Powerful Frequency Wave of May 24-25 – Acceleration of Ascension


Dear friends,

I was drawn off early last night on May 24th after dinner, by such powerful energy, that all I could do is go to bed. I rode a wave, more powerful than i ever felt…and I have felt many powerful ones before. I only half woke in the night a few times to take care of bathroom needs, feeling not in my body.  I kept going back to sleep…I do not even remember dreaming or seeing anything other than some colors swirling and high-pitched sounds.  I just couldn’t come back into my body until about 2pm EDT on the 25th. I was woozy and had many pains releasing from my body as I was trying to wake up.  I knew something was up again, that we were getting another upgrade and we were cleansing ourselves of more of our past, just before the Gemini New Moon at 3:44pm EDT. I swayed to the kitchen to make my coffee and drank lots of water, asked to release the last of  the painful memories and emotions of the past, called the violet fire and then grounded myself into Mother Earth. Things lifted off and out of me within the next 2 hrs, and I began to feel much lighter and clearer. 

Just around the the New Moon, I was guided and it flowed fast to write my previous blog on Gemini New Moon- Union of  Duality – Masculine-Femine – Kingdom of Heaven …. (see the link below). The rest of the new moon day I felt more light hearted and joyful and my body felt like moving more, as it was quite slow, stiff and heavy the last weeks in the Taurus month.  Then many funny posts crossed my view online which I shared with friends. We need more laughter and JOY to heal our hearts, and the field of joy will radiate out to the world and lift others too. Can you image if we could get all to laugh in a war zone? They would drop all weapons and hug each other. Let us try to do this.

Love you all. 

Kyria Aluéla Lumina


Copyright © 2017 by Kyria Aluéla Lumina. All Rights Reserved.


Below, I found another blog by a dear lightworker colleague Diane Canfield about this Grand Plasma Wave and wish to share it with you below. Enjoy.

Huge Acceleration of Ascension in Effect Due to Frequency Wave  

By Diane Canfield 

Beloved Light Tribe,

We have had accelerated timelines in the last 2 weeks with the manifestation of a HUGE energy wave that took place last night May 24th. We are still in this Ascension Corridor/Gateway. You can find my post here

You may feel discombobulated and detached from 3D reality for some time. These sensations will only increase. We are also seeing an increase in psychic clear sight. Many more other dimensional beings and objects are appearing in front of me and this is always goes hand in hand of ongoing frequency upgrades.

We need to continue to stay in the moment so we can feel these upgrades when they take place. If we are focused on a future event we no longer exist in the moment. If you are focused on predictions of other events , this takes you out of the moment of Now.

If you want to FEEL more Waves and more ENERGY you will need to make the jump to fully be in the NOW moment. How do we do this ? We are fully present in everything we do. When we focus on one thing, we are fully aware of the specific thing we are focused on. We do not multi task as this is a 3D slave system attribute put in place to lower our consciousness, so we are not tuned into the workings and inspiration from the Divine Creator.

Ascension is ALL About FEELING the Waves, downloads and upgrades as they come in. The more we expand our consciousness the more we feel. One does not ever phase out of feeling the Waves-in fact it is the exact opposite. The more tuned into the Universe one is the more they will FEEL the ascension taking place.

There are many steps to this process and the first one is to practice being in the moment of NOW fully. Give whoever you are talking to your full attention and stay focused on your thoughts being in the now, not the past or the future. Whatever project you are working on do that project fully and completely. Ground and make sure your thoughts are stable.

We do not ever evolve out of the symptoms of ascension. Each wave we feel is encoded with its own dynamic upgrades to our DNA. No two waves are EVER alike.

Everyone is at this own level in this ascension process and the waves will give you exactly what you need. If you feel the same symptoms as others this shows your vibration level is close to the same frequency.

The goal is to feel more, not less. Those of us that feel the waves as they come in have done lots of work to get to the point of being able to feel these and it is no small task. This is the Ascension process, FEELING.

Ascension is a rebirthing process, so this means as in birth it will sometimes be painful. Ascension is not graduating to pure joy while we are in this process. We will have times of pure bliss and other times of feeling the symptoms of our DNA activations coming on board. The more you feel, the more you are advancing in the process.

The Wave last night was one of the most INTENSE waves we have encountered. There was a manic feeling that went along with it and a feeling of not knowing what to do with oneself. It lasted into the night and into today. The effects are still coming in.

Some felt they had to go to bed because there was no way to otherwise handle  the wave. Some felt like scambled eggs for brains. There was a feeling of not being able to organize ones thoughts. Body tremors and sleep issues. Intense body pressure. Involuntary muscle movements. Eye twitching. head pain. Some experienced depression and sadness while others intense joy and happiness.  Vibrating and seeing objects vibrate. Heart race increases and increased blood pressure. Intense Hunger. Heat flashes. Today we are still feeling the effects of the energy increase and it will continue. 

During these intense waves, it is best to relax and accept the wave coming in. Grounding works very well for symptoms and drinking extra water. Do not resist the accelerations. Relax, find a happy place and ride out the wave as it comes in. Every wave I have felt since 2010 have all been unique. They must all be appreciated, honored and respected as these are the very WAVES that fuel our Ascension. We are the Guardians of the Ascension Process and we are here to complete the mission given to us by the DIVINE CREATOR.

I love you all ! 
In Service and Love,

Diane Canfield

Copyright © 2017 by Diane Canfield. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long the full article and all links are included

see her work on http://www.dianecanfield.com  www.facebook.com/diane.canfield1 



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