Nov 13, 2017 Venus & Jupiter Kiss in Scorpio – A Deep & Lucky Encounter

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Today I share the Venus- Jupiter event with you, as I personally have Venus conjunct to Jupiter in my horoscope in my 7th House, but in another sign than this conjunction. I have it in my 7th house meaning my expanded love for all people of the world and my love for art, beauty and travel. Venus – Jupiter is mostly a lucky combo, for good outcomes and financial flow.  It can be helpful with attracting good partnerships (love and business) in the 7th house too.  Now this conjunction in 7 degrees Scorpio, is deep and passionate, and can be connected with love and finances.  Personally it depends what horoscope house Scorpio is for you, for what part of your life is affected by this conjunction for about 1 week. If astrology is not your thing, just enjoy looking in the sky for this meeting of planets.
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Now, I share some reports below.
Love, Kyria
Venus Conjunct Jupiter on November 13th 2018
Early Monday morning (Nov. 13), bright Jupiter will pass an even brighter Venus in a low but close and spectacular conjunction. The celestial highlight in the coming days will involve the two brightest planets, Venus and Jupiter — but only one of the two characters in our celestial show has been on stage thus far. That is Venus, which has been a dazzling morning object since the beginning of April.  

Meanwhile, Jupiter, which was a prominent evening object through much of the spring and summer, disappeared into the sunset fires during the final week of September and has been out of sight ever since. It passed through conjunction with the sun on Oct. 26 and has since been a morning object, but too close to the sun’s glare to be seen. [The 2017 Venus-Jupiter Conjunction: When, Where and How to See It

That will come to an end early on Saturday morning (Nov. 11), when this largest of the planets finally appears very low to the east-southeast horizon, about 45 minutes before sunrise and just 2 degrees directly below Venus. In the days to come, Jupiter will be slowly ascending, getting higher and more prominent, while Venus continues what has been a slow slide down toward the sun since mid-July. 

