Hilarion’s Violet Fire Decree

Please use this as Our Planet Earth needs it.

Kyria Aluéla - Vocalist - Spiritual Medium - Satguru - Melchizedekia


One begins speaking it slowly and then speeds it up creating a spiraling effect, as the Violet Fire spirals. You of course can imagine the fast spiraling of the Violet Fire and see it traveling all around the world and from heart to heart of all sentient beings, to purify the earth. 


With this Decree by the Ascended Master Hilarion, you call for the Violet Transmuting Flame to flow around the Earth to consume all discord and negative energy.
Join with Elizabeth Clare Prophet doing this Decree thirty times.

Listen to it in the video below the text. 

– Kyria Aluèla Lumina 


Earth LoveVolution


Lovely God Presence, I AM in me,
Hear me now I do decree:
Bring to pass each blessing for which I call
Upon the Holy Christ Self of each and all.

Let Violet Fire of Freedom roll
Round the world to make…

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