Redefining the Sacred Masculine


Redefining the Sacred Masculine 


sacred-union-dance.jpg“When the Sacred Masculine is combined with the sacred feminine inside each of us, we create the ‘sacred marriage’ of compassion and passion in ourselves.” – Matthew Fox The age of armored masculinity is dead and dying at our feet. It’s a bloody tangle of weaponry and bloated egos glued together by myopic one-upmanship and congealed rage. But buried in the rot and decay are the seeds of a new way of being a man in this world, a reawakening of our awareness of the sacred brought on by the reemergence of the divine feminine. No amount of armor can suppress it. No amount of weaponry can keep it at bay. The New Shiva is growing robust and powerful alongside the New Shakti. The world may not be ready for this New Man to emerge, but emerge he must, if we are to continue living on a planet which is demanding that a healthier more sustainable man appear. In the same way that both men and women have a feminine aspect, so too do both genders have a masculine aspect. According to analytical psychologist Carl Jung, the feminine aspect of a man is called the anima and the masculine aspect of a woman is called the animus.


The New Man, this Shiva incarnate, has the ability to tap into his anima, thereby awakening the divine energy of Shakti from its unconscious state into a state of conscious awareness. He uses this energy to create rather than destroy, to catalyze rather than militarize, to heal instead of injure. He understands, as Andrea Gibson wrote, “We have to create. It is the only thing louder than destruction.” And so he continually creates ever-changing arenas for further creation. For thousands of years mankind has been afraid of the light. Even Plato recognized it in his day, saying, “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” No more. The redefining of the sacred male principle is the dawn of a new vibrant light, a mature masculinity that is not abusive, domineering or grandiose, but generative, creative, and empowering. He is vulnerable without shame, revealing that his now discarded armor of invulnerability was nothing more than an illusion that hid his true power. He is now free and open to rediscover and reconnect with the power of nature and the cosmos. Tanks be damned. Warmongers be damned. He is ready to establish true relationships with authenticity and integrity. The Great Mystery moves through him, reminding him constantly that he is it and it is him. He is a force of nature first, a man second, the spear of Gaia herself. And no amount of perceived invulnerability can guard against it. Without the parochial armor of old weighing him down, he frees himself to honor the path of descent, where he engages with the unconscious underworld and is initiated by the Great Mystery itself. Through this initiation he discovers his anima. He discovers his shadow. He discovers a plethora of sub-selves all in contention for his subconscious. He learns how to make them all conscious. He learns how to wrestle with them, engage with them, play with them, ushering in the beginning of his individuation. After his initiation he takes the first steps toward self-actualization, leaving behind the codependence of his youth and the independence of his courage, and engaging soulfully with the interdependence of his divine masculinity. He has gone from New Man to New God in a mighty feat of self-overcoming that he realizes will require many more feats of the same. Together with the Sacred feminine, this New God is prepared to engage with the world in a way never before seen. He is Whitman’s multitudes, Goethe’s Faust, Shelly’s Prometheus, Camus’ Sisyphus, and Nietzsche’s Übermensch. He is Robert Moore’s King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover all wrapped up into one overtly evolving creature. Animal happy, he is Iron John, Wild Man, Father Sky, and Green Man. He is eco-systemic, soul-centric, the prolific planter of the seeds of healthy sustainable change. He rides alongside the fifth horseman of the apocalypse, protecting her when need be, but mostly empowering her and helping her to see that she is the most powerful thing to ever have existed on the planet. He is the tip of the spear, self-overcoming and constantly adapting to the constantly changing “air” he flies through. He understands, as Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen said, “The real struggle of the heroic individual is not solely to liberate himself from conflict with society, but rather to use the conflict within himself as a source for self-regeneration.” He is a lover par excellence. But he understands – balls to bones – that love does not imply pacifism. His love is his honor, his honesty, and his sincerity in an otherwise dishonorable, dishonest, and insincere world. He has learned how to swallow his pride. He has learned how to forgive. Indeed, he has learned to forgive all things, not because all things are worthy of forgiveness, but because he is worthy of peace. And through such vulnerable forgiveness his love shines like a mighty beacon of hope for others. He understands that love is a double-edged sword, with which he chooses to stab himself, over and over again, in order to discover the harsh pain of Truth. He accepts that true love is a beautiful annihilation. Like Ken Wilber said, “Real love will take you far beyond yourself; and therefore real love will devastate you.” In the end, the sacred masculine exists precisely because of such devastation, rising up from the ashes like his sister the Phoenix. The outdated modes of power that came before him, militaristic and uncouth, are the ashes from which he gathers himself into a force to be reckoned with, a new power that will turn the tables on mankind’s notions of power hitherto. A power that will co-create a new breed of Hero who has the capacity to expiate his power in order to become a prestigious game changer as opposed to merely a powerful game controller; a truly robust infinite player with the ability to play multiple finite games while respecting the overall infinite game of life. Militaristic men beware; the time for congratulating yourselves on being conquerors of the world will soon be at an end. Your unsustainable ideals and parochial idols are fast disintegrating all around you. Soon there will be nothing left of your so-called invulnerable constructs of power. It’s time to make way for the healthy New Man, the vulnerable New God, and the truer power of the sacred masculine.


