Taurus New Moon – Love, Values, Sensuality – April 26, 2017

Hi Friends,

Taurus  is a earth sign and New Moon is for planting seeds related to the 5 Senses and sensuality.  TAURUS says: “I HAVE”. It is about our Values (Having), Property, Earth, Nourishment, Music, Art, Security,  Money. 

The 5 Senses are your value of the physical body – tasting, smelling, touch, hearing, seeing. How do you enjoy these senses?  Or do you deny experiencing them in a positive manner? Do you experience them in beautiful way? Soothing yourself and others are Taurus too. Review and make new intensions related to the 5 senses.

Do you feel lack? or do you see what your have? See the 1/2 full cup or the 1/2 empty cup?  Even having 1 Dollar can be seen has having something, instead of not having money. Check your values and express appreciation and thank Mother Earth for all you receive from her. Nature is simple…have simple values and you will feel more gratification. 

Taurus is a Venus sign related to love, caring, caressing, nurturing, romance and relationships. 

Do your own review and create a ritual-ceremony and plant your intensions of what you wish to manifest this cycle in Taurus. 

Happy New Moon in Taurus. The next full moon will be the Wesak Full on May 10, 2017 in Scorpio opposite to Taurus, which is a very powerful time for self recognition. The legend of Wesak says the Buddha blesses the Earth that full moon. 

Love you all,

Kyria Aluéla Lumina



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Below I share a few Videos from Astrologers I listen to on youtube


Barbara Goldsmith


New Moon in Taurus, 26th April 2017 is about nourishment, food and love.
Taurus, an earth sign, rules money, resources, the land, agriculture, food. This New Moon is a precursor of the ingress of Uranus into Taurus next May 2018, when it’s likely we’ll have some huge changes connected to our world economy, some inventions that become mainstream – eg FREE ENERGY, ENERGETIC MEDICINE, new ways of healing our earth and ourselves.
How we grow our food, the purity of our water, and how we treat ourselves and our earth will all come into sharp focus.
Venus, ruler of Taurus is in Pisces and conjunct to Chiron, so this is a time to release the wounds of the past – in love, money, relationships of any kind – it could be a family relationship, a romantic relationship, a professional relationship – where you perceive someone has hurt you, and you are still holding onto those wounds, now is the time to release them and move forward.

Mercury is still retrograde until May 3rd and is conjunct to Uranus – asking you to release old patterns of thinking that haven’t been serving you and create a whole new paradigm for yourself. After all, you do create your own reality. What are your dreams? For yourself and for humanity? Do you believe they can happen?

LOVE is the key. When you love the food you are about to eat, when you love the water you are about to drink, when you love the clothes you are about to put on, when you can see the world from a perspective of love, and especially treat yourself with love, your world will come alive, and you will be able to make more compassionate choices. This is a wonderful time to heighten your senses: make freshly brewed coffee, stroke a beautiful animal, listen to music you enjoy, and eat a magnificent meal!!!


Pam Gregory



Jean Wiley:

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