432 Hz- Divine Spiral of Sound – Creating Life & Opening Multi-Dimensional Consciousness – Vocal Chanting

Dear friends,
Below, I share some wonderful info collected by several sources on 432 HZ.
For me ( Kyria), A-432 hz tuning in music creates the effect of opening portal to the higher knowledge of the cosmos as well as opening the heart. 432 Hz tuning cuts through the veils of dimensions  to harmonize  the human body with the natural flow of energy and the mind comes in unison with the cosmic order. With 432 Hz Tuning, levels of consciousness can be accessed  in different dimensional spaces.  The Kufu Pyramid creates the spiral as it is tuned in 432 hz. All the pyramids are laid out along a Phi spiral to conduct energies. 
The Voice when toning without background music is naturally in 432 Hz. If one has to sing with A= 440 Hz concert pitch tuning or other, then the voice is taken out of its natural flow and it is forced to strain itself. This is my take. I can feel it when I try to sing along with music in 440 Hz or other tuning. When I tone A cappella, my voice is different – I am then divinely connected and the sound flows from a higher place through me.
Below you can read much scientific and metaphysical research compiled by a few persons. 
 Kyria Mystica  aka Kyria Aluéla 
I chant in 432 Hz and this is why my holographic sound healing and SOUL CODES transmissions are so powerful and effective to heal the body, mind and emotions, then  reunite you with your higher self, I AM Presence and Soul. Read more about this on my homepage and the Link Below. My contact email and love donation link is there as well. 



Now to the Compilation about 432 HZ.

Now From the Facebook Note:
“Grounding Higher Octaves of Light through the
Harmonic Universal Divine Frequency of A = 432hz”
This info is compiled – see all credits below.
The person who posted the Note, did not wish to be mentioned and gave me permission for it to be shared here. 
Beloved Friends, Musicians, Sound Healers and Lovers of Music,
All sound is sacred. There is no frequency or vibration which is not linked to the Creator, rather it is how you use these frequencies and vibrations which is the key. Do you use sound to hurt or to heal? To unite or divide? Perhaps you are unaware that sound can actually hurt and divide? Sound is a very powerful force that creates form and matter and also has the ability to change forms and matter, as well as consciousness.
A=440, the standard modern day concert pitch and A=444hz and in some modern occasions of A 446Hz were used purposely in order to divide the human race and weaken them in body and spirit; to disconnect them from the natural resonance of the Earth. In order to have an Earth connection of the highest degree and longevity of life, natural frequencies should be used in music, ones which relate to prime numbers, spiral sequences and the harmonic series and the music of the spheres which is A=432Hz tuning.

Photo credit and chart Derek Gedney
In 1721 of Earth years there was a serious decision made by the minds controlling the Earth to disconnect the people from your origins by altering the use of sounds and frequency. By taking away your natural ability to find such frequencies as C=128, 256 or A=432 one more natural ability was taken away. It is as if you were told to wear special artificial goggles for the rest of your life instead of just using the natural physical eyesight that you have.
In this way you became more and more dependent on unnatural objects, for example: a 440Hz tuning fork to tune your instruments to the modern day concert pitch which is unnatural to the human design and the grand design of this Universe. At one time we could find certain natural frequencies just like breathing or drinking water without thinking or questioning the need of its value. Until 1721 we could find their pitches without the aid of technology.
My Friends, find the sources. Do your homework. By tuning your music or sound healing to concert pitch A 432hz and the corresponding harmonic frequencies you will allow your natural rhythms to connect to the Earth once more. The music of the spheres is your birthright to know the sound of the cosmos within you and the harmony that creates within your emotional as well as cellular human structure. There are many distortions out there on what is true and what is not true and the false light teachings of higher concert pitch which have until now discredited A = 432Hz in the past.
Sound is a powerful source of information. It is the frequency of Light that we perceive differently through our ears natural ability to process sound waves and sound holographic bubbles in a spiral, much like your inner ear which is shaped like a spiral of a seashell. All you have to do is look at nature and how things grow in a spiral of the golden mean, the arc of the Universe and the galaxies that spin in a spiral motion keeping this Universe in its Divine order. Here are a few quotes from some very respected members in their fields.
PHI – GOLDEN MEAN SPIRAL of the COSMOS – Natural Flow of Energy
“432 Hz vibrates with the universe’s golden mean PHI and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code, and consciousness. When our atoms and DNA start to resonate in harmony with the spiralling pattern of nature, our sense of connection to nature is said to be magnified. The number 432 is also reflected in ratios of the sun, Earth, and moon, as well as the precession of the equinoxes, the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Stonehenge, and the Sri Yantra, among many other sacred sites. From my own observations, some of the harmonic overtone partials of A=432hz 12 true fifths tuning (12T5) appear to line up to natural patterns and also the resonance of solitons. Solitons need a specific range to form into the realm of density and span from the micro to the macro cosmos. Solitons are not only found in water mechanics, but also in the ion-acoustic breath between electrons and protons.”
~ Brian T. Collinswww.omega432.com

