Sexual Vampirism & Attachments & Entities

Important info so I’m reposting this for our new followers

Kyria Aluéla - Vocalist - Spiritual Medium - Satguru - Melchizedekia

I am sharing this compilation of information by Bernhard Guenther, as it is important for all to understand and not take sex lightly and to use discernment with whom one has such a intense energy exchange with, especially if there is no love or heart connection between the persons. One needs to be aware and choose a sexual partner wisely and with ones heart. What is not mentioned below is that if anyone was ever intoxicated or forced into an act unwillingly such as rape, one definitely needs to understand the below information and have oneself cleansed energetically.

– Kyria Aluéla Lumina 



Compiled by Bernhard Guenther  –


A few quotes related to the topic of Sexual Vampirism and Entity Attachments:

(Note: this is not about demonizing sex or being “prude” (some people tend to use this information to justify their disgust about “sex” like…

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