A Higher Love REALationship that will work & last

Today I share my FB post about Real Love Relationships,which I expanded here a bit. 




REAL-ATIONSHIPS – BE “IN LOVE” , not infatuated-love

A relationship takes effort on both sides, to care enough and try to understand the other persons thinking and values and not put oneself first all the time. A balance is needed between giving and receiving. One should not be in a relationship TO GET, one should think WHAT CAN I GIVE of myself?

Sex is not the first step in any love relationship, although it can be tempting to just satisfy a physical lust and to take part in loveless sex acts. But how can you really “make love” when you do not know a person’s character, heart and soul? Superficial relationships based just on bodily needs, can hardly ever last or are good ones, as they most likely are energy vampirism, where one sucks the sexual energy life force of another, which can open a door to negative forces if there is no love between the two. It is not always the case, but it happens more often than less. 

For a lasting relationship, love, mutual admiration, respect, understanding, trust and friendship needs to come first. Some mature souls do feel familiar with each others energies from the start, but it may be best to practice restraint until the heart connection is strong, then sex is much deeper and can bring great transformation to each, as a heart bonded sexual act can heal and open the mind to higher consciousness and  altruistic love.

Getting to know and love the soul of a person,  that is the key to a loving and lasting relationship, where each person cares for the others wellbeing, but allows space for each to express their feelings openly without judgements. When one loves a person inside out, each allows the other to be themselves in their own unique way. Learning to pull back a little, makes the other feel more comfortable to share their feelings and desires with the partner. This means, just listening to the others feelings, without judging, jumping in with ones own opinions and wants, is essential to create trust. Being honest, tolerant and accepting is part of true love.

Having enough humor to laugh about oneself and laugh together about the stuff one may have disagreed upon, and thought was so important, and then realized, it was not such a big thing, is so important. Love triumphs over the small stuff and the ego’s wanting to be right.

If one is not able to do this yet, it is important not to put oneself down. One can work on it with self love and patience. One needs to listen to the inner voice and track to the causes of ones own emotional blocks and triggers and not feel shame or resentments. Sometimes one can not do it alone just with self examination, and its ok to seek help. One find an assistant such as a guru, teacher, counselor or healer, to help one see through what needs to heal inside, to be able to receive and give love freely without wanting to control or attract being controlled by another. One can pray or ask ones spirit guides and angels or a friend to guide us to such a helper…they appear, when one is ready to do something good for oneself and partner. 



OK..that’s it for today my friends!

Enjoy the music and a related previous blog link below.

Love you!

Kyria Aluéla – Priestess Chantress Melchizedekia

Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist



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