Picture Credit: Derrick Scott Van Heerden “Mathematical Music”
“Wingprinting is a project created to support the higher evolution of a New Life: a newborn, experiencing sensations for the first time in its mother’s belly. An individual rebirthing and preparing to fly like a butterfly beyond its old beliefs … To become another soul contributing to the future of humanity, ready to climb the evolutionary ladder to experience a life lived in the light and joy of love!” ~ Bruce H Lipton, PhD who has termed 432hz tuning as “Biological tuning” as it corresponds to the entire symphony of the human system interconnected with the Universe inside the womb and outside in our awakened reality. Bruce Lipton has stated that, aside from the better known “lock and key” cell receptor sites, there are also antenna-like structures (“primary cilium”) on the cell membranes in our bodies that respond to vibrational frequencies:
“Receptor antennas can also read vibrational energy fields such as light, sound, and radio frequencies. The antennas on these energy receptors vibrate like tuning forks. If an energy vibration in the environment resonates with a receptor’s antenna, it will alter the protein’s charge, causing the receptor to change shape…Biological behaviour can be controlled by invisible forces (such as frequency and vibration) as well as it can be controlled by physical molecules like penicillin”
~ Bruce Lipton
In his statement, Bruce Lipton is referring to the music of the young italian biologist, pianist and composer Emiliano Stefano Toso, with whom he has been working and playing at Lipton’s European conferences:
“Wingprinting” (see the description under the video)
“In tune with Dr. Bruce Lipton’s Epigenetics research, and with the collaboration we started in 2013, these new compositions resound with the innermost elements in our cells, tissues and bodies during the processes of birth and rebirth, to bring forth the most suitable conditions for Humanity, ready to climb the next step in the evolutionary ladder and relive to the full experiences of Love, Cooperation, Happiness and Joy.” – Emiliano Toso
“Thank you very, very much for the beautiful music you bring to our planet! ‘Wingprinting’ is a beautiful and healthy environment for an emerging human soul.” – Bruce Lipton
The tracks of this CD have been played by instruments tuned to ‘Biological Tuning’, or 432 Hz Scientific Pitch, the tuning of the Universe, coherent with micro and macrocosm.
At this frequency, music produces harmonics that resonate (among others) with the heart beat, the double helix of DNA (replication frequency), the maximum function of the brain (bi-hemispheric synchronisation), the Planet’s fundamental heart beat (8 Hz Schumann resonance) and the musical geometry of Creation. – Emiliano Toso

