The New HUman of 5D- Merkaba, Flower of Life for Healing & Expanded Consciousness

Dear Friends,

Learn why the Flower of Life – the pattern of creation and the Merkaba vehicle of the light body  is so important to learn and use now, as the Earth is shifting to a higher frequency of pure unconditional love, Kindness, compassion and fairness

We are ascending to a new form of existence and the old paradigm is collapsing

We must go with the Flow of the River of Light, as the Hopi Elders said in their prophesy. If we hold on to the old dishonesties and illusions of the 3 rd dimension, we will be torn apart by the GODforces purifying the Earth now. Our Earth and Solar System is heating up as it is traveling through space into a much lighter zone with higher frequencies also called by some the ozone belt. We must learn to adjust to this as our bodies are changing from carbon based, to crystalline structure.

The Merkaba and newer Omkabah is the needed tool to master the shift.

I offer seminars and private lessons online. You can book a session or invite me to come teach in your area or country. Groups need to be organized for me to travel to your region.

learn more here by Watching the video in this blog post of my Tv interview

blessings, Kyria Aluéla of Melchzedekia

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via Flower of Life & Merkaba – Keys To Ascension – Melchizedekia

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