The Divine Heart Flame of the Soul to Unite with Human Self – Soul Codes & Vlog 36 by Era-Of-Peace


Today I share the new message from the Heavenly Masters. They speak about the original Sacred Three Fold Heart Flame of our Soul, our Twin Flame spiral of creation, and our I AM presence and Pillar of Light which connects us to source. I have been teaching you in many of my blog posts, such as the Pillar of Light Meditation and Kadoish chanting…you can search my archive. Through opening your heart, even for a moment through sympathy or compassion for others, your soul can enter you more and expand your human connection to source.  Lately, you may have been feeling surges of energies pulsing down your spine and through your meridians, and your heart jumping inside your chest. You may be feeling swirling and your third eye opening more or a pressure in your forehead, which is the Pineal Gland expanding. This is a sign this is happening with you. 

My  Soul Codes channeling do this for those who receive them, as sound is a key to unlock, unblock and balance your masculine and feminine polarities,  so the divine flow of source energy can enter your heart and heal and complete you. For more info go to my homepage and read about this process – also find a link below.

May your Heart expand into the Oneness of Cosmic Love  

Kyria Aluéla

*Below is a  message from the Heavenly Masters via sister Patricia Cota-Robles


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For the previous Vlog messages 1-35 see here:


Read more about SOUL CODES or DIAMOND CODES here:

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