Sound-light Creation Storm of your Soul – Be One With Nature

Be One with Creation to be Free
Be one with Nature as in gematria aka numerology the word for nature is the same sum as the name of GOD.
Sound and Light are the TWIN PILLARS of GOD..the forces of creation. This is why sound contains light…aka codes…and why sound heals and awakens one the best and fastest way, as it releases blocks, traumas like putting a pin into an inflated ballow to pop it…sound bursts it open to let go of all the hot air – the anger, frustrations, illusions, self deception, the outside influences and infiltrations.
Sound-light will change DNA, the codes of your creation.
The right sounds will drive evil away.
Soulcodes by Kyria will lift you up to your higher self, you I AM Soul To heal you and help you reach your soul potential to live more fully in happiness.
You as a SOUL, are made up of sound-light.
Also Read more under the short youtube video below
If you wish to have a session or connect  by email.
see Homepage. And links to articles about soulcodes

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