MEDITATION: Your Pillar of Sound & Light – *Deine Licht & Klang Säule*

Try this easy but powerful meditation exercise and use it daily.

Probiere diese einfache, aber kraftvolle Meditationsübung und benütze es Täglich.

Kyria Aluéla - Priestess Chantress Melchizedekia - The Vocal Alchemist

Dear Friends,

I gift you this easy and powerful  Meditation I wrote for you.


Light-sound Shaft  – Licht-Klang Säule ( deutscher Text unten)

Walk the Light – Pillar of Light – Lay-oo-esh ( this is the Language of Light)

Many are wishing to connect to source of creation – God, Great Spirit… feel connected.

I will share a simple way to do this.


Meditation/Visualization with intention

( what you think manifests!)

Sit quietly and breathe in deeply to the Naval area 2nd Chakra release tension on out breath – do it 3 times.

Then Breathe in on SO ( think it in your mind), breathe out on HUM.

Do it for 1-5 minutes until you feel calm and feel a rhythmic flow.

Call all angels and AA Michael and his Legions of Light to surround you and your space( home, room).

Call all masters and guides, power animals, elementals…

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