Aries Full Moon: Venus-Mars. Surrender Human Ego Will to Divine Will

Corrected post.

Kyria Aluéla - Vocalist - Spiritual Medium - Satguru - Melchizedekia

Dear Friends,

Happy FULL MOON, October 5, 2017.

The Moon is in Aries  and the Sun in Libra. So we have Mars opposition Venus energies. Masculine & Feminine life force energies wishing to be ONE.


The Yin/Yang energies are the forces of creation with a natural attraction to each other. The two opposing forces – fire and air burn passionately when they come together. They wish to be in balance and to unite in unconditional love.

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac  which means “WILL” The first sign Aries is “I am” “I want”. How you project yourself to the world with your will.  Your Personality can be influenced by your Ego  ( a greek word meaning ” I”)  It is like saying “me, me, me”. It is like a child. Can you be ME without being self consumed and egotistical?

There is a higher WILL. The Divine Will of…

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