Full Moon Gemini-Sagittarius. A New You: Learning from your Wise Soul & Being the Light. Dec. 3, 2017

The December 3rd Super Full Moon is at 11 Degrees of the Gemini – Sagittarius Axis , so Moon in Gemini and Sun in Sagittarius.  If you have any planets or houses such as AC- DC at this line you should feel it. 


The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at Gemini 11: NEWLY OPENED LANDS OFFER THE PIONEER NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR EXPERIENCE. So this time is for new beginnings and exciting new discoveries. 

Gemini is air sign. are the Twins who are curious and love to move and research and learn new things. They love to talk a lot, take short trips and flighty, not so deep encounters…like tasty testers of sorts. They need constant movement and informations, but may not synthesize and integrate all into a formula or concept. Gemini stands for communication.

The Sabian Symbol for the Sun in Sagittarius at 11 decrees: THE LAMP OF PHYSICAL ENLIGHTENMENT AT THE LEFT TEMPLE. It is about the joy of tapping into ones inner light for self illumination. 

Sagittarius is a fire sign. Sag is wise, a observer, meditator and teacher. Sag is frank, speaks his/her truth, is enthusiastic, can be very humorous( or sarcastic as a comic) and loves international travel and culture. This energy is a philosophical one, it brings all the knowledge together into a synthesis so it can be taught or shared somehow or just kept for oneself to be a “knowing” one or an enlightened Guru. Sagittarius is THE LIGHT of SELF, after the dark tunnel of Scorpio where one had to dive deep into one self to let go of shadows and find ones truth. 

This Full Moon we can bring the Two energy qualities together – communication (Gemini) and listening to the wisdom within ( Sag. It is like breathing in and out – all need to be in balance. Enjoy learning and communicating,  and then create your own “something” of it all to share with others. 


Now let us do this Meditation:

Find a quiet place and sit comfortably and call your Master teacher, guides and angels (who ever you are connected with) and MOTHER -FATHER GOD at source and Mother Earth’s inner core.

SEE images for visualization. 


Imagine sitting inside a golden sphere of Light or Flower of Life sphere, with a shaft of light connecting you from heaven to earth.

Breathe in to your heart and breath out, slowly with thinking SO on in Breath and HUM on the out breath. ( this will relax and quite you down) 

Call the heavenly energies to enter you from above and the earthly energies from you below. 

Call in your Higher Self and I AM and Soul light above your head.

Fill your heart with cosmic light and sound and with mother earths love, and with your own soul light.

Then feel your heart getting warmer and warmer as your heart expands out of your body to infinity.

Now shine your heart fire to all around you, your neighborhood, City, country and Earth and all planets in all the heavens. 

Now allow, what ever the cosmos wishes to reflect back to you to enter your crown and down into your heart. Sit a while to receive.

Chant OM over and over ( at least 9 times)

See your light growing bigger and bigger and your self glowing. Now you are your soul love-light and can take it into the world of action.

Enjoy sharing it!


Love, Kyria


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