Song of Your Soul Code – The Truth of Your Freedom

Dear Friends and Followers,

Your Soul is a unique creation with its own signature in sound and light codes. It is a crystalline structure and is powerful.


Ancient  spiritual and biblical texts  speak about letting the spirit aka soul rule the flesh aka body and human mind, not the human ego will the soul. To fully be realized as our divine soul self, and heal the human vehicle and emotions of the experiences of lives in human existences, one just needs to surrender to our divine god self.

Yes, we were given free will to choose and create our destiny, but have we always created the best possible outcome in a righteous way, or did we try to manipulate cosmic, natural law?  The ego will likes to think it’s in charge and can bend truth, play pretend roles and games. The soul is divine will and is pure light and love, as one with source.  It knows better. So if we allow the soul to take over our mind and heart, we will be able to create our dreams for a wonderful outcome, that helps not only ourselves, but all of humankind. How great is that! When we help others, we help ourselves.

Receiving the special codes in sound vibration and light language is the key, either by long meditation practices and prayer, or by having a transmission by a Satguru aka activator such as myself. These codes are individual, no two people have the same. You will feel reborn on a higher level and liberated. I can personally tune into your soul and channel your song vocally for you. This is an activation initiation. Write  a email if you are interested. See my homepage for contact information.


Kyria Aluéla

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