They are like two ships passing each other in the dawn twilight. more on 

Astrological Report 
Splendor in the sky
by Astro Butterfly
Venus and Jupiter have a spectacular encounter in the morning sky on Monday, November 13, 2018, at 7° Scorpio.
Venus conjunct Jupiter is not just a regular conjunction… it is a superconjunction. Why is that? Because Venus and Jupiter don’t only cross their elliptic path, but are also become parallel. This means they are on the same latitude and longitude. They are basically one next to the other.
You see, if an astrologer says a planet is conjunct another planet, this means the two are aligned along their ecliptic path. But as seen from the Earth, the distance between the two can be significant.
When two planets are also parallel, they show up one next to one another in the sky, and their energies are much more intense than when they are in a regular conjunction.
Venus Jupiter
And there is one more thing: Venus and Jupiter are both visible. In ancient astrology, visibility was the most important omen when making predictions.
Basically, when a planet is visible with the naked eye in the sky, it is much more powerful. When a planet is invisible, its energy is weaker, more introspective, and cannot express itself freely.
Let’s take the example of the Moon. When we have a New Moon, the Moon is invisible, and can only express its energy through the Sun. Same with Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. When the 6 planets are close to the Sun, they are invisible in the sky.
When Mercury and Venus start their retrograde cycles, they are invisible. You may know that Mercury and Venus retrogrades are times of introspection. But what you many not know is that their energy is lower because Mercury and Venus are invisible, and that’s the reason why they can only express themselves though the Ego of the Sun.
Now let’s go back to our Venus Jupiter conjunction. What is truly special is that Jupiter just became visible. When a planet becomes visible for the first time, its energy is at its strongest. It is basically the most powerful manifestation of the planet’s energy.
Jupiter disappeared into the sunset in the last week of September and has been out of sight ever since. Finally on November 11th, Jupiter made its appearance low to the east-southeast horizon. In the coming days, Jupiter will be slowly ascending, getting higher and more prominent.
Sunday morning on November 12th, Jupiter and Venus will be separated by less than 1°. And finally, Monday morning on November 13th, Venus and Jupiter will appear together, side by side: Venus on the left and dimmer than Jupiter on its right.
Now think for a second of what that means. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, luck and faith becomes visible for the first time, just to meet with the 2nd best planet in the sky, Venus, which is also visible and powerful.
Not only we have a conjunction between Jupiter and Venus, the most beneficial planets in our solar system, but a super conjunction when Venus and Jupiter are also parallel to each other. Moreover, the two planets are visible and stronger than ever, especially Jupiter!
This is truly amazing!
And if this sounds too scientific, just do what our ancestors have done for millennia: set your alarm, wake up early and watch them for yourself. What you will experience will be breathtaking.
You will see them right next to each other. The two brightest planets in the sky, will be one next to each other, almost merging in one single light.
Astrologically, the Venus Jupiter conjunction takes place at 7° in Scorpio and marks a new Venus Jupiter cycle. Those people blessed with planets or angles around 7° Scorpio will especially benefit from this conjunction.
Venus and Jupiter meet approximately once a year to start a new cycle of abundance and growth especially in the area of finance and possessions.
Venus Jupiter cycles repeat themselves every 24-years. 39 revolutions of Venus are equal to 24 revolutions of Earth and 2 revolutions for Jupiter. Every 24 years, the themes of the particular Venus-Jupiter conjunction will come again into our lives. The last cycle took place on 8th of November 1993. Do you recall what happened in your life in November 1993?
As you may know, Jupiter is the luckiest planet in our solar system. Jupiter expands everything it touches. Jupiter stands for growth, abundance, wealth, hope, faith and belief. Jupiter is a symbol of the ruler, of the priest, of the hierophant, of the one who holds the torch of truth.
No wonder Jupiter has faith. You can only search for the truth if you have faith. When you say “YES” to the world, this is when the opportunities come to you. And somehow, when you say yes, sooner or later, things turn out well. Always. This is the one truth about life and Jupiter knows it better than anyone else.
Now let’s talk about Venus.
Venus stands for how we relate to the world, what we like, what we dislike, the 5 physical senses, what we enjoy doing, our relationships, our ability to give and receive love, our appreciation for beauty and aesthetics.
The Venus Jupiter conjunction takes place in Scorpio, the deepest place in the Zodiac. Scorpio rules the big cycles of life and death, our legacy, what we “share” with others and with the universe as a whole, those things we have no say in. You have no say when you are born. You have no choice but to die, sooner or later.
Scorpio rules the deepest corners of our psyche, these part of ourselves we are not even aware of, but which take over every time – our instincts, our reflexes, our reptilian brain.
Scorpio also rules transformation. We are not really ‘born’ and we don’t really die. We just move from one form of existence to another.
Scorpio is about this deep knowledge that we can only access in brief moments of truth.
Venus conjunct Jupiter is one of them.
Venus and Jupiter will shine bright in the sky and will join forces to light our way. But what way? What exactly are they going to point to?
Venus and Jupiter will show us the Beauty (Venus) of Truth (Jupiter). Whatever part of your chart this conjunction will stir, will come with one surprising truth. The veil will be lifted. Venus and Jupiter will light your way so you can see what needs to be seen.
What is this truth? Chances are you already know it. Nothing too fancy, nothing too out of reach. Don’t expect to have your life turned upside down. The truth that you are going to find is not unexpected. It will not take you by surprise. You will likely find yourself saying “I can’t believe I’ve missed that all my life”, “I can’t believe I’ve been so blind all this time”.
You don’t need to do anything special. All Scorpio wants is authenticity and genuine connection. What is stopping you from getting in touch with yourself? What are you afraid of in getting to know about the other? What are you afraid to say, what are you afraid to hear, what are you afraid to know?
What do you really want? With Jupiter almighty in the morning sky, all you have to do is ask for it.
Jupiter conjunct Venus will help you find a deeper meaning in your life. Something will be revealed to you in a different light, a more truer, a more beautiful one. Neptune is in a trine to the conjunction, bringing Venus and Jupiter to the next level, to a higher expression of beauty and love.
In the heart of the Scorpio, where truth and nothing but the truth can prevail, beauty becomes almost a mystical experience. Truth becomes spiritual healing. Beauty and truth become a deeper understanding of how everything makes sense out there, in the higher levels of existence.
You may need to bring the hidden parts of your soul into the light. Or maybe not. Sometimes catharsis comes without too much soul searching. You can find beauty in the smell of a flower, in the way a stranger smiles at you, or by looking at the sky in the dim light before the Sun comes out.
The sabian symbol for the Venus Jupiter conjunction is “A calm lake bathed in the moonlight”, suggesting that beyond all our efforts, lays the need for peace and the readiness to accept the illumination from above. We are sometimes so blind to see the beauty that lays just in front of our eyes.
Venus, the Goddess of beauty and love, meets with Jupiter, the Priest. The path of pleasure and the path of spirituality can be difficult to reconcile. But in the truth of Scorpio, we have the unique chance to blend them together.
Who says there is nothing spiritual in beauty and pleasure? Who says that a spiritual path means renunciation? Right now, we can distill the essence of both. In the alchemy or Venus and Jupiter, we can find the secret formula, the magical elixir that is much more than the sum of its parts.
Wondering how the Venus Jupiter conjunction will affect you?
Look in which house you have Scorpio to find out which area of your life will come into light. For example if you have Scorpio ascendant, this will be your 1st house, if you have Sagittarius ascendant it will be your 12th house and so on.
Something will be revealed to you. One deep, beautiful truth. This insight will empower you to ascend like the Phoenix from the ashes of your old self identification.
You will feel the energy more strongly if you have planets around 7° in Scorpio.
If you have strong Scorpio and 8th house energy in your chart, or a lot of Water, you will connect with this energy more easily. If you have mainly Air or Earth, then the energy can be traumatic at the beginning.
But no need to worry. With Jupiter in Scorpio, the good always wins in the end. You can finally find a resolution for a problem which was haunting you for years. You will finally take your power back.
by Astro Butterfly
original here with more personal stuff for you if you want:
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11:11 Portal of Peace – Chant OM 1111 Times

CHANT OM 1111 times on 11/11/2017

 11:11:1 Portal

November 11, 2017 we have 11:11:1 as 2017 is a 1 year. Time for peaceful new beginnings. This you can only do when you are centered in your heart, and balanced in your masculine and feminine polarities and feel your are ONE with all there is. How do you get to ONENESS consciousness?  One easy way is to chant OM. We can send this OM and the state we feel around the earth. A Mala has 108 prayer beads to count while chanting to go around once…so 10 x 108 = 1080 so do 31 more and you OM-ed 1111 times…not so much.( see the chant link below)


OM is sound of creation of all there is.

When chanting OM it is brings you to zero point of freedom and you feel peace in your heart. Om Balances the left and right brain hemispheres and the YIN & YANG – masculine and feminine energies in you, so it brings you to your center. It helps you fuse your rational and intuitive thinking, which is important, as the orderly way (rational) of thought and the higher mind clarity of seeing and feeling with the heart is needed, for the full comprehension of things and to act in a compassionate way.  Om also opens your 3rd eye and crown chakra to the cosmic force of love, and all the wisdom of your soul and the creator enters you in the stillness of the Mmmm…of Ommm…

Your own voice sends out vibrations of peace and love to the world as you are chanting from your heart. Using your own voice is much more powerful than just listening to it chanted by others or on recordings but it is effective as well. Your own voice will send vibrations throughout your body, brain, to the pineal and pituitary gland, and create bio-chemical changes in your body. 

