Happy 2021 Year of Revelations- Frohes Neujahr 2021 Der Offenbarungen

Wishing you all a great new year after a really challenging 2020. Congratulate yourself for making it through with self discipline and by caring for yourself and others.

We are now in Age Of Aquarius ♒️, a time for Humanity’s awakening and enlightenment. Truths must be revealed, even if a shocker. This is needed for Humanity’s liberation from deep sleep and apathy. We will see many surprises.

2021 is a time to form new societies, communities, to create teams, collaborate with like minded. It is a time for fairness, kindness, gratitude, Compassion to make our planet earth a better place. First we must get rid of the rotten apples and clean out the hidden parasites that have been sucking our energies for way too long.

WE HAVE THE SACRED FIRE POWER OF LOVE to work with. May you open your ❤️ heart and share love with all to create a domino effect around the world.

I send you all my HEART LOVE


Kyria Aluéla


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The Twinflame Teacher – 7 Reasons for Connecting

The Twinflame Teacher – 7 Reasons for Connecting

Dear Friends and followers of my writings, 

Today I’m sharing about my insights about the Twinflame process that many others are experiencing in different ways. 

First, you must understand that a Twinflame isn’t a human person. It’s the SOUL’s twin in a higher dimensional space, that can have a Human extension in a body. This is what some are referring too as their Twinflame. Know that this concept is much grander than just a personality. It’s your YIN YANG ☯️ masculine and feminine aspects of self. You can read some of my other blogs here to get more details about this in my archive…(use search bar). 

My experience with the connection with my Twinflame physical person, over more than 15 years since our first encounter, that took me on a roller coaster ride, up and down my emotions, was mostly to love myself more and unconditionally. By being not recognized by this person, who I early knew was the embodiment of my Twinflame, then being rejected, criticized and somewhat disrespected by them, that first hurt my heart deeply, triggered my own self doubts and rejection syndrome. I realized this person was mirroring my previous partially low esteem and lacking self respect, and that I actually allowed others ( several different persons in my earlier life) to treat me unfairly. On top of that, because of my and possibly this person’s emotional vulnerability, we were sabotaging ourselves and even sabotaged by others, to not get together. This can happen when negative emotions attract negative interference. ( another topic for the future to speak about). 

I had to work deeply on myself to heal my past wounds of the heart ( of past lives and this life) and on my inhibiting factors, to learn to love, accept, honor and respect myself as a divine being, and not care about what others think about me. All that matters is, how I think about myself and my outlook on life, and my connection with the divine. 

This all healed me and I am grateful for the lessons and my grown understanding and respect of my TF person’s own journey, as they too have had much to heal and learn in their own divine time. They actually had a very similar situation as me. They had much to heal for themselves, as they are my reflection. Therefore I was able to forgive the difficulties and misunderstandings we had, as my unconditional self love embraces my Twinflame in totality. Love is more powerful than pride! 

Now to you, know that your real Twinflame is within you, as it’s your own soul. Another person who embodies the other half of your soul is a mirror for you and a teacher for your personal growth. This is why such an encounter with your Twinflame person can be quite disruptive, as some of you might be stubbornly set in your ways, and perhaps may be somewhat arrogant, as a self protective shield, or just have a wounded self image. You might not want to look in the mirror to see your shadow aspects. We all have some, and it’s ok to embrace the shadows and fill them with love and light. Haha, just this is what is needed. It’s a humility lesson! 

Sure you and this other person, the Twinflame and anybody actually we have a relationship with, can learn from each other’s life experiences and talents, in order to grow to become more complete. It’s not about being rescued by someone else, nor to “need” someone else to complete yourself. It’s about becoming whole and peaceful within. 

Why meet a Twinflame human personality? 


The first reason for the encounter is to see yourself “naked” in the mirror, without the masks you may be wearing. 

The second  – is to learn how to love unconditionally. 

The third – is to expand consciousness to see beyond yourself 

The fourth – is to become more caring, understanding, accepting and compassionate

The fifth – is learning to communicate feelings honestly, to admit past discrepancies and unfair behavior, and to ask forgiveness as well as forgive to let go of grudges and pain and to move on to better experiences 

The sixth – is humility, to drop an inflated ego down a few notches 

The seventh – is cosmic union, feeling yourself ONE WITH ALL THERE IS. 

