Full Moon Gemini-Sagittarius. A New You: Learning from your Wise Soul & Being the Light. Dec. 3, 2017

reblog – date is Dec 3.

Kyria Aluéla - Vocalist - Spiritual Medium - Satguru - Melchizedekia

The December 3rd Super Full Moon is at 11 Degrees of the Gemini – Sagittarius Axis , so Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius.  If you have any planets or houses such as AC- DC at this line you should feel it. 

gemini-full-moonThe Sabian Symbol for the Moon at Gemini 11: NEWLY OPENED LANDS OFFER THE PIONEER NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR EXPERIENCE. So this time is for new beginnings and exciting new discoveries. 

Gemini is air sign. are the Twins who are curious and love to move and research and learn new things. They love to talk a lot, take short trips and flighty, not so deep encounters…like tasty testers of sorts. They need constant movement and informations, but may not synthesize and integrate all into a formula or concept. Gemini stands for communication.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun in Sagittarius at 11 decrees: THE LAMP OF PHYSICAL…

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