By GARY Z MCGEE on 11/ 9/ 2014
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DIAMOND SOUL CODES – Soul Song in the Language of Light – Union of Higher Self, I AM, Twin Flames – * DIAMANT-SEELENCODES- Seelenlied in Lichtsprache – Union mit Höheren Selbst, ICH BIN, Zwillingsflammen

You were created as a soul by sound, then light. You have a unique SOUL SIGNATURE or CODES, that once you receive them you awaken to your full soul potential.

Sie wurden durch Klang als Seele erschaffen, dann Licht. Jeder hat eigenartige Kodierungen – Codes wie eine Unterschrift. Wenn sie diese Codes empfangen, erwecken sie zu ihrer vollen Seelenpotential. 

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DIAMOND SOUL CODES – Soul Song in the Language of Light – Union of Higher Self, I AM, Twin Flames – * DIAMANT-SEELENCODES- Seelenlied in Lichtsprache – Union mit Höheren Selbst, ICH BIN, Zwillingsflammen

Woman as a Goddess – Maturity is the Golden Age

Dear friends,

Today I share a post by  a wonderful colleague Judith Kusel on the process of the maturing of Women. As good wines, they ripen with age and are the best!!! The daily status post was untitled, so I created the above from the content and found the image for it.

Enjoy, Kyria


Untitled Facebook post by Judith Kusel 

We as woman have forgotten the Ancient Rites of Passage – the rites of the celebration of life in all its forms.

In a society which worships the teenager and youth – in form and being, it is worshiping but a minute time-frame of life, which is but a puff in the wind. As teenager, you have not even moved past the first threshold of life (as much as they might protest otherwise and think they know it all).

True maturity in astrological term only comes at the age of 60! When an astrologer once told me this, I had one of those AHA! Moments, and I looked back on my life and the I thought: “Yes, the rest of life is but the university, the training ground, for the true LOVE, POWER, AND WISDOM which comes when one has reached that blossoming maturity, which has experienced it all, and at last has found that inner peace, contentment and basic KNOWING, which spans time and space.”

There has a lot been written about women in later life, and what is called “mid-like crises” or the menopausal state. I remember my mom saying to me, that she never had time for all the nonsense, because she never had time to feel sorry for herself. Later on I researched this topic for someone and then found an interesting article by a woman doctor, where she reckoned that menopause, since it was labeled, has become a psychological label and something that the pharmaceutical companies have honed into.
That made me sit and think: “What is it that we, as women, then have lost, or are not seeing?”

What we have lost is the celebration of life itself, in all its forms and expressions – most of all its seasons, of birth and rebirth.

Life does not just go and stand still with 17 years, which seems to be the age which some of the media adore – and which seems to be the “ideal” when the physical female form is at its most luscious and hormone active phase of life.

All of this is but another illusion spun on this planet – the illusion of eternal youth.
If you are totally honest with yourself – would you like to be 17 years old again?
We have forgotten how to celebrate life in all its forms and disguises, its waxing and waning. We have forgotten to celebrate our womanhood – through all its expressions and life forms…. Indeed all its forms!

I have sat in the company of women where their total conversation went around how they could not do this or that, because the man in their life demanded that they be like this – not like that. Deep down was the fear, that is they did not comply with this, the man would dump them for a much younger woman, and a more beautiful, perfect and sexier one.

In essence these woman, allowed the men to control them and take their power away – yet, most of all it was not the men, but the women themselves, who allowed FEAR to manage their lives. If a man did not honor the heart and soul of the woman he was with, he would not do that with the next or the next or the next. Such is fact.