The Twinflame Union is a sacred journey to your true self. 

A Twinflame physical person is not always right for you as a life partner, often a Soulmate is better, depending on your life purpose and where you are at in your consciousness this incarnation. The Twinflame persons can become friends or business partners, or just learn from each other and move on, wishing each other all the best. It’s not written in stone that Twinflame humans need to be a couple. It’s about a soul union more than a physical partnership.

A Twinflame human partner relationship, if these two persons see a joint mission in their togetherness, is for serving humanity, not for selfish needs, possessiveness and only just to be taken care of, nor for plain sexual lust.

A Twinflame Union can be of course very mutually nurturing and caring, as a tantric, all encompassing experience that transcends all boundaries of Ego and opens the couple’s hearts to a great ❤️ Love, that they want to share with others on earth in some form.

Note, not everyone has a Twinflame in embodiment, but do have a soul twin in another dimension to learn from in meditation. some of you may not have met such a person yet, or are feeling or dreaming about someone, but not sure yet what is happening. 

I will speak and write more in the future on my upcoming Video Channel and in my other events and projects. 

Best wishes, 

Kyria Aluéla 


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12/21 & 2021 Dawning of Age of Aquarius-The new HUman is Born- Jupiter Saturn-Star of Freedom

Dear Friends,  

Woah,  Been quite a year 2020! 

I hope the time without as many opportunities for distractions, due to the CV shutdown, actually benefited you to look more within, to find yourself and inner peace. I had to early in the so called pandemic, as divinely guided,  tune myself out of the fear drama of the MSM fake media. It was causing a fear mantel around the earth, which we light-sound-workers, as well as musical and other artists, had to work on to assist to weaken and dissolve the dark energy cloak. 

Once I didn’t allow myself to be drawn into the fear makers web, I went about my way fearlessly and tried to keep my humor and find joy in nature and in the sea. Yes, I was respectful to others by giving them space, by wearing a mask in shops and certain places, but not in nature. 

For me,  I actually enjoyed  the solitude and quiet, no TV, no social media, no noise, not wasting money on nonsense. I listened to my own thoughts, wrote journals, enjoyed music and YouTube meditations, alternative News and cultural programs. 

I’m just with me now and very at peace after reviewing my past and  clearing and healing the last of my own karmic hurts and restrictions. I’m ready to restart a totally new life and new creative projects for 2021 in Metaphysics, Art, Music, photography, writing and media presentations…eg YT and other channels ( TBA) 

It is a time of new beginnings this 12/21/2020 = 1 

This solstice with Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in 0 degree Aquarius is showing us a new dawn, a new way of mastery of self. Yeshua/Jesus  was born with Jupiter saturn conjunction in Pisces. The “Star of Bethlehem” was saturn creating a tail right next to Jupiter. This conjunction is a sign of a Master or King soul. The 3 Kings or  Wise Men back in Jesus’ time, were astrologers that knew this was a sign of a KING being born.

May this NEW AGE of AQUARIUS birth you to a new level of your existence and allow you to be more the original creative force that you are meant to be.  You too can be a Master. 

It’s a time of new bright ideas, of entrepreneurship, of new technologies and innovations birthing, and of humanitarianism based on love, kindness and fairness. 

Now you can find your true soul purpose and live life as a original, not a follower of what was or of what others do. 

Hey, Be Yourself!!!

Blessings for this exciting time of truth revelations . It may still rock and roll, but falsehoods must tumble for the new wonderful world of a 5th Dimensional Earth Star of love to be born. 

I love you all. Make sure you rise above the turmoil and live as your I AM Presence, your true divine self of love and truth. Then nothing can harm you and disease can not take hold of your body. Let anger and resentment go by practicing forgiveness and non-judgement. 

I suggest that you learn about the “Flower of Life Hologram” and “Merkaba of Love” as this is the key to LIFE and Ascension aka Enlightenment and good health. ( see my archive of blogs) 

Sending you all my Love and strength for the future

Blessed Solstice, Channuka, Christmas and Happy New Year 2021.

Kyria Aluéla 


I’m available to assist you with your life situation. 

I offer personal intuitive life coaching, channeling, energy and sound healing sessions, ascension teachings with Merkaba lightbody activation, shamanic practices, soulcode initiations, twinflame work, relationship counseling, intrusive energy removal, readings and speaking with loved ones on the other side, and more.

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