11:11 Portal of Peace – Chant OM 1111 Times

CHANT OM 1111 times on 11/11/2017

 11:11:1 Portal

November 11, 2017 we have 11:11:1 as 2017 is a 1 year. Time for peaceful new beginnings. This you can only do when you are centered in your heart, and balanced in your masculine and feminine polarities and feel your are ONE with all there is. How do you get to ONENESS consciousness?  One easy way is to chant OM. We can send this OM and the state we feel around the earth. A Mala has 108 prayer beads to count while chanting to go around once…so 10 x 108 = 1080 so do 31 more and you OM-ed 1111 times…not so much.( see the chant link below)


OM is sound of creation of all there is.

When chanting OM it is brings you to zero point of freedom and you feel peace in your heart. Om Balances the left and right brain hemispheres and the YIN & YANG – masculine and feminine energies in you, so it brings you to your center. It helps you fuse your rational and intuitive thinking, which is important, as the orderly way (rational) of thought and the higher mind clarity of seeing and feeling with the heart is needed, for the full comprehension of things and to act in a compassionate way.  Om also opens your 3rd eye and crown chakra to the cosmic force of love, and all the wisdom of your soul and the creator enters you in the stillness of the Mmmm…of Ommm…

Your own voice sends out vibrations of peace and love to the world as you are chanting from your heart. Using your own voice is much more powerful than just listening to it chanted by others or on recordings but it is effective as well. Your own voice will send vibrations throughout your body, brain, to the pineal and pituitary gland, and create bio-chemical changes in your body. 

Try chanting it often and as long as you can and feel what happens within you and around you in your environment. ( See a youtube link below of OM or find your own)



CHANT OM for November 11

11:11:1 Portal

and send it around the Earth.



Kyria Aluéla 


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Here one of my blogs on the meaning and power of OM 



Here is a recording of OM-ing 1111 times 

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