CymaGlyph of 432Hz Photo credit:
© John Stuart Reid and Michael Lee Hill – michaelleehill.net
This complex Cymatic image of a tone-signal through a tube (like Van Halen or Jimi Hendrix used) from my properly tuned Electric Rock Guitar encodes all 5 Platonic Solids around the middle,a thoroidal physics with the Fibonacci Golden Mean in the center, and it has Binary codes in it.
(As from the team of CymaScope, and explained from Michael Lee Hill in this interview:)
“Universal tuning to 432Hz makes sense because it creates such incredible resonance naturally in the structure of space as evidenced by this image of a 432Hz frequency being played into a fluid medium and imaged, a process known as Cymatics.
The story of how we all ended up tuning the note A to 440Hz is a long one with many different factors coming into play, the point is to move forward with our new knowledge of physics, frequency, vibration and the universe in general and work toward increasing coherency and resonance by tuning our minds and literally our instruments in music to “naturally occurring” highly resonant frequencies.
~ Nassim Harramein
432 is the only resonant frequency that is capable of naturally reproducing what is called the “Pythagorean Musical Spiral” (Music of the Spheres). It is the same sequence of growth that all life and living organic matter follows. It utilizes the formula of “Phi” also known as the “Golden Mean” and is also found in the “Fibonnaci sequence. At the second Fifth, or E, you get a frequency of 162, close to the golden ratio 1.618. The other frequencies in the octaves of A-432 include many familiar esoteric numbers: 216, 144, 720, 360, etc.) Hence, these proto-Greek roots of music had the sacred tuning of 432hz, long before the Hellenistic artists musical renaissance. That itself is remarkable, since 432hz touches the full twelve scale octaval overtones of all music in creation, whereas Bach’s 440hz only touches 8, leaving out an entire section of the complete musical resonance of the universe, which thus remains untouched and unintegrated within the 440 hz music of today. This 8 hz (432Hz tuning) re-pitching of tuning hence makes a universe of difference. It is like someone took off the artificial goggles and gave you the true picture, the true reality which is the spiral expansion outwards of all Creation. 432Hz allows you to access the full spectrum of sound and light that is unavailable in other tuning pitches. It is a cosmic star key of “full spectrum multi-dimensional awareness.”
“Cymascope has added a new “MLH 432 Hz Guitar Note” Experimental Video into their websites “Music Made Visible” video’s where you can see this “MLH 432 Hz Guitar Note” image being created in real time!
“Music, in the absolute sense, is the invisible geometry of the cosmos, a delicate tracery of frequencies that harmonize with each other and from which all matter manifests. The conductor of this sublime symphony is the Creative Force of the cosmos. Music, as sensed by humans is a delicate tracery of audible frequencies that harmonise with each other and generally please our emotions. What is not commonly known, but is clearly demonstrated in theses videos, is that music has the almost magical power to create form from formlessness. MusicMadeVisible is still under development but an exciting future lies ahead when all music can be described to the visual realm. This new technology is likely to be of great assistance to profoundly deaf people and those with other life challenges”.
– Cymascope
432 Hertz truly can be considered a harmonic of light. Sound in air may be defined as the transfer …of periodic movements between adjacent colliding atoms or molecules. This sonic energy typically expands away from the site of the collisions–at the local speed of sound–as a spherical or bubble-shaped emanation, the surface of which is in a state of radial oscillation. At the point of origin of the sonic bubble an electromagnetic bubble is created by the collisions between the air molecules, because each collision creates friction that releases a small amount of infrared electromagnetism. That magnetism, like the sonic bubble, expands away from source spherically and it is modulated by the sonic periodicities, in much the same way that an amplitude-modulated radio broadcast consists of an electromagnetic carrier that is modulated in amplitude by, say, a person’s voice frequencies. Thus, the relationship between sound and light is real and very much part of the way that nature works. We cannot talk about the 432 Hertz key note without visualizing a 432 Hertz-modulated infrared light bubble.” – John Stuart Reid (CymaScope)
Link to video of this 432 Hz Cymatic Image being created in real time:
A 432Hz and music tuned to this frequency allows you to reconnect to this spiral of Divine design and reclaim your natural resonance. A good place to start for sound healers and musicians is a book where you will find the truth of sound frequency and Divine Harmony and music of the spheres. The book is now out of print but can be read freely at this link. Maria Renold, Intervals, Scales and Tones and the Concert Pitch C= 128Hz (A=432Hz)
Maria Renold’s book “Intervals Scales Tones and the Concert Pitch C=128hz” shows rather conclusive evidence that 440Hz and raising concert pitch above scientific “C” Prime=128hz (Concert A=432hz) “disassociates the connection of consciousness to the body and creates anti-social conditions in humanity…. read more here:
Also some musical creations that are truly beyond the Earth plane in 432Hz Universal consciousness tuning to expand your awareness of sound and tone in your resonant environment in the full twelve scale octaval overtones of all music in creation.
Divine Harmony by Stellar & Indigo Aura
Spiral of Now by Brian T. Collins
Antoan Valeé
And a peer reviewed study on the effects of 432Hz on the body and chakra system by Jamie Buturff of Spiritual Results.
And a wonderful video from Jamie explaining Tesla’s quote about 3, 6 and 9, which are not frequencies... https://youtu.be/KJbOav43EVA
Eric Dollard and the 9 code. 4+3+2 = 9
Eric Dollard and The Power of Music, Pythagoras, Music of the Spheres, Divine Ratioshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zZ…
Resonance: Beings of Frequency
Sacred Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form
Sacred Geometry, Communicating with the Universe
The Cosmic 432 (recommended if you are just starting your music frequency journey) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVA…
For Music producers, some amazing resources and information here:
Mathemagical Music Production by Derrick Scott van Heerden
You are on the right path. It is time to reconnect with the Earth as she makes her leaps and jumps, amplifying and expanding just as you are, just as the Stars and Planets are inside this Beloved Universe. Please carry on with Love and Joy. It is time to reclaim your freedom and joy through sound, as sound creates all things and has the ability to connect you to the full spectrum experience of awakened reality. The time has come.
Special thanks to Jamie Buturff for explaining so well “the music of the spheres” https://youtu.be/KJbOav43EVA
Special thanks to Larissa Cantoni for collating much of this information and knowledge.
 Photo credit: © John Stuart Reid and Michael Lee Hill – michaelleehill.net
«This complex Cymatic image of a tone-signal through a tube (like Van Halen or Jimi Hendrix used) from my properly tuned Electric Rock Guitar encodes all 5 Platonic Solids around the middle,a thoroidal physics with the Fibonacci Golden Mean in the center, and it has Binary codes in it.»
(As from the team of CymaScope, and explained from Michael Lee Hill in this interview:
http://www.kx935.com/…/ancient-codes-cosmic…/ )

