SOUND-LIGHT CODES into NO-TIME – Time is speeding up & dissolving


Time is speeding up and dissolving

Kyria Aluéla Lumina 

Kyria Mystica-The Vocal Alchemist 

Do you feel that time is slipping away lately? I do, I sleep at different times and feel myself going off into another world while awake and feel almost transparent at times. Why is this?

We and our Earth are rotating faster and faster in God-speed until we arrive at timelessness of NO-TIME. In the dimensions above 3 D , Time does not exist, our soul lives in the Time-space-continuum of NO TIME. As we spin, more and more light and sound vibrations are being drawn in to our earth and body’s magnetic field. The spin of our cells are changing as well. It is a big adjustment for us as Kyron said in 2011 ( see quote in the picture below). Our bodies are more electric with more light rushing through our meridians. You may be feeling the burning and tingling in the cells.

Merkaba FOL rainbow lightbody

Meditating with the Flower of Life Hologram can assist you too, as it spins, is unconditional Love and is in No-Time.

( you can read my blog on MERKABA and watch the video from a TV show) 



Sound is also a factor which some may be hearing in the ears and inner mind. The Cosmos is full of sound and many can hear the higher pitches now that exist in space. Remember, within sound there is light. So much sound is coming to us from the Galactic Core, not just Light as all speak about. Sound is the ultimate transformer and liberator from the 3d matrix.



There are some sound healers and music composers that do this very well, who’s souls are one with the Cosmic Sound realms and they can channel the frequencies and rhythms of the cosmos, earth and the human heart. 

Chanting high vibe mantras such as Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai Tsabayoth and Gayatri Mantra or free flow toning, help bridge you to your higher self and soul. If you hear tones in your ears, toning to match these sounds also helps to balance the physical body with our Light-body’s vibration. 

There are special SOUND-LIGHT CODES coming to earth as well and you can tap into them in meditation or by receiving your own SOUL CODES or Diamond Codes from  activator or adept chosen by spirit, who is initiated and can hear the personal codes of each soul and can channel and transmit them. These codes are sound and light language which create sacred Geometry – the language of the mental body. The higher mind understand this language, not the human words. The codes change your DNA programming and liberate from karmic illusions. (Read more on my blog post- see below) 

We also need to drink lots of water and take mineral salts to help conduct the constant flowing new energies that are flooding our bodies and to assist in the detoxification of the old leaving our bodies. 

Written and copyrighted by
Kyria Aluéla – Priestess of Melchizedekia


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Kyria Aluéla teaches Flower of Life and Merkaba Classes and offers Personal Life purpose and Holographic & Sound Healing Sessions and your SOUL CODES 

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Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist


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