Women are their own worst enemies. How often are other women judges because they do have the perfect figure – or because of not measuring up to the standards and norms of what a woman should look like, dress like, be like. There is sharper tongue than that of a woman, and most of all she employs that most often with her own sisters, because she uses this to either feel superior or inferior – both of which feed the negative ego – and not the heart and soul.

The Goddess energies come back the heart and soul. It is that wide opening of the compassionate heart, which embraces life in ALL its forms – not just the perfection, but also the perceived flaws. Some women have taken on a heavier form in this lifetime. I know this from myself, for I have often wondered why I was not born rake thin and I was told that I needed the heavier form otherwise, with my having such high energy fields, I literally would float in the air.

To embrace womanhood, it means to celebrate this state of BEING in all and every single form and expression – in all her bodies and embodiments and in all of life as she expresses herself.

The Triple Goddess has THREE faces, the Virgin, the Mother and the Crone – yet the crone comes to a stage of in the rites of passage where she becomes the virgin again: – symbolizing the passage of life itself, the birth and rebirth and the cycles of the seasons.
First of all, we have to learn to move into the center of our heart and being, and start to learn to embrace ALL of our womanhood and all of our expressions of life. This means embracing ourselves, body, mind, spirit and soul – and our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, indeed all our 12 bodies. When we embrace ALL of us, and celebrate each moment of being alive and well and on planet earth, then we will start to celebrate the passage of life itself.

I have had a relatively early dying of myself at the age of 36, when I had to have an emergency hysterectomy. Something deep inside of me died then, but what died what the knowledge that I would never have children in this lifetime. It took me some years to understand, that this merely meant a type of dying of the old, and the rebirthing of another me.

I am mentioning this in the sense, that I finally started to understand, that when one part of me dies, another me is born somewhere along the way. That me then could channel the energy which used to be in the womb area, into a different kind of conception and way of life, which would give birth to bringing something greater and more profound into the world and gift the world with, than any physical birth of a child could do.

We, as we get older, need to understand this concept. Instead of mourning the loss of the teenager, and the loss of youth, we should embrace the exuberant freedom which maturity brings! We grow in wisdom, in understanding, and we have immense gifts to bring into this world. Life does not stop at 40 or 45, or 50 or 55 or 60 or 65 – indeed LIFE STARTS FOR WOMEN IN MATURITY!

At last she gains the freedom to BE – just to be herself and to explore all those aspects deep inside of herself she could never be and do before.

She is like the eagle rising and flying higher than ever before. She can inspire others and she can be that leader, that Elder of Excellence, who shows others the way.

Finally she has shed all those masks, those skins, and all that fear, which kept her prisoner for long. She blossoms into Beingness: – indeed she is greater and more powerful than ever before!

She is not here to please any man and she is not here to be just a mother, or grandmother – or to be there just for her family: – she is meant to move the whole earth into a higher state of Being.

She is that catalyst for change. She brings with her a life force which is greater than that of the virgin, or the mother – it is the energy of the Goddess itself, in all her power and glory!

She has been through the mill. She has been through all the initiations and the passages of life, and now at last learns to love herself totally, and to claim her right to be.
She has gained insight and wisdom and this is the time for her to share this with the world, and not to shrink from doing just that.

She has stopped to blame, for she is embracing the responsibility to be the change she seeks to see in the world.

When a woman has reached that inner maturity, which is firmly anchored in love and acceptance of self, and firmly anchored in the wisdom, power, and love of the Goddess herself, she becomes this most powerful force on earth.

She does not need to go to war nor fight battles. She stands there in the immensity of being itself, and it is the LOVE, pure Love and wisdom – the SOPHIA itself. She embodies the SHEKINAH; she embodies all the faces, the forms and the expression of womanhood itself. She has been it all, she has seen it all; she has experienced it all, for she is life itself.

She has been into the Underworld of Hades, she has been to the Sun itself, she had experienced the moon in all its waxing and waning and the fullness of force….. She has felt every emotion, she has been through all the birth and rebirthing of the rites of the passage of life itself, and she stand tall in the knowing that she come through it all, with love, grace and wisdom, which is greater than anything else.

Yes, she feels, she feel from the open heart and because she feels she knows that the older she gets, the more the world needs her to lead from the front and anchor in the New Golden Age. That is why she is here. She chose to be the forerunner, the one who comes into maturity, as the New Golden Age, has already dawned, and now it means all hands of deck, so that tomorrow children, can experienced the depths, breadth of love, compassion, harmony and peace.