Die Qualität des Loslassens & Hingabe in Energetischen Liebesverbindungen

Translations from German can be read with Google Chrome app/browser ( or cut and past to a translator) 
Heute teile ich eine gute Botschaft für Liebesbeziehungen und Dualseelenverbindungen von einer Seelenschwester Daniela:

Die Qualität des Loslassens in Energetischen Liebesverbindungen


Immer wieder zeigen sich in „einigen“ energetischen Liebesverbindungen wunde Punkte im Einlassen auf die nächste Stufe der Öffnung des Herzens füreinander. Dabei beginnt alles mit dem eigenen Sein, des eigenen Auslotens der inneren Tiefe. Die Illusion der Trennung vom eigenen Innen, der eigenen Seele, zieht als Spiegelung die Trennung im Aussen nach sich. Zumindest wird diese eingeleitet, wenn das geliebte Gegenüber nicht den Wunschvorstellungen des Egos entspricht.
Die Wahrhaftigkeit des Herzens zeigt sich jedoch erst, wenn dieser Schritt dann im Aussen vollzogen wurde.

Dieses bockige, unnachgiebige, oft unbewusste Sein, welches den/die Geliebte/n herausfordern soll, um ihn/sie zu „erziehen“ oder „zurechtzuweisen“ kopiert die alten Methoden der Egomuster.

Das ist kein Loslassen, das ist künstlicher, erzeugter Druck für ein erzwungenes Verhalten, welches der/die Andere zur Flucht aus dieser Dramatik bewegt. Werdet Euch bewusst, dass alles mit allem zusammenhängt. Die Ebenen des Lebens überlappen sich und schließen die Ebenen der Liebe mit ein.

Das, was Ihr im Leben noch nicht in die innere Mitte und den Ausgleich gefahren habt, spiegelt sich in Euer Liebe, in allen Verbindungen und Partnerschaften.

Das Zentrum der Erfüllung und der Wandlung liegt immer im Jetzt.
Euer Gegenüber wächst nicht in der Zukunft in sein/ihr Bewusstsein, er/sie ist es im Jetzt. Er/sie steht im Innen genau da, wo Ihr steht.

Ist es die wahre, authentische Verbindung an Euren ultimative/n Liebespartner/in, der gleichzeitig alles für Euch ist, so ist der Entwicklungsstand der Seelen-Einheit auf Augenhöhe.

Erlebt Ihr die Verbindung noch nicht im Aussen, so habt Ihr hier die Abgrenzung und Abtrennung von Eurem eigenen Seelenkern noch nicht aufgelöst.

Die Heilung entsteht über die Annahme der Spiegelungen, die Euch Euergeliebtes Gegenüber als unsichtbare Leitsätze in Euer Herz einlegt.

Ihr dürft sie umsetzen, das ist die Essenz des Rufes. Das ist die Essenz der höchsten Heilmission. Die Visionen, Träume, Eingaben und Botschaften weisen Euch den Weg. ​

Ihr fühlt richtig. Vertraut einzig dem, was Ihr fühlt.
Euer Fühlen ist die authentische Essenz Euer unsterblichen Seele, dieEuch nicht trügt.​ ​

Das Ego jedoch tut es, mit allerlei Ablenkungsmanövern und Verwirrungen.

In energetischen Liebesverbindungen stehen beide auf einer Stufe ihres inneren Herzbewusstseins, ihrer Entwicklung, ihres Potenziales und ihrer Liebesfähigkeit.

Lasst Euch nicht suggerieren und einreden, dass es erst Entwicklung benötigt, wenn der Wandel im Jetzt geschieht.​ ​

Ihr nähert Euch im Jetzt an, vollzieht die Prozesse der Vertiefung im Jetzt, nährt die gelebte Liebe an Euer Innen im Jetzt.

Die erzeugten Spiegelungen, die Euch oft an die Grenze bringt,senden wegweisende Impulse.

Hört Ihr auf, dies zu bewerten und schliesst Frieden damit, so stehe
Euch die Tore des Himmels für das Erleben der göttlichen
Partnerschaft offen.

Es ist so einfach, wenn Ihr das Loslassen von allen Abhängigkeiten, anstatt diese Verbindung mit noch ungeheilten Egothemen leben zu wollen, Eurem Herzen übergebt.​

Euer Herz, das Saatkorn der bedingungslosen Liebe, bringt Euch an jene Schmerzpunkte, wo Ihr Stück für Stück lernt, wie Ihr loslassen und Euch fallen lassen könnt.​ ​

Es gilt hier alles aufzugeben, das ist der Preis und der Lohn, das Ziel und die Vision.

Es wird nur schwer, wenn Ihr hadert, Euch wehrt, Euch verschließt, die letzte Egowut als letzte Kampfhandlung dem wahren Segen dieser Liebe entgegenschleudert.

