Great Outpouring of Light to Earth begins Oct 11,2017 – Fire Power!

Dear friends of Melchizedekia,

“Ask and You Shall Receive” – Yeshua ( Jesus) said this. When you make a request to the universe, God and Angels it is heard. I often ask for Sacred Fires such as Violet, Emerald and others  to come to earth to purify, heal, fill hearts with love and illuminate consciousness.  I have been requesting this daily in my prayers and meditations. We are in charge you know…not the manipulators! Remember, it is up to us – humanity – to change the world, by living as an example of love and truth in action. Human consciousness attracts catastrophes to purify the earth and to teach Humans humility, gratitude, compassion, helpfulness, understanding and most of all to LOVE unconditionally.  Now the Dragon Fire is blowing over the earth. The Native Indian Prophecies say, the 4th world will be purified by Fire as we enter the 5th world. The 5th Dimensional energies is fire of love. Watch what more will come up to be revealed and purified. Amen! 

OM & Blessings, Kyria

If you need assistance with your life…please read my offerings on the homepage and find the contact email to get in touch with me. 

Now Listen to the video by Radiant Rose Academy – it is over 40 minutes …so make sure you have time for it. 


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