This is what she brings.
-Judith Kusel –

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I See The Resurrection Flame When One With My Twin Flame.

Dear friends, I share the blog of a soul sister of mine who has vivid visions in the other worlds – this one is of her Twin Flame in the ethers, as her beloved is not embodied on earth. Enjoy her story and you can find more on her blog.

Source: I See The Resurrection Flame When One With My Twin Flame.



There is a gathering of Great Souls. Our pure God-Self.

WE are The Christ, WE are Krishna, WE are the Buddha.

You are all invited to the lighting of the Resurrection Flame within.

To enter energies higher than any we have ever experienced.

To learn and evolve this Easter in the Christ Consciousness.

Co-creators in the Great Bliss.

Fear not.

Do not let your hearts be troubled.

Our Father’s house has many rooms.
So there are many doorways through which we can enter the Kingdom of Bliss within. Respect them.

I AM the way and the truth and the life.
No one comes to the Father except through the I AM Presence.

Here are some of those doors….

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The Flame of Resurrection: Ascended Master speak & Decree Recital


Resurrection Decree channeled by Elisabeth Clare Prophet 

Speak the Decree (vocally out loud ) – listen to audio below.

Beloved Flame of Resurrection,
Blaze through me thy Light always;
Beloved Flame, resuscitation,
Make my heart to sing thy praise.

O blazing white Christ radiance
Of God’s own I AM fire,
Expand thy blessed Purity
And free me from all wrong desire.

Beloved Flame of Resurrection,
Rise and rise to Love’s great height;
Blessed Flame, regeneration,
Guide all men by thy great Light.

I AM, I AM, I AM thy chalice free
Through whose crystal substance clear
All can see the Christ flame lily
Of eternity appear

Blazing, blazing, blazing!
Blazing, blazing, blazing!
Blazing, blazing, blazing!

audio here and below the youtube of it. 

VIDEO recording  of the Decree

Once you know the decree speed it up as a mantra spiraling



The Ascended Masters of Wisdom Speak on
the Resurrection Flame




“In the Kingdom of Heaven, where there is Eternal Life, ever-increasing opulence of expression, and neither disintegration nor decay are known, the activity of the Sacred Fire, known as the Resurrection Flame is not required. However, for the evolution presently developing upon the planet Earth, the mercy of life has provided such a restorative Power for those wise enough to in≠vite it and humble enough to use its vitalizing Power.”


“The word ‘resurrection’ means to ‘bring back or restore to a normal condition.’ The activity, therefore, is taken out of the category of the ‘miraculous’ and becomes a workable law, by which man is restored to normal! Witnessing the action of the Resurrection Flame through the body of the Master Jesus, we see death give way to Life ó and know that Life, not death, is the normal condition for every man. A natural law, or a so-called ‘super-natural law,’ is equally practicable for every part of life who wishes to utilize it. When man awakens to the fact that the Power of Resurrection is his, if he chooses to invoke it, he can quickly revivify his flesh, his mind, his affairs, and stand free in its revivifying, Life-giving Essence.”


“When the mankind of Earth abided within the Law of Harmony, neither disease, decay nor disintegration was known to the planet or its evolving life. When mankind first departed from the harmonious qualification of the God-Life, the slow pro≠cess of disintegration began, and man’s vehicles, rather than loosing the soul from the earth plane in the dignity of Perfect manhood or womanhood, slowly rotted, until the soul could no longer use the vehicles and, in agony and despair, left the Earth. It was then Decreed by the Father of Light that one of His Sons might bring a Flame, by which man could again restore his mind, body and world to its rightful estate, and He called this Restora≠tive Power the Resurrection Flame.”


“‘Before they have called, I have answered, and while they are yet speaking, I have heard.’ The great Eternal Father, looking upon the Earth and its children, felt within HIMSELF the need for the Restorative Power, by which those desiring to resume their God-Estate, could do so. And into His Aura, He projected the Flame of Resurrection. Here It lived, until one of His Sons, con≠templating the Nature of the Father, pierced through the blazing Light of His Aura, and perceived this Flame of Hope and Life! And before the Throne of the Father, the Son asked that He might em≠body that Flame and bring It to Earth, for the acceptance of those who chose to know, again, Eternal Youth and Beauty and Life Eternal! He was granted this Honor, and through the Flame in His Heart was anchored the Quality and Nature of the Resurrection Flame.”