Lasst los … fühlt es in jeder Zelle …

Fühlt die Veränderung, den Unterschied …

​zwischen Loslassen und Festhalten, zwischen Hingabe und Kontrolle.

An der Energie in Eurem Innen, im Herzchakra, Solarplexus und Sakralchakra, fühlt Ihr zuerst, ob Ihr noch immer das alte Sein Eures Innen festhaltet.

Aus dem wahren Loslassen, dem Innehalten und Fokus auf das eigene Sein, entsteht in Eurem kompletten Energiesystem ein Netzwerk, ein Geflecht aus:
Vertrauen, Hingabe, Führung, Weisheit, Ruhe, Frieden, Losgelöstsein, Selbstlosigkeit, Öffnung, Authentizität, Wahrhaftigkeit, Balance, Gleichgewicht…

Dies gilt nicht nur für die Liebe, sondern alle Lebensbereiche.
Es gibt keine Symptome, wenn Ihr nicht irgendetwas in Eurem Leben überseht, was sich Euch  nur so und auf diese Weise, um Euch zu erreichen, mitteilt.

© Botschaft empfangen am 11.04.2017, von Daniela Kistenmacher – 

Autorin, Künstlerin, Seherin, Heilenergie-Medium (weitere Informationen zu mir und meiner Arbeit auf meiner Website) http://energeticreflection.jimdo.com/ Für Euch: Bewusstseins- und energetische Klärungsarbeit Erfühlen der Seelenberufung/Seelenbestimmung Innere Heil- und Energiearbeit für die Zwillingsflammen-Verbindung und andere Themen Wir sind von der Quelle des Jetzt umfangen, erschaffen die höchste Vision unseres Seelenseins aus dem Jetzt heraus. Indem wir den Fließkräften des Herzens im Hier und Jetzt folgen, erfahren wir die bedingungslose Heilkraft der göttlichen Führung. Im „Wir sind“ ist das Wirken und Werden in all unseren höchsten Erschaffensprozessen bereits integriert. In und mit der Herzfokusarbeit stehen uns kostbare, unglaubliche und einzigartige Werkzeuge zur Verfügung, uns selbst von Innen heraus in der Essenz zu berühren, den inneren Zwillingsstrahl in die vollkommene Erweckung zu ziehen und mit der gebündelten Kraft der Herzenergien das Feld nicht allein nur zu erhöhen, sondern zu halten, zu stabilisieren, um es schließlich im hohen Herzenergiefeld von Mutter Erde zu verankern. Jeder von Euch kann in sich selbst den inneren Heiler erwecken, egal wo Ihr gerade steht, an welchem scheinbaren Tiefpunkt Eures Lebens Ihr Euch befindet. Hier unterstütze ich Euch im Sehen der Seelenfelder, in der Vertiefung für Euren eigenen Weg der Heilung und in die wahre Verbindung mit Eurem Zwillingssstrahl in bedingungsloser Liebe, frei von Erwartungen, Ängsten und Blockaden. Ich arbeite mit hohen universellen Frequenzen und dem Quantenfeld geometrischer Heilstrukturen, die ich erfühle und die sich mit dem Seelenfeld verbinden. Ich kläre Eure Fragen, bringe Euch in die Tiefe, sehe zwischen und in den energetischen Seelenfeldern auf allen Ebenen, um aus dem morphogenetischen Feld die Infos abzurufen, die Ihr jetzt gerade für Euren Weg benötigt. Von Herzen gern bin ich für Euch da. (Anfragen bitte via Email oder über meine website) Im und am Dienst mit der göttlichen Quelle für das höchste Gute der Allumfassenheit des ganzen Seins.
Ihre Arbeit & Angebote und Kontaktinfo findet ihr auf:  