Try chanting it often and as long as you can and feel what happens within you and around you in your environment. ( See a youtube link below of OM or find your own)



CHANT OM for November 11

11:11:1 Portal

and send it around the Earth.



Kyria Aluéla 


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Here is a recording of OM-ing 1111 times

11:11 Calling Lightworkers- Powerful Times For New Beginnings 1-1-1-1-1 on 11.11.2017

by Patricia Cota-Robles
November 1, 2017 = 11-1-1 = 11:11 
Eleven Days to November 11, 2017 = 11-11-1 = 1-1-1-1-1
A Powerful Time for New Beginnings
Hear the Clarion Call
     Precious Heart, our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are sending forth a Clarion Call that is reverberating through the Ethers. They are calling Awakening Humanity to a higher octave of service during this critical and tumultuous time. On behalf of YOU and me and every single person, group, organization, company and Activity of Light that is in any way striving to add to the Light of the World, our God Parents and the Company of Heaven are orchestrating a Divine Plan that will allow us to unify our Hearts and effectively expand our Lightwork a thousand fold.
     I (Patricia Cota Robles) will share with you that I have been responding to the requests of our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven for 50 years. Beginning with the classes I had in my home, I have been offering free meditations, classes and seminars around the World since 1968. In all of these years, I have never felt such an URGENT, yet HOPEFUL, request from On High.
      The Divine Intent of this request from the Realms of Illumined Truth is to greatly empower what each and every one of us has volunteered to do individually and collectively to add to the Light of the World during this auspicious moment. For Lifetimes our I AM Presence has guided us through myriad experiences designed to strengthen us, and to prepare us to be able to stay focused on the Light in the face of all adversity. This is the moment for which we have all been preparing. It is through our unified efforts that Humanity will transcend the surfacing negativity. Together we will assist this precious Planet and all her Life to God Victoriously Ascend up the Spiral of Evolution and into the full embrace of the New Earth which has now been Birthed in the Realms of Cause.
     Each and every one of us has been uniquely prepared for this moment. To help us grasp the critical need for our individual contributions to this unprecedented facet of Earth’s Divine Plan, the Beings of Light have given us a metaphor to contemplate. They asked us to think of the myriad Lifetimes and lessons we have experienced since we were first Breathed forth from the Heart of our Father-Mother God, as an exquisite Golden Thread that we have volunteered to weave into the Tapestry of Life that will BE the New Earth.
     Billions of additional souls volunteered to weave their Golden Thread into this particular Tapestry for the New Earth, but they were not selected. Our Father-Mother God chose us, because they felt that our individual and collective experiences had a better chance of succeeding in the unprecedented experiment unfolding on Earth. This has nothing to do with ego or the erroneous impression that we are more special than our Sisters and Brothers who were turned away. It simply means that our Father-Mother God felt that with our willingness and our tenacity, we had a better chance of staying focused on the Light during the necessary purging process the Earth was destined to go through.
     What the Company of Heaven wants each and every one of us to clearly understand is that the Tapestry of Life for the New Earth will be incomplete without ALL of our Golden Threads. In spite of what you may believe about you, or how inadequate you may feel when it comes to being a Lightworker, NO one’s Golden Thread is any more important than another person’s Golden Thread. Every person’s Golden Thread is critical to the success of this Holy Endeavor involving Earth’s Ascension in the Light. It is for this very reason that our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are orchestrating a Divine Plan that will empower and effectively expand every person’s Lightwork a thousand fold, thus catapulting this Planet forward in the Light a quantum leap.
     Please read the following sharing from On High with an open Heart and Mind. As you read these words center yourself in the Divinity of your Heart Flame. The Beings of Light in the Realms of Illumined and your I AM Presence are enveloping you in the Emerald Green Flame of Illumined Truth in order to help you grasp the magnitude of this opportunity.
Remembering Our Heart Commitment
A critical part of our purpose and reason for being on Earth during this momentous time is to help ease the pain and suffering that our Sisters and Brothers are experiencing. Only then will they be able to lift their heads above the chaos effectively enough to once again reconnect with their I AM Presence and complete their Ascension onto the New Earth.
This is a brief reminder of our Heart Commitments. Humanity reached a critical mass of Divine Love on December 21st and 22nd in 2012. This allowed EVERY SINGLE PERSON evolving on Earth to Ascend up the Spiral of Evolution into the initial frequencies of the New Earth. The reason our Father-Mother God granted permission for even the most asleep or recalcitrant people on Earth to make it through the Shift of the Ages, is because of the Heart Commitment YOU and I and the rest of Awakening Humanity made, through our I AM Presence, on their behalf. 
Our Sisters and Brothers were granted permission to move through the Shift of the Ages in spite of the human miscreations they were still responsible for transmuting back into Light. This was allowed by our Father-Mother God because millions of Lightworkers compassionately agreed to hold the sacred space for our struggling Sisters and Brothers so they would not be left behind.
Awakening Humanity promised to help our asleep and recalcitrant Sisters and Brothers to Awaken as soon as possible. We also agreed to do whatever is necessary in order to help them quickly transmute their surfacing negativity from the old Earth. The Company of Heaven told us that if we had not agreed to do that, these souls would not have been allowed to Ascend into the initial impulse of the New Earth. That is because their surfacing negativity and the necessary purging that is taking place on Earth to clear their human miscreations, would have been overwhelming and would have actually caused more harm than good.
As we monitor the surfacing negativity, we are witnessing appalling and hateful decisions that are being made by those in power around the World. The results of those mindless and seemingly heartless actions will definitely affect people and the Earth in extremely adverse ways. When we see such things taking place, in spite of all of the Lightwork we are doing, it is easy to come to the conclusion that our efforts are in vain. This is causing many Lightworkers to feel overwhelmed and even hopeless. Consequently, many of them are giving up and making the fateful decision to stop invoking the Light. People are afraid that we made a mistake. They fear that in spite of our Heart Commitments, the surfacing negativity is causing more harm than good.
