Covid 19 Antibody Drug Breakthrough from Israel

Dear friends


about 5 weeks ago I was meditating and asking My higher dimensional master team about the 3 d cure and which country would get it first. I heard in my mind “Israel “


Yesterday 5/5/2020 and Today 5/6/ 2020 on youtube, I came across this breakthrough in Antibody Immunity Drug for Covid19 from Defense ministry of Israel amd in other reports Netherland and Italy are close too.  Just wanted to share this with you. Repost.

see video and article from WIO channel

I embrace you all in my hearts ❤️ love,

We are triumphant, don’t fear!

Kyria Aluéla

i offer holographic and sound soul code healings and emotional counseling, ascension teaching with Merkaba and AdamKadmon Lightbody activation

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