Transmitted via Marilyn Raffaele
Dear ones, we greet you in love and with great respect as we witness the struggles taking place both within and without for so many. Increasingly intense levels of Light energy are now flowing to earth for the purpose of assisting Gaia and all who choose, to move forward in their ascension journey.
Never doubt that you are in body now because you chose it. You recognized the value of being on earth during these times of tremendous opportunity to complete any remaining unfinished business with others, clear old cellular memory, experience Gaia’s as well as your own ascension, and at the same time be of service to others.
Many awakened ones feel confusion and question because judging by appearances the world doesn’t look or seem to be anywhere near what was expected. Be patient dear ones, and do not let yourselves become overwhelmed with discouragement for you are in the midst of intense inner and outer cleansing at this time, much is yet to come as this process unfolds.
Release any concepts of how your life or the world should be, for the human mind is only able to bring forth solutions and ideas already present in consensus consciousness. The “new world” will not simply be a polished version of the “old world” but will be new because it will be formed of the higher energies of Light and unconditional love.
As more and more individuals hold and reflect truth and trust, acknowledging the reality of things seen and unseen, the world formed of falsehood and low density consciousness must begin to dissolve. Lower density creations have no law to support or hold them in place because they are made of beliefs of duality and separation.
We wish to speak of forgiveness because most of you are in the process of clearing both old and new cellular memory which causes all remaining lower resonating energies to resurface. Issues and emotions you thought you had long ago resolved may once again present themselves. This is because the clearing of intense experiences takes place in layers as you are spiritually able and ready which is determined by your Higher Self.
Many of you are now spiritually ready to clear all remaining old energy even those things you buried deeply, hoping never again to feel or think about. If you find yourselves experiencing unfamiliar or unpleasant emotions, physical symptoms, or crazy dreams, understand that they are most likely old energies flowing through and out.
Real forgiveness is not possible for human beings living fully in third dimensional consciousness. When one has been hurt, punished unfairly, or made to suffer from the actions of others, the thoughts of revenge that rise within a sense of separation are a normal reactions. The energies necessary for real forgiveness simply are not there.
However as individuals gradually move beyond the false beliefs of duality and separation (evolution) and into a conscious realization of Oneness, the door to forgiveness begins to open allowing the already present energies of unconditional love and forgiveness to flow through, not from , because only God can love.
Forgiveness in its truest sense is a recognition of the impossibility of anything or anyone existing outside of the ONE. As long as there is a belief that someone or self needs forgiveness, there exists the belief in duality and separation. At some point each evolving soul must move beyond concepts of forgiveness and into truth.
Love is the only answer because Love is all that exists. Whether or not an individual believes this is irrelevant and cannot change the reality of what IS. We do not speak of the “wishy /washy” emotional nonsense so many consider to be love. We speak of a consciousness that understands that no one can touch the reality of who you are, unless you believe they can for there is only ONE.
Outer experiences will continue to reflect one’s personal consciousness as well as the consensus consciousness of the world until he/she brings themself out from under the bondage of a consciousness conditioned by falsehoods. You are creators, but have not known it and so for eons have been ignorantly creating experiences of duality and separation and then asking why God would allow such things.
These ideas about forgiveness will be confusing for some of you, and you may respond with resistance. Take them into meditation and contemplate asking yourselves; “What am I believing that is making me feel this way? Is it true? How can I possibly forgive and actually love this person, church, family member, business, etc. who did this awful thing to me?”
We do not say you must forget, nor do we say you are to suddenly become the best friend of someone who has hurt you, or that it is fine to take unsafe risks around those who may not have your best interests in mind. Pretending to live out from a state of consciousness not yet attained, is very human but most of you have evolved into a readiness to understand and integrate true forgiveness.
The reality is that you are forever and always have been expressions of the one Divine Consciousness/Source/God. Would, or even could, God do something harmful and painful to Itself? As you learn to recognize the true nature of things, you will discover that nothing real needs forgiveness because the idea of forgiveness indicates that there is someone outside of the ONE.
The pain of betrayal (the reason for most issues requiring forgiveness), remains long after the event, person, or organization is no longer a part of one’s life because the intense emotions of the experience are usually solidly stored in cellular memory, ready and able to activate at the smallest provocation.
Try not to resist, for resistance simply gives power and reality to the emotions, beliefs, etc. you seek to move beyond. Instead be patient and loving with yourself when you are hurting. Acknowledge that these painful emotions for now are a part of your energy but that there is no law holding or supporting them. Speak to the cells of your physical body, visualize them filled with Light and tell them it is ok and not to fear the release of old and finished energy.
Know that it is ok to pamper yourselves, there is nothing unspiritual about doing the things you love, and just enjoying life. Teachings that separate the spiritual and the human are false, based in religious doctrine created by un-evolved human minds and not God. There is nothing outside of the ONE, it is only the human mind’s false belief system that interprets some things as spiritual, but other things not. The essence of all things is Divine for it is all there is.
Painful and unresolved issues between two people (often dominance/victim) will remain in cellular memory and be carried into each lifetime continuing to manifest between the same people in different roles. This type of connection between people results in the formation of energy cords.
Energy cords are created whenever there are intense experiences of either good or bad between two people and become a facet of ones’ energy field until removed or until one of the two evolves beyond the energy that created the cords in the first place (the cord no longer has anything to attach to). The dissolving of energy cords does not remove a person from one’s life, but removes the intense and often unhealthy sense of bondage that accompanies them.
Energy cords develop between sexual partners, frequently between a child and a parent, or with anyone with whom there has been shared intense experiences. Energy cords bind those involved to low resonating energy and should be removed which is easily be done by energy healers, or by self through intention. “In the presence of my Higher Self and my Guides, I consciously choose to remove any and all energetic cords attaching me to_____. ” Visualize Light dissolving the cords which are usually attached to the solar plexus chakra and fill in the space with soft golden Light. It is the intention, not specific words that is important.
Conscious awareness of self as SELF is the path to freedom, dear ones, and is how you become free from pain and suffering in a world formed of energy that does not even exist in Divine Mind. Once you are able to acknowledge the reality of who and what you are, the outer scene will no longer have power over you because you now recognize it for what it is.
You are evolving beyond concepts of forgiveness, into a realization of oneness. Evolution is a process. First comes an intellectual awareness of some truth followed by a period of time (sometimes years) spent reading, taking classes, and inner contemplation. When ready, the soul integrates the truth and it becomes an attained state of consciousness.
If an individual has already attained the consciousness of some truth in a former lifetime, the intellectual awareness simply becomes “remembering” followed by fast and easy integration. This is why it is not wise to compare your journey with that of others, as everyone has had different lifetimes and experiences before this one. Trust that your Higher Self is putting you right where you need to be for what you need to learn.
True forgiveness is an attained state of consciousness that realizes there is nothing to forgive. At the same time it is important to remember that not everyone is ready to understand this deeper sense of forgiveness, and so there may still be occasions when it is necessary and appropriate to speak the words and take actions that define forgiveness. Words and actions spoken from a conscious realization of oneness, carry a higher vibration than if spoken as a purely three dimensional exercise.
Those living fully in third dimensional consciousness are more subject to accidents and events because they are expressing and creating with energies of duality (pairs of opposites) and separation. However, similar experiences (many seeming to require forgiveness) that occur in the lives of those awake to truth, are not a sign of spiritual failure as some may think, but are instead experiences usually planned pre-birth as being necessary for spiritual growth.
This never means you must remain in abusive or harmful situations waiting for the other person to change. It means taking whatever human footsteps may be necessary, while remembering the Divine nature of those involved. Refusing to allow others to dishonor you physically,emotionally, or mentally is empowering because it is the acknowledgment of self as SELF.
Never go back to old, familiar, and comfortable belief systems once you have awakened to the higher sense of these things. It is tempting to align with the energy of crowds, experts, religious leaders, politicians, families, and friends in order to be accepted and loved. If guided, participate, but do not align with lower resonating states of consciousness.
Reverting to a state of consciousness you have evolved beyond creates physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual discord.
Trust that your Higher Self knows where you need to be, what you need to learn, and how and when to get you there.
We are the Arcturian Group 4/23/17
channeled by Marilyn Raffaele
Kyria Aluela’s offerings:
If anyone needs assistance in releasing, cutting cords and forgiveness, as well as wants to rise up to their full soul potential , you can work with me, Kyria Aluéla to receive guidance and holographic & sound healing and your DIAMOND SOUL CODES. Read more on my Homepage and contact me by email which you will find on the top of the page.





