8-8 Lion‘s Gate, Leo New Moon Eclipse 2018 – Ascended Living From The Higher Heart & Astro News

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Kyria Aluéla - The Vocal Alchemist - Melchizedekia Community

Dear Friends,

I have been going an inward journey since beginning 2018..yes totally off social media…which has been a relief, as it felt to me like a rat race. From now on, I shall limit my presence. Perhaps just once a month. New forms of sharing are in the works. I will announce the news in divine time here.

The times are challenging now, we must surrender our egos, let go of toxic things and people in our lives which hold us back from living from our heart. We need to flow and merge with our divine self…our soul..in unity with creator source and cosmic law. How do we do,that?  Merging with the higher christen pure hearted self and the God Self I AM PRESENCE and living as our 5 Dimensional Lightbody is the key. Learning to activate our Merkaba and Omkabah is utmost important now as we and Gaia…

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