NO FEAR – Covid 19 Frequency Healing CODES & SOULCODES in Sound & Light – Keine Angst – Covid19 Heilung durch Frequenzen & Seelen Codes

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in this time of #Covid19 you have to understand that only  high frequencies can protect one from low vibrational viruses and shatter them.

Raise yourself into the 5th Dimension vibratory field by meditation , chanting, heart centered unconditional loving behavior,  and healthy , positive thoughts . Have NO FEAR. The 5th Dimension is your Immunity from all diseases. Jesus/Yeshua vibrated at 5 D and above frequencies, so he could do the miracle healings. You can too!

Soulcodes In Sound and Light Language ( tongues) and other vibrational multi-dimensional healing can raise you up and strengthen your immunity.

There are frequency Sound codes to rid the bug, that you can receive from me for healing if you need help, through the work I channel for you.  read more via the link below

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via SOUL CODES in Sound & Light Language: Unite with your I AM Soul, Twin Flame – *SEELENCODES in Klang & Lichtsprache: Vereine mit ICH BIN, Zwillingsflamme

TWIN FLAMES: Your Soul’s Other Half – A Clarification

Exploring Twinflame Energetics

more of you are feeling a part of yourself out there in space and some are bumping into another human whose so frighteningly similar to you, but magnetically you’re attracted and your heart pulses so strongly. The great love you feel rips open your old wounds, to make you look deeper inside, in order to heal and complete yourself.

Your Soul has a divine double as a female/male opposite of you. What does this mean?

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Merkaba – Be a 5D Ascended Super Human Now! Rise above Disease, Be Ageless

Dear Friends


With all the Low Vibrational illnesses aka Viruses such as Corona, Ebola, Flu, etc…

it is more than ever important for you to raise your light quotient and be in your Merkaba and Omkabah Lightbody named ADAM KADMON or ATMAN.

Learn how to become immune to dis-ease by rising above it and how to heal yourself and others with your Merkaba, The Flower of Life and become a certified HOLOGRAPHIC HEALING practitioner.

You can book one on one sessions online with me


HOST or ORGANIZE a seminar in your city in your home or Center or Hotel.

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Flower of Life & Merkaba – Keys To Ascension – Melchizedekia

Flower of Life – Unconditional Love – Secret of Creation

Dear Friends and new Followers

This is very important information  info for this time of awakening and the shift from a 3rd Dimensional Earth  to a 5 D Earth-Star. We all must broaden our horizons and understanding of existence and creation. Knowing that all of creation was created by unconditional love, will help us understand that all is connected and ONE.

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September 2019 Equinox – Balance and Stillness – Meditation

Try the Meditation for Inner Balance and Peace

Kyria Aluéla - The Vocal Alchemist - Melchizedekia Community


The Equinox is when the Day and Night are Equal in length. Esoterically it is the balance of the Polarities, Feminine – Masculine,  Dark and Light, Matter and Anti-matter. In 2019 it falls on Sept. 23. 

It is a time to go inside and listen to your higher self and soul. Breathe in the cosmic oneness and feel yourself centered in the TAO( DAO)  the balanced YIN-YANG. The sound of silence is what we need to hear now. Your soul knows what is left for you to complete in order to move on to a higher level of your being. I recommend you not to overload yourself with watching many videos or reading too much…just allow the breath to guide you into yourself. Go into nature to see the beauty and drink of mother earth. I share a meditation down on the bottom of this page for you to do.

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Sept 22-23 Equinox Portal – OM SHANTI – PEACE Mantra

Balance and Equality lies within your ❤️ Heart.

Om Shanti Om

Kyria Aluéla - The Vocal Alchemist - Melchizedekia Community

Dear friends,

Blessings for the Sept 22-23 Equinox Portal

& International Peace Day .

Lets all chant this peace song/mantra


Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi – Peace Peace Perfect Peace

OM or AUM is the sound creation – the primordial sound. It contains all sounds in one,  therefore creating Unity Consciousness. Om is also the balance of Feminine and Masculine polarities so by chanting it, you feel balanced and peaceful. 

Shanti means peace in Sanskrit. Om Shanti Om- ancient Vedic Mantra. As we meditate on this Mantra, we find inner peace and are wishing and spreading peace to all humans and all beings, mother earth’s plants, stones, soil, animals and into space of the cosmos.

When we  vibrate on OM, we alignwith the heart and all of creation in the neutrality of Love. When you vibrate in love and peace, and are neutral in your emotions, you can…

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