The reality is, if Lightworkers do nothing to intervene in the current situation, the actions of our recalcitrant Sisters and Brothers could indeed cause more harm than good. Fortunately, our Father-Mother God and the Beings of Light also see the potential of that horrific unintended consequence. That is precisely why they are orchestrating this vitally important NEW facet of the Divine Plan, and why they are sending forth a Clarion Call invoking the assistance of every Lightworker on Earth.
Listen to Your Heart and Respond to Our Father-Mother God’s Clarion Call.
Your Light, Your Love and YOUR Divine Intervention are Needed NOW!
        When our Father-Mother God granted permission for every single person on Earth to Ascend through the Shift of the Ages, which was an unfathomable act of Divine Grace, they knew this would only work if the Lightworkers fulfilled our agreement to hold the sacred space for the Awakening of these recalcitrant souls. There are millions of Lightworkers who add to the Light of the World in their own way every single day. These dedicated Beings are making a tremendous difference. However, in order to transmute the overwhelming adversity surfacing now in the outer world, our God Parents have come to the conclusion that much more Light is needed.
       The NEW facet of the Divine Plan that our Father-Mother God, and the Legions of Light who assist them are setting into motion is designed to empower and exponentially expand the Lightwork that every single person on Earth has volunteered to accomplish in this Lifetime. During this powerful time of New Beginnings, we are being asked to encode the Template for this NEW facet of the Divine Plan into the Mental and Emotional Strata of Earth. This is being accomplished in the Eternal Moment of NOW, so no matter when you are reading these words your magnificent Light is being woven into this Template.
The Template for Our Father-Mother God’s NEW Facet of the Divine Plan
       Our Father-Mother God have revealed to us at Era of Peace that the work we have been doing over the past 50 years in cooperation with the Company of Heaven, has resulted in the tangible manifestation of an ever-expanding Planetary Grid of Transfiguring Divine Love. This Grid of Divine Love embraces Mother Earth in a sphere of exquisite Crystalline Pink Light, which has been bathing the Earth and building in momentum day-by-day for five decades. Our God Parents affirm that over the years this Grid of Divine Love has been exponentially expanding in a rhythmic momentum. They said that this occurs every time Humanity joins us either physically or in consciousness during one of our Free Seminars, or any of the other Activities of Light we have offered to add to the Light of the World, such as our YouTube Meditations, our Internet Broadcasts and now our free Weekly Vlogs.
      Due to what is being referred to as “the urgency of the hour”, our Father-Mother God and the Legions of Light in the Realms of Illumined Truth have decided to use our Planetary Grid of Divine Love for the vehicle through which they will implement the NEW facet of the Divine Plan. In spite of our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven’s Heart Desire to quickly complete Earth’s painful purging process, so we can experience the wonders of the New Earth, they cannot do this for us. They have reiterated time and again that in order for them to intervene in our Lives we must first invoke their assistance and offer to BE the Open Door through which the Light of God will flow to accomplish whatever the need of the hour is.
      This means quite literally that no matter how much help this new facet of the Divine Plan will be for Humanity and the Earth, unless YOU and I and the rest of Awakening Humanity participate in the way our Father-Mother God are requesting, it will not be successful. Fortunately, what our God Parents are requesting is incredibly simple and will be easily integrated into our individual and collective Lightwork, if we have the Heart Call to do so.
     The Divine Intent of this NEW facet of the Divine Plan is for the Company of Heaven and the I AM Presences of Awakening Humanity to empower a thousand fold the Lightwork that YOU and I and every single person, group, organization, company and Activity of Light on Earth is participating in. This unfathomable influx of Light will be Breathed into the Grid of Divine Love by our Father-Mother God in a rhythmic momentum during our Free Seminar every month. 
      Each month I will announce where the Free Seminar will be. These Seminars are always free and open to the public. These NEW Free Seminars are titled, “It Is Time For The Next Step.” Hopefully, hundreds of people in and around the area will have the Heart Call to come to the seminar and weave their Golden Thread into the Chalice of Light we will all form through our unified Heart Flames.
     In addition to those who will be physically present, our Father-Mother God are invoking Lightworkers around the World who are aware of the Free Seminar to take a moment that day to weave their Golden Thread into our Chalice of Light. This will greatly increase the amount of Light our Father-Mother God will be able to Breathe through our Chalice into the Grid of Divine Love. Once this Light is secured in the Grid of Divine Love our Father-Mother God have assured us that it will flood the Earth and exponentially intensify the Lightwork of every person on this Planet a thousand fold.
Phase Two of Our Father-Mother God’s NEW Facet of the Divine Plan
      Our Father-Mother God and the Company of Heaven are going to do even more to take advantage of the collective Cup of Consciousness that we will form through our unified efforts during the Free Seminars. Every month our God Parents and the Company of Heaven will evaluate how the expansion of our Lightwork through the Grid of Divine Love has benefited Humanity and the Earth. They will then determine what additional Lightwork can be accomplished through our unified efforts on that day. That evaluation will not be made until the day of the Free Seminar, so that the maximum benefit of Humanity’s Lightwork during the previous month will be utilized to fulfill another important step in our Ascension process.  
     I will not be able to tell you what that facet of the Divine Mission is, prior to the Free Seminar, but I will share that information with you in our Monthly Online Newsletter following the Seminar. You will then be able to realize the assistance you are receiving from the Heavenly Realms and add your Golden Thread of Light to whatever has been accomplished to assist you with your Lightwork.
     Once you start benefiting from this monumental influx of Light and realize the incredible assistance we are receiving from On High, you will no longer feel afraid, helpless or hopeless. On the contrary, you will feel greatly motivated to “Keep on keeping on.” During this challenging time it will help to keep affirming to yourself:
“The Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious and I AM that Light.”

