8-8 Lion‘s Gate, Leo New Moon Eclipse 2018 – Ascended Living From The Higher Heart & Astro News

Dear Friends,

I have been going an inward journey since beginning 2018..yes totally off social media…which has been a relief, as it felt to me like a rat race. From now on, I shall limit my presence. Perhaps just once a month. New forms of sharing are in the works. I will announce the news in divine time here.

The times are challenging now, we must surrender our egos, let go of toxic things and people in our lives which hold us back from living from our heart. We need to flow and merge with our divine self…our soul..in unity with creator source and cosmic law. How do we do this?  Merging with the higher christed or pure hearted self, and above with the God Self I AM PRESENCE, then living as our 5th Dimensional Lightbody is the key. Learning to activate our Merkaba and Omkabah is utmost important now, as we and Gaia are ascending to a higher octave or frequency of existence. If we stay in low vibrations, we shall fall apart and be scattered, confused, angry, explosive, depressed, in a bad mood, etc…as our ego’s will not get it’s way anymore. We must live from inside our heart flame of love…the 3 fold Flame and think with our heart or shall I say unite lower mind with the higher divine mind and heart in all we see, speak and do.



WE are in the LIONS GATE since July 26 Sirius rising, moving to the peak on August 8,  which is 8-8-2018 which adds up to 18 = 9. Nine is a completion number..as time of endings before new beginnings on a higher level. If you are sensitive, you will be feeling the stream of high vibrational light and hearing the high pitched silent sound harmonics in your inner ears, coming from space, Sirius and the Great Central Sun. We are being upgraded again, to,transform our carbon based physical bodies into a lighter crystalline structure, which is changing and cleansing out the density of illusions we had lived so long. Our blood, DNA, bones, cells are going through metamorphoses. Being very tired could be a symptom now. Now as a crystal human, we will radiate like a sun. Our heart may feel like it’s ready to explode, but in a good way, full of love. But this love light and sound  is pushing all the wounds and toxins out of us. We must breathe into and stay in our heart center, and act in a compassionate, patient way with ourselves and others. Not always easy, but we can work on it, do our best. ( see some of my meditations and chants on this blog…try them..OM, Gayatri, Kadoish … search Archive)

The Lion’s Gate closes a day after the New Moon Solar Eclipse of August 11, on August 12, 2018.This Eclipse in 18 degrees Leo will be powerful, heart opening and healing. Allow your passions to explode…get your talents out of the closet and PLAY like a child again! Leo is a lover, very Creative, a entertaining, playful creature. Try new things, be curious and enjoy life. We also have Mars Square Uranus and 6 retrograde planets right now that will take you on a roller coaster ride, shake out all the fleas…all that is nagging you, all that is not fun…haha…all that doesn’t belong to the pure god self. BE LIKE THE CHILDREN as Jesus said. For more astrology aspects and infos, see 2 links below.


Self love is the key. Being kind and patient with ourselves, giving ourselves pleasures, allowing playfulness and laughter, is great medicine to heal. It helps to see the humor in things, not be so dramatic and rise above the seemingly serious disagreements. Learn to forgive and let go of grudges. Forgiveness is freedom. My Buddhist Lama Ole said, forgive your enemies  and you are rid of them. We can’t be in peace, if we hold on to past upsets, anger, hatred.

Breathe into your heart center when out of balance..come to zero point of stillness. Then everything falls into place. allow the love of Mother Father God and Mother Earth to fill your cup…you heart up, and then SHARE it..give freely, generously to others in need..help others with the recognitions you made and the tools you have learned. Pass forward and abundance will flow back. Give GOD and those serving the divine your first fruits of your crop or income…that’s called tithing. Give 10% of your energy in service or of your income to a cause for helping our planet, to the priests, teachers, church will always bless you with more support and abundance.

Many blessings for August, see you next month with a new message.


You can find many teachings, meditations in my archive on this blog to work with…see search bar too…type in keywords. Please serve by sharing my messages on your social media pages. That’s a form of giving too. Thank you! 🙏🏼❤️

*I am available for one on one lessions and sessions via google hangouts, zoom.us  or FaceTime

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Sound Healing, Life Coaching, Channeled messages from Guides, loved ones and your own soul. I transmit SOULCODES in the language of light and Sound Frequencies.  I assist in removal of implants,  intrusive energies and attached entities. In our sessions, we will be working with divine masters, angels, guides, your own soul.  If booked, I will also teach you self help tools to work with on your own. These sessions transform your life to reach your full potential. I use Holographic Sound and light language codes, as it is the fastest healing tool given from our creator. It’s worth investing into yourself.

See my home page for details and my contact info

*Love donations are gratefully  appreciated to assist me in creating new projects for sound healing and ascension teachings. Pls consider a monthly support…any amount. See my homepage for PayPal link.


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I share this months astro info via these favorite links with you

Astro aspects by Astrobutterfly


And Barbara Goldsmiths report. I also like Pam Gregory..and RASA …see them on YouTube

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