The Flame of Resurrection: Ascended Master speak & Decree Recital


Resurrection Decree channeled by Elisabeth Clare Prophet 

Speak the Decree (vocally out loud ) – listen to audio below.

Beloved Flame of Resurrection,
Blaze through me thy Light always;
Beloved Flame, resuscitation,
Make my heart to sing thy praise.

O blazing white Christ radiance
Of God’s own I AM fire,
Expand thy blessed Purity
And free me from all wrong desire.

Beloved Flame of Resurrection,
Rise and rise to Love’s great height;
Blessed Flame, regeneration,
Guide all men by thy great Light.

I AM, I AM, I AM thy chalice free
Through whose crystal substance clear
All can see the Christ flame lily
Of eternity appear

Blazing, blazing, blazing!
Blazing, blazing, blazing!
Blazing, blazing, blazing!

audio here and below the youtube of it. 

VIDEO recording  of the Decree

Once you know the decree speed it up as a mantra spiraling



The Ascended Masters of Wisdom Speak on
the Resurrection Flame




“In the Kingdom of Heaven, where there is Eternal Life, ever-increasing opulence of expression, and neither disintegration nor decay are known, the activity of the Sacred Fire, known as the Resurrection Flame is not required. However, for the evolution presently developing upon the planet Earth, the mercy of life has provided such a restorative Power for those wise enough to in≠vite it and humble enough to use its vitalizing Power.”


“The word ‘resurrection’ means to ‘bring back or restore to a normal condition.’ The activity, therefore, is taken out of the category of the ‘miraculous’ and becomes a workable law, by which man is restored to normal! Witnessing the action of the Resurrection Flame through the body of the Master Jesus, we see death give way to Life ó and know that Life, not death, is the normal condition for every man. A natural law, or a so-called ‘super-natural law,’ is equally practicable for every part of life who wishes to utilize it. When man awakens to the fact that the Power of Resurrection is his, if he chooses to invoke it, he can quickly revivify his flesh, his mind, his affairs, and stand free in its revivifying, Life-giving Essence.”


“When the mankind of Earth abided within the Law of Harmony, neither disease, decay nor disintegration was known to the planet or its evolving life. When mankind first departed from the harmonious qualification of the God-Life, the slow pro≠cess of disintegration began, and man’s vehicles, rather than loosing the soul from the earth plane in the dignity of Perfect manhood or womanhood, slowly rotted, until the soul could no longer use the vehicles and, in agony and despair, left the Earth. It was then Decreed by the Father of Light that one of His Sons might bring a Flame, by which man could again restore his mind, body and world to its rightful estate, and He called this Restora≠tive Power the Resurrection Flame.”


“‘Before they have called, I have answered, and while they are yet speaking, I have heard.’ The great Eternal Father, looking upon the Earth and its children, felt within HIMSELF the need for the Restorative Power, by which those desiring to resume their God-Estate, could do so. And into His Aura, He projected the Flame of Resurrection. Here It lived, until one of His Sons, con≠templating the Nature of the Father, pierced through the blazing Light of His Aura, and perceived this Flame of Hope and Life! And before the Throne of the Father, the Son asked that He might em≠body that Flame and bring It to Earth, for the acceptance of those who chose to know, again, Eternal Youth and Beauty and Life Eternal! He was granted this Honor, and through the Flame in His Heart was anchored the Quality and Nature of the Resurrection Flame.”


“Countless centuries ago, before the coming of Sanat Kumara, the mankind of earth had wandered away from the principle of the Law of Harmonious Qualification of God-Energy, and then was the first KRISHNA (Christ) vested with the Authority and Right to bring to the knowledge of those who chose to accept His Gift, the Resurrection Flame. It is the activity of the Sacred Fire, which may be drawn through the physical heart of any lifestream, which acts as a Restorative Power of the normal, natural God-estate. The Focus for this Resurrection Flame was located in the land now known as the Arabian Desert, and here ó century after century ó God-Beings tended, guarded and fed the physical focus of this Flame. From its Essence, the Illumined Ones of all ages received, into the Immortal Spark of Divinity within their Hearts, the stimulus by which they, in turn, could generate and expand that Flame. And through its use, life was maintained in the body for centuries of time, and countless numbers of the mankind of Earth manifested Victory over disease, disintegration and even death itself.”


“Within the Immortal Flame of Life, in the Heart of every lifestream, is the potential Power and Nature of God. However, it is so deeply buried in the accumulation of the ages (the sealed tomb) that it requires God-Assistance to direct the outer con≠sciousness to Its Presence, Its Power, and Its Activity. For this reason, great physical Foci of these God-Qualities and Powers were established at certain points on the Earth’s surface, which act in exactly the same manner as the burning fire which stimu≠lates the dry tinder. The tinder (with potential fire within it) would remain ever lifeless without the stimulation of the LIVING FLAME. From the Heart Center, where these Spiritual God-Quali≠ties are focused, members of the human race ó like living torches ó carry the Flame to those who choose to expose their consciousness to its vitalizing life. Like all torchbearers, they suffer often the ‘incendiary’s doom!'”


“Having great interest in Life Eternal, My Mother, Mary, and I applied to the Father for the Privilege and Honor of accepting the responsibility of guarding the Resurrection Flame, in the Re≠treat in Arabia. In order to qualify, a chela must consciously draw and focus, through his own body, the FULL POWER OF THAT FLAME. It is the Initiation by which death is swallowed up in Life. I willingly offered to qualify for that Initiation. The story of the Resurrection is well known to all My friends of the centuries. I would like to state, however, that the Resurrection Flame lives for ALL MEN, and that It will surge in a great restor≠ing, revivifying, sweeping action of Life Eternal, WHENEVER AND WHEREVER IT IS CALLED INTO ACTION. To sustain this Flame in the vibratory action which may be assimilated by all the children of Earth, My Mother and I have remained the Guardian Powers of the Resurrection, and I earnestly hope at this Easter Season that ALL will invoke it through themselves, and all the mankind of Earth, and will see and know and feel Its Restora≠tive Action.”


“Oh, that man might recognize the latent Powers within the Immortal Flame of Life that beats his heart! On the Cosmic Tide of Springtime, when our Lord Maha Chohan Resuscitates the King≠dom of Nature by tuning into the Resurrection Flame, may every lifestream utilize the magnetic Power within his own Heart Flame to draw as much of the Resurrection Flame as he requires to set his worlds in order, to restore his body and mind to Perfect Health, and Revivify the Perfect, Divine Memory of his Natural God-Estate! This is My Easter Decree for My beloved ones, each and every one!”



  1. These Dictations were released through Geraldine Innocente and published in the The Bridge to Freedom Journal, April 1953.

found on:


and another Resurrection Flame Invocation





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