“Countless centuries ago, before the coming of Sanat Kumara, the mankind of earth had wandered away from the principle of the Law of Harmonious Qualification of God-Energy, and then was the first KRISHNA (Christ) vested with the Authority and Right to bring to the knowledge of those who chose to accept His Gift, the Resurrection Flame. It is the activity of the Sacred Fire, which may be drawn through the physical heart of any lifestream, which acts as a Restorative Power of the normal, natural God-estate. The Focus for this Resurrection Flame was located in the land now known as the Arabian Desert, and here ó century after century ó God-Beings tended, guarded and fed the physical focus of this Flame. From its Essence, the Illumined Ones of all ages received, into the Immortal Spark of Divinity within their Hearts, the stimulus by which they, in turn, could generate and expand that Flame. And through its use, life was maintained in the body for centuries of time, and countless numbers of the mankind of Earth manifested Victory over disease, disintegration and even death itself.”


“Within the Immortal Flame of Life, in the Heart of every lifestream, is the potential Power and Nature of God. However, it is so deeply buried in the accumulation of the ages (the sealed tomb) that it requires God-Assistance to direct the outer con≠sciousness to Its Presence, Its Power, and Its Activity. For this reason, great physical Foci of these God-Qualities and Powers were established at certain points on the Earth’s surface, which act in exactly the same manner as the burning fire which stimu≠lates the dry tinder. The tinder (with potential fire within it) would remain ever lifeless without the stimulation of the LIVING FLAME. From the Heart Center, where these Spiritual God-Quali≠ties are focused, members of the human race ó like living torches ó carry the Flame to those who choose to expose their consciousness to its vitalizing life. Like all torchbearers, they suffer often the ‘incendiary’s doom!'”


“Having great interest in Life Eternal, My Mother, Mary, and I applied to the Father for the Privilege and Honor of accepting the responsibility of guarding the Resurrection Flame, in the Re≠treat in Arabia. In order to qualify, a chela must consciously draw and focus, through his own body, the FULL POWER OF THAT FLAME. It is the Initiation by which death is swallowed up in Life. I willingly offered to qualify for that Initiation. The story of the Resurrection is well known to all My friends of the centuries. I would like to state, however, that the Resurrection Flame lives for ALL MEN, and that It will surge in a great restor≠ing, revivifying, sweeping action of Life Eternal, WHENEVER AND WHEREVER IT IS CALLED INTO ACTION. To sustain this Flame in the vibratory action which may be assimilated by all the children of Earth, My Mother and I have remained the Guardian Powers of the Resurrection, and I earnestly hope at this Easter Season that ALL will invoke it through themselves, and all the mankind of Earth, and will see and know and feel Its Restora≠tive Action.”


“Oh, that man might recognize the latent Powers within the Immortal Flame of Life that beats his heart! On the Cosmic Tide of Springtime, when our Lord Maha Chohan Resuscitates the King≠dom of Nature by tuning into the Resurrection Flame, may every lifestream utilize the magnetic Power within his own Heart Flame to draw as much of the Resurrection Flame as he requires to set his worlds in order, to restore his body and mind to Perfect Health, and Revivify the Perfect, Divine Memory of his Natural God-Estate! This is My Easter Decree for My beloved ones, each and every one!”



  1. These Dictations were released through Geraldine Innocente and published in the The Bridge to Freedom Journal, April 1953.

found on:


and another Resurrection Flame Invocation





Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


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The Movie: Samadhi – Part 1 – “Maya, the Illusion of the Self”

Samadhi is melting into universal consciousness and being in total unconditional love – BLISS:  Life becomes meditation and the Human ego mind dissolves and it expands into the cosmic divine mind. The one who is meditating has dissolved their personality into the sea of universal consciousness, their personality no longer exists and forgotten they are now simply the instrument of divine source. From the Higher Mind perspective or Buddha Nature, one sees all the illusions of the lower worlds – the theater and drama of 3rd Dimensional living.  