Here her newest Vlog 35


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     I would like to begin this NEW facet of our Father-Mother God’s Divine Plan by sharing with you the list of Free Seminars we will be offering in 2017 and 2018.
    Our final Free Seminar for 2017 will be this week end November 12, 2017 in San Diego, California. If possible we would Love for you to join us physically, but if you are not in this area please join us in consciousness. Here is the direct link if you would like to register for this Free Seminar.
Final Free Seminar for 2017 San Diego, California November 12th IS TIME TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP FREE SEMINARS BY PATRICIA COTA-ROBLES FOR 2018 

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A Higher Love REALationship that will work & last

Today I share my FB post about Real Love Relationships,which I expanded here a bit. 




REAL-ATIONSHIPS – BE “IN LOVE” , not infatuated-love

A relationship takes effort on both sides, to care enough and try to understand the other persons thinking and values and not put oneself first all the time. A balance is needed between giving and receiving. One should not be in a relationship TO GET, one should think WHAT CAN I GIVE of myself?

Sex is not the first step in any love relationship, although it can be tempting to just satisfy a physical lust and to take part in loveless sex acts. But how can you really “make love” when you do not know a person’s character, heart and soul? Superficial relationships based just on bodily needs, can hardly ever last or are good ones, as they most likely are energy vampirism, where one sucks the sexual energy life force of another, which can open a door to negative forces if there is no love between the two. It is not always the case, but it happens more often than less. 

For a lasting relationship, love, mutual admiration, respect, understanding, trust and friendship needs to come first. Some mature souls do feel familiar with each others energies from the start, but it may be best to practice restraint until the heart connection is strong, then sex is much deeper and can bring great transformation to each, as a heart bonded sexual act can heal and open the mind to higher consciousness and  altruistic love.

Getting to know and love the soul of a person,  that is the key to a loving and lasting relationship, where each person cares for the others wellbeing, but allows space for each to express their feelings openly without judgements. When one loves a person inside out, each allows the other to be themselves in their own unique way. Learning to pull back a little, makes the other feel more comfortable to share their feelings and desires with the partner. This means, just listening to the others feelings, without judging, jumping in with ones own opinions and wants, is essential to create trust. Being honest, tolerant and accepting is part of true love.

Having enough humor to laugh about oneself and laugh together about the stuff one may have disagreed upon, and thought was so important, and then realized, it was not such a big thing, is so important. Love triumphs over the small stuff and the ego’s wanting to be right.

If one is not able to do this yet, it is important not to put oneself down. One can work on it with self love and patience. One needs to listen to the inner voice and track to the causes of ones own emotional blocks and triggers and not feel shame or resentments. Sometimes one can not do it alone just with self examination, and its ok to seek help. One find an assistant such as a guru, teacher, counselor or healer, to help one see through what needs to heal inside, to be able to receive and give love freely without wanting to control or attract being controlled by another. One can pray or ask ones spirit guides and angels or a friend to guide us to such a helper…they appear, when one is ready to do something good for oneself and partner. 



OK..that’s it for today my friends!

Enjoy the music and a related previous blog link below.

Love you!

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Kyria Aluéla - The Vocal Alchemist - Melchizedekia Community

Dear friends,

Today its is about Sacred Love in partnerships. One needs to unify masculine and feminine within and heal wounds so not to project neediness and issues onto another person. Once you love and accept yourself unconditionally in love, you can share this with a partner and other Humans, animals, spirits and the earth in general. Radiating love from within heals all around you and you can experience bliss and ecstasy.   

Now, I share the monthly message from AA Michael via Ronna. Enjoy. If you need guidance or healing of you wounds so you too can experience sacred love, contact me via my email on my homepage with all I have to offer.


Kyria Aluéla Melchizedekia 



Beloved masters, we ask you to pause for…

View original post 2,500 more words


Dear friends,

Today its is about Sacred Love in partnerships. One needs to unify masculine and feminine within and heal wounds so not to project neediness and issues onto another person. Once you love and accept yourself unconditionally in love, you can share this with a partner and other Humans, animals, spirits and the earth in general. Radiating love from within heals all around you and you can experience bliss and ecstasy.   

Now, I share the monthly message from AA Michael via Ronna. Enjoy. If you need guidance or healing of you wounds so you too can experience sacred love, contact me via my email on my homepage with all I have to offer.