New Venus Cycle, A Rebirth Of The Heart


so I reblog this post as Taurus is Ruled by Venus

Kyria Aluéla - Vocalist - Spiritual Medium - Satguru - Melchizedekia

Dear Friends,

Time to Rebirth your Heart –

Love what you do and do what you love.

Make yourself happy and attract true love.

I love you all,

Kyria Aluéla 


Today I share a lovely Astro message:

Venus Conjunct Sun – A New Venus Cycle, A Rebirth Of The Hearth
by Astro Butterfly, 3-22-17

Venus will conjunct the Sun on March 25 at 4° Aries, marking the beginning of a new Venus cycle. A Venus cycle is about new beginnings in love, beauty, money, and personal values.

What is a Venus cycle?

Just like the Moon, Venus also goes through different phases, depending on her relative position to the Sun.

A conjunction of Venus to the Sun -when Venus is retrograde, is called an inferior conjunction and it is the equivalent of a New Moon. But if a Moon cycle lasts for 29 days, a Venus cycle lasts 18…

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Taurus New Moon – Love, Values, Sensuality – April 26, 2017

Hi Friends,

Taurus  is a earth sign and New Moon is for planting seeds related to the 5 Senses and sensuality.  TAURUS says: “I HAVE”. It is about our Values (Having), Property, Earth, Nourishment, Music, Art, Security,  Money. 

The 5 Senses are your value of the physical body – tasting, smelling, touch, hearing, seeing. How do you enjoy these senses?  Or do you deny experiencing them in a positive manner? Do you experience them in beautiful way? Soothing yourself and others are Taurus too. Review and make new intensions related to the 5 senses.

Do you feel lack? or do you see what your have? See the 1/2 full cup or the 1/2 empty cup?  Even having 1 Dollar can be seen has having something, instead of not having money. Check your values and express appreciation and thank Mother Earth for all you receive from her. Nature is simple…have simple values and you will feel more gratification. 

Taurus is a Venus sign related to love, caring, caressing, nurturing, romance and relationships. 

Do your own review and create a ritual-ceremony and plant your intensions of what you wish to manifest this cycle in Taurus. 