– Kyria Aluéla


Here the film: 

Samadhi – Part 1 – “Maya, the Illusion of the Self”

by Awaken The World Film

Samadhi Part 1 (Maya the Illusion of the Self) is the first installment of a series of films exploring Samadhi. You can purchase a high definition copy of the film for download to your computer here:…

Samadhi Part 2 “It’s Not What You Think” will be coming soon. Check out the trailer here:… 


more info under the video

The True Teachings of Jesus – God is Love, You Are Love – You are God

Dear Friends,

In this Easter Week April 2017, let us review what Yeshua, Jesus really meant in his teachings. We are our soul and we are creators – therefore like God. Humans created in the Image of God. Love created all there is…we just need to remember that, and that our thought intensions – imagination, creates. This is what the ancient Master teachers have been trying to teach humans, that they are divine inside and can liberate themselves of suffering by righteous behavior with love in their hearts for all. Being unconditionally Loving, kind, compassionate, helpful to others is your true GOD-SELF. We must reconnect with our Heart, Higher Self and I am Presence  and our SOUL and act from the divine level of our true nature – The pure Crystal Soul Self – The Christed Self. Christ is not a person, its your own divinity. Everyone has the Christ within.

Blessed Resurrection to your God-Self.

– Kyria Aluela Lumina 

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Now, I share a wonderful article below from Waking Times. 


You Are God: The True Teachings of Jesus

In this article we will explore how the true teachings of Jesus can be summed up by three little words: you are God. Some missionaries came to my house the other day and I was given the opportunity to come face to face with the religious mind, to discover their relationship to God, and to remember my own (non-voluntary) experience with religion.

In such a short time though it was, it was absolutely clear that the foundational flaw of religion based off of the bible as it is primarily taught today (and in general, for the past 2000 years), is that it teaches first and foremost that we are separate from this force called God. But that is a contradiction because the bible, specifically the teachings of Jesus as I will clearly illustrate, teach that you are god, and that we are all God.

So, I have taken it upon myself to convince those missionaries, and you, that you are not only equal to God, but that you are God.

Now if you think it is blasphemy to believe that you are God, not only does that contradict what the bible says, but that is a major preconception you have been imbued with that will restrict you from ever experiencing directly that you are god, which in essence is what a spiritual awakening really is: an experience that you are intimately connected with God, that you are love, that you are loved, that you are unlimited, and that you are God, because that creative consciousness is within you. 

According to a recent study done by Cambridge, around 88% of the worlds population believe in God. 88%! That is 6.16 billion people around the world, according to this study, who believe in God. That is not a trivial number.

Yet out of these 6.16 billion people, for how many of them is God more than just a belief? For what percentage of that 88% is God a tangible force that they connect to on a daily basis by allowing the bonds of their ego to dissolve, and then channeling that force into all that they do, and all that they are?

If those people could center themselves in the awareness that they are God-consciousness instead of just believing in the existence of such a magnificent force, then we could change the world in a matter of months. It is only when we continue to live separate from this infinite consciousness which is our original nature, that we are powerless and that we perpetuate all suffering and negativity on this planet.


None of the major spiritual teachers throughout history were religious. Jesus wasn’t a Christian, Buddha was not Buddhist, and Lao Tzu was not a Taoist (and I am not even sure I would call Taoism a religion, simply because there is no dogma taught at all, just observation, alignment, and harmony with nature and the cosmos).


All of these spiritual masters did not practice religion, they mastered themselves in solitude by looking within and meditating, and as a result they discovered that they were infinite and connected with the universal consciousness. Only later did we call this consciousness God.

That is what the core of all their teachings are about: that we are all spiritual beings, and that we are equal to god, and by practicing such things as forgiveness, kindness, honesty, and introspection we can become the Gods that we already are and create a peaceful heaven here on Earth.

Because Christianity is the worlds largest religion (practiced by an estimated 2.2 billion people), as a case study let us look at Jesus. He said three things which I want to draw your attention to specifically, and I will discuss each quote in an effort to show you that you are God, and that if you practice a bible/Jesus orientated religion, then it is actually in alignment with the truth of the teaching to believe that you are God.

God Is Love

“He who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.” (1 John 4:16)

Jesus says quite clearly here that God is love. He is not loving, he is not like love, he literally is love.

But really, what is love? Moreover, what is human emotion?

All human emotion is energy. What we have labeled as various emotions is merely our endeavor to classify and label different vibrations of energy that we feel so that we can talk about it with others. When you are feeling really low energy, you say you are depressed. When you are feeling very malevolent energy, you say you are angry, hateful, or maybe evil. But according to Jesus, what would you say when you are feeling the highest energy possible?

You would say you are love, or, that you are God.