Kyria Aluéla Melchizedekia 




Beloved masters, we ask you to pause for a moment and turn inward as you quickly move into your Sacred Heart Center. Take a deep breath and tap into your Sacred Mind as well. Now ponder these questions: What is it that you yearn for above all things?  What is missing from your life that affects everything you think, feel and do? 
The answer is Sacred Love, dear hearts.
    We do not mean love as you now experience it in the physical realm, but the Sacred Love of your OverSoul Higher Self, the many Facets of your Higher Self, and ultimately your Twin Flame − as well as your Soul family in the higher realms, your wondrous angelic friends, the great Beings of Light, and our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator. That is what is missing, and that is what you have yearned for ever since you left your lofty home among the stars, when you divided yourself into two Sparks of individualized awareness: one masculine Spark and one feminine Spark of Divine consciousness, so that you could reflect and experience the glory and diversity of our Father/Mother God.
        In the past, we have explained how you agreed to separate from your sacred partner in order to fulfill your Divine mission; how you have taken turns in assuming a masculine or feminine body; and how, most often, one of you stayed in the higher realms while the other incarnated in the physical expression.  Rarely were you given an opportunity to meet in the physical world; however, there were wondrous times in the higher dimensions when you were allowed to join together for a time of joyous reunion,  for an infusion of loving ecstasy, a blending of your Essence, a remembrance of what you left behind, and what you have to look forward to in the future. This wondrous gift has not been available to you since you sank into the density of the Third/Fourth-Dimensional expression − UNTIL NOW.
        We have asked much of you over these past years of awakening, and you have suffered through many trials and tests. We see that great multitudes of you have slowly, but diligently, changed for the better as you lifted and harmonized your frequency patterns and let go of old, self-limiting thought forms and limitations.  You have relinquished most of your ego-driven emotions and habits, as you have striven to Return to Center within your Sacred Heart and to become a Self-master.  We have watched you struggle to understand all the new, mind-boggling concepts, as you endeavor to claim and live your truth to the best of your ability. We salute and honor you for your dedication and your constant vigilance in monitoring your thoughts, and for always striving for the greatest good of all.
        In reviewing the past, have you not changed radically for the better? Is your personal world more tranquil and filled with joy? Are you not gaining proficiency in creating abundance and the things you desire to live in comfort and safety? Have you learned and taken to heart the universal laws of prosperity, whereby you affirm that you are entitled to abundance in all things?  Remember, you must keep the universal flow circulating; you are to take what you need, and then allow the balance to flow out into the world to be shared, so that it can be replenished and multiplied, over and over again.
    Yes, you have been reaping many rewards for your dedication and loyalty, and we are most gratified with the progress you, the Seekers of Light, have made.  However, the gains you have made and the miracles you have experienced in the past are nothing compared to what is now available and awaiting you: a gift beyond compare.
        We have spoken much about the purity of unconditional love, which was encoded within your Adam/Eve Kadmon Light Body, as you journeyed forth as emissaries for our Father/Mother God, and how it became distorted by the physical, ego desire-body as you sank into the density and the broad spectrum of duality in the Third/Fourth-Dimensional experience.  It was not ordained that you should lose touch with the Sacred Love of our Father/Mother God and the Creator. Also, it was not a part of the Divine plan for you to forget your lineage and your Divine heritage.
        As you began your journey into the density of the Third and Fourth Dimensions, the veil of forgetfulness was placed over your memory. It was not meant as a punishment, but as an act of mercy, for it would have been overwhelmingly painful to remember the negativity of your past incarnations, as well as very confusing to have access to your many experiences in the higher realms of consciousness.  Remember, in most of your past incarnations in the physical realm, you brought very little of your God consciousness with you. The majority of human Beings have been functioning within the lower levels of brain consciousness.
        That has now changed. As we have explained in the past, no matter where you chose to incarnate on the spectrum of Light and shadow in this lifetime, it is not where you belong. You chose your family lineage, your physical vessel, and the circumstances of your life.  It was decided, with the help of your angelic guides and guardian angels, what the best overall experiences would be to assist you to heal old negative thought patterns, and to resolve ancient karmic issues in order to return to balance and harmony, and to once more attain Self-mastery.
        We have told you that you have encoded within your DNA and Divine blueprint all the virtues, attributes, qualities and aspects of our Father/Mother God. You are an electromagnetic force field − an energetic package of Divine Light substance. Encoded within each of you is the ecstasy and bliss of Sacred Love − a cosmic, orgasmic experience beyond anything you can imagine in the physical expression. Opening and attuning to the physical Sacred Heart center is just the beginning. It prepares you for the multi-level reunification process whereby you will gradually reconnect with the many Facets of your Higher-Self.
        Many of you are now comfortable with the concept of communing with us, your unseen friends and companions of the higher realms.  Now, a most wondrous gift is being offered to you: for those of you who are resonating to the frequencies of the upper three sub-planes of the Fourth Dimension and the entry levels of the Fifth Dimension, your Soul Song frequencies are such that you now have the ability to reconnect with a Twin Soul who is in harmony with your Soul=s vibrational patterns − you are ready to experience the ecstasy of Sacred Love.  No longer do you have to feel lonely or to hunger for loving acceptance and validation of your worthiness.  No longer do you have to yearn for fulfillment, and desire someone in the physical to reflect back to you your beauty or to give you a sense of belonging.
        Our Father/Mother God has been waiting for the time when they can offer you this gift beyond compare. When we speak of returning to Oneness, we mean that in the greatest sense, as well as in the many subtle levels of integration in the physical realm.  We have told you that the Divine blueprint for the future is now in place, and many rules and conditions of the past will no longer apply to those of you firmly on the path of heightened awareness. No longer will you incarnate with just one of the three major God Rays as your predominate overlay: you will have all twelve Rays of cosmic consciousness fully available and active.  In the future, it will be up to you to decide which Rays and combination of Rays you wish to focus on, develop and master.  Many of you will choose to not return to planet Earth, but will join with your Divine Soul Mate and many members of your Soul family, as you accept new Divine missions in order to assist in the creation of the new Golden Galaxy of the future. Many rules, conditions and concepts of your earthly experiences are changing as you evolve from human beings to Galactic Beings: you are in the process of returning to your true estate as a cocreative master in the realms of Light.
        How do you go about connecting with your Divine Soul companion?  First you must say “YES TO SACRED LOVE.” You must desire this connection with all your Being, you must open your mind and heart to the concept that you have a compatible Divine Soul Mate who also desires a Soul reunion, and you must believe with all your heart that it is possible to reconnect with them.
        Go into your Pyramid of Light and lie on the crystal table, move into your Sacred Heart Center and allow the Sacred Love/Light of our Mother/Father God and the Creator to pour forth and fill you to overflowing. Send out the call to your compatible Soul Mate, and ask them to join with you.  Speak the words of love that fill your heart and mind, and then listen for an answer. Know that you will receive an answer; however, do not put any conditions as to how and when it will happen.  Just know that when the time is right, your beloved will appear. Your reconnection in Spirit form will be a very personal happening, unique and precious to you and your beloved.
        Open your heart to all the possibilities of Sacred Love, and know that it is your Divine birthright to experience this most intimate gift.  You do not have to share your experiences with others, but know that those around you will begin to feel the difference in you, and they will respond to your uplifted, loving nature.  Everyone around you will benefit from your expressions of Sacred Love.
        Even if you already have a mate or companion in the physical expression, it is permissible and desirable to reconnect with your Divine counterpart in Spirit form. As you connect with and integrate the attributes and qualities of your other half, something magical happens: You return to wholeness within your own Being, and you no longer look outside yourself for validation or for what you feel is missing.  It is the quickest and surest way to feel and then learn to express unconditional love and, thereby, your frequency patterns will be lifted. As a result, you will begin to radiate that refined love to your mate, your loved ones and everyone around you. Most often, your mate and your family will respond to your emanations of Sacred/unconditional love, and the interactions between you will quickly change for the better.
Many dear Souls have agreed at a Soul level to journey alone during this lifetime, or to focus on their spiritual mission instead of seeking a mate or a close companion.  We tell you, that you do not have to complete your earthly journey alone, nor do you have to wait until you transcend to experience the state of bliss of the higher realms.  It is time for you to shed the filters and veils that have been placed over your memory and consciousness.  It is time for you to remember who you are, and ALL that you are.  It is a time of reunification of the highest order.
        A small minority of more-evolved Twin Flames  sometimes incarnate on the Earth Plane at the same time, and it is sometimes ordained that they will find each other and make a connection.  In such an instance, both halves of the whole agreed to incarnate at mutual proximity to see how Twin Flames would progress together in the physical expression. Unless the two people involved are firmly on the Path, and are fairly balanced within, these unions do not result in the bliss state, for they bring more strife and unhappiness into their lives than happiness and satisfaction.  There is often an obsession with each other, which results in a can=tlive with, but can=t live without situation, for they have not learned the secret of Sacred Love, and they are still playing the game of duality and ego-driven love with many conditions.
        Going into your Pyramid of Light in the Fifth Dimension has prepared you for many new levels of awareness, and also some of the wondrous gifts of en-LIGHTEN-ment that await you in the future. The Cities of Light meditation will also accelerate the process of preparing you for a rejoining with the appropriate Facet of your Twin Flame, as well as many of the other Fragments of yourself that you left behind in the higher realms.
        Many of you will experience doubt, and perhaps some negative emotions regarding this concept of Twin Flame reunion, and the possibility of cosmic, orgasmic bliss. We tell you, beloveds, the feelings of love and the orgasmic union in the physical body pale in comparison to the bliss and the ecstasy we experience in the higher realms.  We are in a constant state of bliss, but the most precious gift of all is when we merge with our Divine compliment, blending our Essence and ALL of who and what we are. At each higher dimensional level, the bliss/ecstasy state of Sacred Love is magnified. You, as humans, could not tolerate the power and magnificence of the Creator=s sacred love that we experience constantly.
        Are you willing to test this new level of cosmic awareness?  Are you ready to accept this Divine gift that is being offered you? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your Divine Soul Mate is waiting for you to put out the call.  When you say YES to Sacred Love you will feel a dramatic change within your Sacred Heart Center as it prepares to receive the rarified gift of Sacred Love radiated forth from our Mother/Father God. Your earthly life will forever be changed. Call on us and we will guide and assist you in every way possible. Know that I am with you always and you are loved most profoundly. 
I AM Archangel Michael.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe
from her blog and newsletter
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Daily Prayer to Expand My Soul in God