Happy New Moon in Taurus. The next full moon will be the Wesak Full on May 10, 2017 in Scorpio opposite to Taurus, which is a very powerful time for self recognition. The legend of Wesak says the Buddha blesses the Earth that full moon. 

Love you all,

Kyria Aluéla Lumina



I offer you assistance with Vibrational Holographic and Sound Healing, Intuitive counseling, SOUL CODES Transmissions and initiations, Twin-Flame and relationship guidance, Merkaba Lightbody Teachings in personal sessions. pls read my homepage and contact me by the email you find there.





Below I share a few Videos from Astrologers I listen to on youtube


Barbara Goldsmith


New Moon in Taurus, 26th April 2017 is about nourishment, food and love.
Taurus, an earth sign, rules money, resources, the land, agriculture, food. This New Moon is a precursor of the ingress of Uranus into Taurus next May 2018, when it’s likely we’ll have some huge changes connected to our world economy, some inventions that become mainstream – eg FREE ENERGY, ENERGETIC MEDICINE, new ways of healing our earth and ourselves.
How we grow our food, the purity of our water, and how we treat ourselves and our earth will all come into sharp focus.
Venus, ruler of Taurus is in Pisces and conjunct to Chiron, so this is a time to release the wounds of the past – in love, money, relationships of any kind – it could be a family relationship, a romantic relationship, a professional relationship – where you perceive someone has hurt you, and you are still holding onto those wounds, now is the time to release them and move forward.

Mercury is still retrograde until May 3rd and is conjunct to Uranus – asking you to release old patterns of thinking that haven’t been serving you and create a whole new paradigm for yourself. After all, you do create your own reality. What are your dreams? For yourself and for humanity? Do you believe they can happen?

LOVE is the key. When you love the food you are about to eat, when you love the water you are about to drink, when you love the clothes you are about to put on, when you can see the world from a perspective of love, and especially treat yourself with love, your world will come alive, and you will be able to make more compassionate choices. This is a wonderful time to heighten your senses: make freshly brewed coffee, stroke a beautiful animal, listen to music you enjoy, and eat a magnificent meal!!!


Pam Gregory



Jean Wiley:

THOTH – Emerald Tablets – Preface & Tablet 1

Dear friends,

Thoth is known as God of Wisdom and Magic, Alchemist, Moon God and Sun God. This soul is also Architect of the Universe, as he laid out the pyramids on earth and on other star systems. He is an immortal who lived on the earth plane 1000s of years. He reveals mysteries and secrets of Eternal Life.  


I share the EMERALD TABLETS OF THOTH THE ATLANTEAN by Doreal . It is better to read the hard copy of the Book:

Below you find the Preface and Tablet Key 1 and I will share others parts later, as too many at once can not be consumed. As I said, read them and more will dawn on you as you scan the words with your eyes.


Crystalinks.com has part of it online to read, if you can not buy the Book (18-20 USD)

Here are some audio-videos of it – I found these and I like the majestic voice used, as it sounds and feels like Thoth to me. I am very familiar with this soul.

– Kyria Aluéla – Priestess of Melchizedekia





I will share others later as too many at once can not be consumed. As I said, read them and more will dawn on you as you scan the words with your eyes.












Moving on to Joy – Weitergehen ins Glück

Kyria Aluéla - Vocalist - Spiritual Medium - Satguru - Melchizedekia

Let today be the day you learn the grace of letting go and the power of moving on.

– Steve Maraboli

Lass heute der Tag sein wo du Gnade und Würde lernst um loszulassen, und die Kraft zum weiter machen bekommst.


Nothing is permanent, all thing pass. If you hold on to the past and its emotions, it is hard to move forward to experience the moment and new things. If you trust the flow of the universe and surrender to serve Divine Will, which is also your soul-wisdom, then you will receive all you truly need. 

If you wish to create a new future, you must not carry the past around with you. Forgive the painful memories and those involved and take on the tasks and responsibilities of the moment with joy. Use the violet fire to dissolve negative energies.

Violet fire

Dive through your heart into infinite love. 

– Kyria…

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True Relationships are Connections of the Soul – Twin Flames & Soul Mates

Kyria Aluéla - Vocalist - Spiritual Medium - Satguru - Melchizedekia


A true relationship is based on a soul connection, not on outer looks or even sexual attraction. To really connect to another, t is to be interested in each others thoughts, talents, feelings and share some of these things with each other. Not that one has to have all the same ones or do all together. Each partner respects the others interests, listens and communicates their viewpoints about subjects. Having shared goals as well such as creating a family, a joint project or some vision, creates a special, strong bond.

Each person should care about the others feelings and make an effort to understand the other. This is love and intimacy. Once TRUST is between two partners, then the sexual intimacy is so much stronger without needing any artificial “Helpers”.

Once hearts have connected in love,  then there is a natural flow of energies and one…

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