Sept 22-23 Equinox Portal – OM SHANTI – PEACE Mantra

Dear friends,

Blessings for the Sept 22-23 Equinox Portal

& International Peace Day .

Lets all chant this peace song/mantra


Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi – Peace Peace Perfect Peace

OM or AUM is the sound creation – the primordial sound. It contains all sounds in one,  therefore creating Unity Consciousness. Om is also the balance of Feminine and Masculine polarities so by chanting it, you feel balanced and peaceful. 

Shanti means peace in Sanskrit. Om Shanti Om- ancient Vedic Mantra. As we meditate on this Mantra, we find inner peace and are wishing and spreading peace to all humans and all beings, mother earth’s plants, stones, soil, animals and into space of the cosmos.

When we  vibrate on OM, we alignwith the heart and all of creation in the neutrality of Love. When you vibrate in love and peace, and are neutral in your emotions, you can observe from a point of non-judgement, and be compassionate to all beings. Nothing can harm or attack you when you are love and have inner peace. What you have within, you radiate to the world around you and it will change your neighborhoods vibration and then your country’s and so on… This is how we will achieve peace on earth and in all the cosmos. How we are inside will determine what we attract to us (as a collective too). We must be an example of what we wish to have and achieve. Live in Love and be peaceful. 

Use it often to find peace within and share that feeling with all.  (See a link to the mantra chant below)

Kyria Aluéla – Priestess Chantress Melchizedekia

Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist

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Here is the Mantra here and/or find other versions on youtube:

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