December 2018: New Moon Sagittarius – Shine Your Soul Light & My Offer

Dear Friends and Followers,

I was guided to take a break from social media and blogging  the last few months to go within. We all need to honor ourselves and be quiet at times in this hussle bussle world around us. With Jupiter going into Sagittarius my rising sign, I felt a breath of fresh air, my jovial, humorous, playful dolphin like self emerging again, after my from deep sea dive into the old patterns I was still holding. I had a serious inner journey during Venus retrograde and the sun, Jupiter in Scorpio in my 11- 12th House. Now i feel my desire to come back out to allow  the light of mother/ father creator’s love xshine through my ❤️ heart, eyes and voice. I am feeling new inspiration and juices flowing.


This New Moon December 7 in ♐️ Sagittarius at 15 degrees is a ENLIGHTENING one. The Light within wants to shine,now after you have been down deep and in the dark corners of your shadows during  ♏️ Scorpio month. Its a time to finish up old subjects, relationships and projects. Sagittarius is the ninth sign of zodiac and nine is completion. Complete begun stuff and come to a resolution. Talk things out, bring to the light what was hidden and buried. Shed light on old wounds, misunderstandings, so they can be understood and  heal. You can’t begin new and create bigger and better dreams, if you’re incompete with things and someone.

Jupiter is also now in Sagittarius and will be for a year until December 2019. That is a opening of LUCK and JOY. Sagittarius is the visionary one. Its the wisdom of your soul, your light that wants to be shares in fun, humorous, wise and humanitarian ways with the world around you. Sagittarius is also HOPE.

It’s important to connect with your higher self and soul and listen within, not let oneself be swayed and taken off balance from outside influences and drained by energy robbing things and people. Say no to what drains and pulls you down. Think loving thoughts, dream wonderful things and act upon your visions and love.

Time to surrender, let go and Handle your affairs. Mars is Conjunct to Neptune in Pisces ♓️ at 13 degrees. Mars is in ♑️ Capricorn and wants solid action and to work on something in an ethical way. Mars is in square to the New Moon signaling a shift is needed in your actions to create your visions.

Focus your thoughts only on the positive in gratitude of what you have, not lack. Suround yourself with supportive, positive people and detox from draining, poisonous things and people, and remove all clutter.

You may have to let go of people or someone you loved or thought you loved for your and their highest good. It may have been an illusion, an obsession or poisonous back and forth, or just not the right time for a relationship. There could have been deception involved, either by one of you, or outside false chatter and sabotage. This you need to figure out.  Just love and pray and bless those who you let go of, so they can work on themselves, even if they FALL. Suffering is a learning tool. You can be compassionate without being attached or empathetic. Don’t absorb from others and try to solve the problems of them. That’s their job. If asked you can give advice, but then let it go, let them find their way and divine connection themselves.

The Mars-Neptune in Pisces square to the New Moon in Sagittarius could also be releasing of unrealistic ideas…inflated balloons. But it also can indicate a decision to love totally unconditionally and altruistically, instead of with expectations of some outcome. This all depends on your personal astrology chart.

Most important now is to BE with YOU first. LOVE YOU. Unconditional love and compassion is represented by the higher quality of Pisces. Accept yourself and your journey and pains. They made you who you are, stronger and better. Thank the creator spirit and your guides and angels for getting you through rough times and to good times. Once you have filled yourself up with unconditional love from source, you can give more, and serve those who ask for help and really appreciate what you have to offer.

Sagittarius is humanitarianism, Environmentalism and generosity. With a positive self and a wish to help and give, you may feel called to join some group or create a project to serve your community, the environment in some kind of cause, donating time and or money.

Giving is a Gift to the giver.


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