8-8 Lions Gate & New Moon Eclipse Meditation with OM – Sound of Creation – Heal & Open The Portal To Your Soul

Dear Ones,

Today is 8-8 Lions Gate Peak. Sirius and our solar Sun align above the Great Pyramid of Gizeh which is the center of the electromagnetic grid of the Earth. The Gate is Open annually from July 26-August 12.

The Dog Star, Sirius A, and its tiny companion

Today and on August 11 for the New Moon Eclipse do this easy but powerful meditation.

Chant OM…while you visualize yourself in side the  Great Pyramid with a crystal pyramid above your head.


Feel the stream of light and sound codes descending from Sirius to our solar Sun, to the crystal, down into your Crown chakra, down into,your heart, to,your root chakra, and anchoring into the center of Mother Earth

Then ask Mother Earth to send it back allowing the ray back up via your root chakra between your legs, and up into your heart.

Then expand the love-light-sound out from your heart to encompass the whole earth.

See yourself connecting and holding hands with all other higher selves of humans , angels and masters in higher dimension above the physical  earth.

Feel being ONE with all, as you continue to chant OM over and over.

Allow the energies to integrate in your Lightbody and physical body over the next days. Drink a lot of purified or mineral water and rest, stay off line more, and be in nature instead.

Read and see OM recordings in my other blog article  link below

Do this on Aug 8 and Aug. 11 during eclipse.


Kyria – The Vocal Alchemist

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More about OM here

via OM Sound of Creation – Heal & Open The Portal To Your Soul

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