Calling & Approaching Divine Mother – Durga, Adi Shakti

Calling Divine Mother –
Anrufung der Göttliche Mutter

Kyria Aluéla - The Vocal Alchemist - Melchizedekia Community

Dear friends,

I had the honor to be in Amma Karunamayi’s presence a few times in this lifetime. She is a avatar and embodiment of Divine Mother.  I was hugged any blessed by her and attended a health class with her also. I was overwhelmed and humbled by the radiance and love emanating from her heart and through her eyes. I cried when her devotees bathed her feet in milk, as I wished such honor for all women on earth. We need to remember, God is not a man, God is male and female, as there can not be life without the love and womb of a mother. The Mother energy is nurturing and protective. Divine mother Durga ( in Hindu) loves all her children and all beings in the cosmos, even the naughty ones who she may have to discipline at times. Divine Mother can destroy what is hurtful…

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