2021 Re-Birth Your Pure Inner Child of Love & Light

Re-Birth of Your Inner “Christ”-Child of Love-Light



Today is 1.1.2021 = 7
A spiritual day ..its the Apex of the Pyramid 

The Year 2021 = 5

 Child, father, Big, generous Heart of the Lion, Courage, Authenticity, Creativity, Christ, Inner child, Fire of ❤️ Love

In you is the spark of divine love of creator. Let this love-light shine now. Jeshua/Jesus said, be as the children. Be your pure, sweet, playful, truthful, loving self now. The word Christ does not mean a person. It comes from the word Crystal, the pure crystalline light of the soul. We all have this Christed self, as it’s our original Soul creation from source or God. Its our paradise self, perfect and pure. We manifested many illusions and complications along our karmic journey through embodiments by making with our FREE WILL some positive and some non astute choices. 
Now you can choose to let go of the past illusions, negative thought patterns and suffering, by knowing it was a teaching for you to learn to make good choices and to be true to your higher I AM God-self and just simply love and be honest to yourself and others. There’s no need to hide behind the Ego’s many masks. Be authentic and fearless in showing who you are inside. 
To move on from suffering, resentment and even hatred, it is very important to forgive  all who wronged you and ask to be forgiven for what you may have done that was disrespectful, inconsiderate and hurtful to others and then also forgive yourself. Use the VIOLET FIRE for this ( read blog article on this term, if you don’t know about the violet fire🔥 ). 
Hug your inner child and tell it you love it unconditionally and all is alright now. Those who didn’t give your child what you needed back then, did not know how to love you, as they probably were hurting inside themselves.
Leave all the Dramas behind you and once you made peace with the past, don’t look back or talk anymore of what happened.
Know that DIVINE MOTHER and DIVINE FATHER love you unconditionally and don’t hold grudges against you, especially when you can admit your deviations to yourself and make an effort to make amends by doing good deeds. This is your deliverance from suffering and bondage into Freedom. Do not allow others to control your heart, spirit and mind. Learn to meditate and take responsibility for your own thoughts and actions. become your own master and creator, but do all in LOVE with compassionate communication and actions to be a giving person, not a taker. What you give will attract gifts back to you. This is not a time anymore for being just self serving. It’s the time for contributing to society and Mother Earth 🌍. 


I wish you 
BLESSED 2021 & 



with all my love,
Kyria Aluéla



I am here to serve all those who wish guidance, to learn, to heal themselves and to become an ascended human and to become a lightworker. I give initiations and activations after the necessary preparation work has been completed. 
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