet know that this is their purpose of service, but are awakening.

– Kyria

Listen to the message on the Video by Ronna




and you can sign up for her newsletter by email and get the written transcripts

Ascension Symptoms: Our New Body is Forming – Shift From Carbon To Crystalline Silicon Structure




Dear friends,

you may be having many physical symptoms as we are receiving such high vibrations from the galactic core ( source) through our lightbodies and physical vessel. You may have strange heart beats and jumping ( I have this once in a while), feel surges in the spine and meridians, feel pains in back, joints and muscles,  emotional and toxin releasing on all levels. We may feel hot and cold chills and drift off while sitting or even fall asleep at unusual times. I feel myself slipping away – to another space often even while taking walks and seeing things in my peripheral vision.  I often feel I am SEE-THROUGH – almost not here, if you know what I mean. This is because we are shifting into the 5th Dimension and some of us accessing or vibrating even higher into other dimensional spaces of the 8th and 9th D. 

We are releasing old wounds and karma from our energy body and on a cellular level. The physical body is denser( carbon) and the Light-body is Crystalline. As the lightbody and soul merges with us, we need time to adjust,as the physical is slower to catch up with what is happening in the lightbody.  You may be becoming more sensitive, seeing and hearing differently, as I have noticed the last few years. We just need to be loving and gentle with our selves and accept these changes. Give our self healthy nurturing and rest .

People around us may not fit into our lives any more and fall away or you choose to detach from those who cannot match your vibrational level. Not all souls are the same soul age and different soul groups evolve differently and in their own time. That is ok. Just let them go in unconditional love and bless them on their evolutionary journey. 

Our Lightbody and DNA is changing and therefore the physical too. We need to activate our Merkaba/Omkabah for this will assist with the ascension.

The Carbon based 3 D body becoming Silicon Crystalline. This is because our soul is a Diamond and we are fusing with our soul essence more and more. SOUND is the KEY TO ASCENSION. Sounds open the gates to the higher worlds and you may be hearing ringing in the ears, that is part of this process. Chanting and Toning can assist you to balance the process. 

I had posted a similar article about this last year, which you can find below suggested as a related post. Below I share a video I found of from Celia Fenn – at one point she speaks of the Merkaba as a 6 pointed cube – this incorrect.  The Merkaba is a Hologram, with many platonic solids and other energetic components and within it is the Star-tetrahedron which has 8 points corresponding to Metatron’s Cube and the sound of OM is part of it too. 

So don’t freak out about your over-sensitivities and all pains of the ascension symptoms. . If you need a little help, I offer you energetic & sound support to balance you by attuning  you with specific sounds and your own DIAMOND SOUL CODES, I also offer Merkaba teachings. Read more about my offerings and my contact email on my homepage. 

Kyria Aluéla Lumina

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#Merkaba  #OmKabah  #AscensionTeachings


You can also listen to the video below – where Celia explains her experiences – enjoy .


This is the Audio of Celia Fenn’s article

Her  info is posted under the video on youtube.

Another Blog from Last year

AA Michael- Tired? Sleeping Strangely? Upgrades in Delta State are happening!


Hi friends,

I have been sleeping at the oddest hours and not sleeping because I am over energized at the times when I should be sleeping. Often I am super tired and spaced out, so to say, when I want to wake up, and then I sometimes fall back to sleep for a few more hours.  

Other times when walking around,  I feel almost transparent.  There is NO TIME it feels lately. Yes, as 5 D-humans time doesn’t exist and our bodies are shifting out of the density of the physical world. I twitch and feel the powerful surges, my cells are tingling and my body is detoxing via all openings, skin, eyes, nose, ears etc…How about you? I balance myself with chanting, breathing, stretching and walking along the ocean. My own Vocal Sound ( Toning) helps me and I share this with those who wish it. 

I just found this Message from Arch Angel Michael explaining why we are tired and sleeping strangely lately, so I will share the video. In Deep sleep- Delta brainwaves, we are being healed and upgraded. Some of us are receiving such powerful energy and DNA upgrades, that the only thing we can do is rest, sleep, relax and breathe. Surrender and don’t fear the change. Love what you do and do what your heart loves. 

Kyria Aluéla Lumina

If you need my assistance, contact me by the email on my homepage.