Interestingly enough I came to an understanding of my spiritual nature through a study of physics, specifically Nassim Haramein’s unified field theory. Physicists have discovered that the entire universe is pure energy, and that nothing is solid. In the words of Einstein,

“Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”

All that we are is energy, and that energy has no boundaries. It is infinite, it is the invisible force that permeates all space, and it is the force that connects all things because it is all things. Sound familiar? Everything in the universe is connected by energy, and that energy is consciousness, and that infinite consciousness is the source of creation which we have labelled as God.

When you oscillate with the vibration of love, you are resonating with the highest energy of creation which by necessity must be that universal and infinite consciousness, and thus you don’t just align with that energy, or channel it through you, you expand and become that energy.

This is a fact of physics.

This is what Jesus meant when he said that God is love. He didn’t mean that Gods love was something outside of you or separate from you, he said clearly that when you are in love, you abide God, and God in you, and thus, you are God when you are love. There is no separation. When you become love, you become God.

You Are God

“Is it not written in your Law, “I have said ‘you are gods’”?” (John 10:34)

This second quote of his couldn’t be any clearer. I am not sure how this is explained away in the major religions that use the bible, but Jesus is clearly telling each and every one of us, resounding to the world from two thousand years ago, that we are indeed God; that you are God.

He knew and he discovered within himself that he was not only connected to the creative force of the universe, the unified field, or the matrix of all matter as physicist Max Planck called it, but he realized that he was that creative force, and that all of creation was in a literal sense God.

Every person without exception is God. Every animal, every tree, and every star. It is only from the ego that we perceive separateness because we ourselves have become separated and disconnected from our internal connecting link with spirit that resides within each and every one of us.

We do not need to seek a priest to know God, we only have to seek our true nature and our inner truth and we will know that we are God. If everything in the universe is formless energy, and we are all connected by that energy, and if we are made up of that energy, and if that energy is the force we call God … how could we be anything but God?

Everything in that statement is absolutely true, provable by science, except for saying that energy is God. Most science (except for Nassim Haramein’s work) has not made that link between spirituality and science, but there are others such as Einstein and Max Planck who did. Einstein said himself, “I want to know God’s thoughts; the rest are details.” Calling that energy ‘God’ is provable, but the only way to really know it is by experiencing it directly through yourself.

God Is Within You

“The Kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

So what Jesus is saying here is that the kingdom of God, heaven, the place where God allegedly resides, is actually within you. In other words, God is within you. I know, as well as anyone else who has ever seriously meditated knows, that when you go deep enough within yourself you will discover that you are infinite universal consciousness which some call God.

This is not egotistical. In fact, it is quite the opposite of ego, because when you go deep enough within yourself you also expand in consciousness and you become aware of yourself as an infinite and eternal spiritual entity, and your ego simply cannot exist in an environment like that.

Your ego is defined by your possessions, your body, your achievements, and your memories and so on, but when you meditate, you discover that you are something transcendent of all of that.

Truly great spiritual teachers never practiced religion, they practiced love, and sought universal truth. They practiced deep meditative introspection and discovered knowledge of the universe and the secrets of the soul within them. And as a result of this they discovered the path to enlightenment and god-realization. This is what Jesus was trying to teach us, when he said with exasperation, “Is it not written in your laws that I said “You are Gods”?”

Imagine what he must have felt like, being able to see clearly that God is within every single creature, and that every human is the embodiment of God and made in “his own image” in terms of pure consciousness, but then every time he tried to tell them and prove to them with acts that defied reason (miracles), all the people either bowed at his feet, or hung him on the cross …

There is no difference between those who bowed at the feet of Jesus and those who hung him from the cross, because in both cases they did not get his message. One chose to revere him, the other to eliminate him, but neither chose to listen to him.

They did not believe him when he said you are gods, and thus they chose to misinterpret what he was saying as some sort of metaphor, but it was not, and it is not today. We all have divinity within us, but it is not our personal identity, the ego, it is above the ego and it is called pure conscious awareness.

When are we going to understand this truth that he tried to teach us?

When are we going to understand that when Jesus said, ‘You are Gods’, he meant, that we are all Gods. Our true nature is not form, it is pure energy which is consciousness. We are God-consciousness who has incarnated into this level of reality, but we have become so identified with material form that we forgot our original nature.

All you have to do to experience this truth for yourself and discover that you are God, is follow the advice of Jesus from this article, and look within yourself.

Be still, and know that you are God.

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