Today I share a wonderful blog post by my Melchizedek Brother Peter which in parts I often share with you too in my posts of meditations and affirmations. Enjoy and recite it out loud.

Love, Kyria


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Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts.


I Am That I Am

Beloved Mother Father God, Almighty I Am Presence, Holy Spirit; Bestow and Grant unto me in this Eternal Instant, Your Love and Light, for I Am Your Son, Your Daughter as You Created Me in Divine Balance!

I Am Showered with Your Love, Wisdom and Power. I Am Bathed in Your Guidance and Direction, Your Upliftment and Enlightenment for the Greatest potential growth of my Soul at every Moment.  Do not limit my expansion just to this Earth walk, because I Am, That I Am, and cannot be limited to a single domain.  Bring forth all remaining lessons to complete My Soul Journey so I can return back to the Wholeness You Are, I Am!

I call upon the Seven Mighty Elohim to surround me and become the very core of My Being, endowing me with Their Divine Virtues and Attributes so that I may Create Instantaneously, That which is Your Desire for me, Dear Lord.

Take me to the Teachers and teachings at every opportunity, that will Provide, Supply and Bestow upon me, the most joyous and beneficial, effective and efficient experiences for the Upliftment, Enlightenment, Success and Completion of my 4 lower bodies, my physical ascension process, my Earth Mission in Service to Humanity and Mother Earth and My Holy Charter with You!

Divine Father, Beloved Mother, Lead me to the Temples and Cities of Light and inform me of all that, which You Desire me to experience and share. Set in Love’s, ‘Energy In Motion’, the Memory Codes within my DNA and Star Trace Encodements, of these Cities and Temples of Light and the Crystalline Grids so that They may be grounded to be made manifest upon the surface of Mother Gaia, within All countries and land masses around this world.  Allow the Knowledge of these Temples and Cities and Grids to flow into my awareness and recall Now!  Bring unto me those whom may assist in the remembrance of this Higher Knowledge and help me with It’s dissemination with other like Minded and Like Hearted Souls.

