88 Lions Gate

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Dear friends,

In 2000 I made my return to Khem or Egypt to travel along the Nile to all the temples and visit the Giza and Saqqara Pyramids. When we were in Karnak, we were guided to Sekhmet’s Sanctuary where there was a Black Statue of her. We were told to focus on her and see if we could see her look at us or even move. It was quite intense, I felt her presence. Many of my group who took photos in the room, had orbs in the pictures. 

Sekhmet Karnak temple

Today, August 8, or  8.8. is the peak of the Lion’s gate,

when in ancient Egypt the ancients celebrated the rise of Sirius.

The Goddess Sekhmet is invoked as she is connected with Sirius.

Sekhmet destroys evil and purifies the earth for the restoration of Maat (Truth).

Sekhmet - Stuart little John

 Egyptian Lioness Goddess of War, Power, and Healing

Sekhmet is called:


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