Dear God, Recalibrate my Toric Field to Its Highest Potential Frequencies at all times, and Adjust, Activate and Radiate accordingly, my lower bodies and their Love and Light DNA Programs and Encodements to automatically match those Resonances in preparation for a much Grander Co-Creative Manifestation, of Me, in You, in, through and All around me Now!  Make me a Magnet for Your Love and Light! Heal, Restore, Rejuvenate and Regenerate my entire physical beings back to my Divine Soul, retrieving all my Soul Fragments and Divisions of whatsoever nature, so that All may Be Your Love once again!  From All that Is Me, remove throughout all of my lives, past, present and future, while at the same Moment removing all that no longer Serves me in the Name of My Almighty I Am Presence Self, The God, Goddess within!  Open my Conscious awareness, Now and forever more, to the 5thdimensional frequencies and beyond to My Divine Wholeness, where I Am One with All That Is!


Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts.


universal diamond heart

Beloved Mother, Father of Love and Light, I Am anointed with Your Abundance, Health and Well Being, with Joy, Happiness, and Your Inner Peace. I Am ready to do Thy Work!

Beloved I Am Presence I desire to Know who my Divine Master Sponsors are in My Divine Plan with God, so that I may become One with them, to take Your Plan through me, to Beloved Vesta for Her Blessings and Bestowal of Magnificent Love and Light Investments in, through and all around me!

Father, Activate my White Fire Tube of Light for my Inner and Outer Protection and Blaze and Direct the Cleansing Violet Flame of St Germaine and Lady Kuan Yin, along with Archangel Michael and His Legions of Light, throughout my Entire Being to Purify and Protect me at all times.  May you open all my Communication Senses and Centres, including my pituitary and pineal glands so that I may rejoice in Direct and Clear Communion with You and All Higher Beings of Light!

Also, I wish to Know who my Divine Master Sponsors are, so that I may become One with them to take Your Plan through me to Beloved Vesta for Her Investment Blessings and Bestowal of Magnificent Love and Light  in through and all around me!

May the Elohim, The Elementals and The Nature Kingdoms and all Beings of Light recognise your Love within, through and all around me, so that They may enter into Divine Communication in Holy Union with me, for the Greatest Good of All Concerned. I Am In Divine Service to Humanity, The Elementals, Devas and Angelic Host and indeed Mother Gaia Herself!

My Heart is filled to overflowing with the Unity and Essence of “Mighty Peace and Aloha of The Elohim”. By God’s Own Hand, in Deep Humility and Gratitude I Hold before me, My Heart Chalice, poised to offer it to All Life with Ease and Grace and with My Mighty I Am Presence’s Radiant Love and Light. Tell me where You Desire me to go! Lead me to those that I may Serve in the Highest Vibrational Frequencies; Tell me what to do and say when I get there; Lead others to me, so that I may be Your Guiding Light to guide and lead them Home to You! I Am Ready, I Am Willing and I Am Filled with Your Mighty Victory, to be Able to Execute and Make Manifest Your Divine Plan here upon Beloved Mother Gaia!  Bless You, Bless You, Bless You!

For The Greater Glory of God Go I, I Am That I Am, In Service to the Whole!

I come into this day,

In God, with God, by God and for God in Me

I shall live and close this day,

In God, with God, by God and for God in Me

I Am God Protected,

I Am God Purified and I Am God Perfected

I Am God Supplied and God Healed

I Am God Victorious over all the limitations of this world

I Am Grateful

I Am Grateful

I Am Grateful

From every breath of my Life

With every beat of my Heart

I Am Grateful


 Let Thy Will Be Done and not my own

(My Divine God-self soul’s will not my ego);





Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God of Hosts.”


I Am, That I Am



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Healing & Returning Home to Your Soul – Heilung & Heimkehr zu Deiner Seele

Dear friends –

I am here  to assist you in the release of the Karma and suffering, to heal your heart,  and to help you rise up to your true self – The I AM and ascend to your SOUL, to help you access your inner power and connection to source, to find your soul purpose and everlasting love & bliss within and in relationships.

Music and Voices:

I sing and do voice effects as I channel Voices of the Ancients, Star Beings, Spirits, Master Guides, Animals and other worldly sounds from the Cosmos.

Please check out my homepage with my info, music and services:

Blessings, Kyria


Liebe Freunde,

Ich bin hier um zu alle die es wollen sich vom Karma und Leid losszulassen, um Herzen zu heilen,  und zu assistieren mit der Selbstfindung, Selbstermächtigung und des erkennens der Lebensaufgabe. Mit dem erhöhen des Bewusstseins und Wiederverienigung mit der Seele  erlangt man Glückseeligkeit  im inneren und in Partnerschaften.

Auch singe ich und mache ich Sound Effects und channele Stimmen der Ahnen, der Meister, der Erde und Klänge aus dem Kosmos in meiner Musik.

Hier sind meine infos und  Angebote auf der Homepage ( unter dem englishen Teil auch in deutsch).

Alles liebe, Kyria Aluéla 


Re-blog from/von 2015 –

important inner work –

wichtige Innenarbeit

Kyria Aluéla - The Vocal Alchemist - Melchizedekia Community



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Beloved masters, it is time for you, your physical and spiritual sense to use it in full measure. You must learn to define the physical senses and to exploit properly in order to tap the higher senses and develop the rest were so long ago, as light / clear seeing, light / Clear-hearing or telepathic skills as clairsentience / clear knowledge (a empathic, intuitive person with an expanding inner sense of awareness) . All of these enhanced abilities are a part of your divine birthright, the waiting for her she recovers.

We have the seven major chakras of the physical vessel and talked in detail the positive and negative attributes / functions of each individual outlined. It is also important to realize for you that each chakra and every organ within the body has its own…

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