The Heavenly Dance of Twin Souls – A Divine Relationship

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The Heavenly Dance of Twin Souls

The Union of Twin Flame Souls happens in the Higher Dimensions and then spirals down to the Humans connected to that soul. This Union – or merging of soul essences is called ALCHEMIST WEDDING. The joined Twins above affect and heal, and totally transform the physicals below. It is a energetic dance as their feminine and masculine energies mix. One may feel a kind of kundalini activation happen, even when alone. 

The two learn from each other as they have a telepathic connection from higher self to higher self, and a heart bond. Over time, when fully merged, they actually will become One Heart and feel the same things and each other, even if they have not even had a Human connection (yet). 

Not all Soul Twins meet in the flesh. Some Unions remain the in the heavenly realms where souls reside. These Twins…

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The Heavenly Dance of Twin Souls – A Divine Relationship



The Heavenly Dance of Twin Souls

The Union of Twin Flame Souls happens in the Higher Dimensions and then spirals down to the Humans connected to that soul. This Union – or merging of soul essences is called ALCHEMIST WEDDING. The joined Twins above affect and heal, and totally transform the physicals below. It is a energetic dance as their feminine and masculine energies mix. One may feel a kind of kundalini activation happen, even when alone. 

The two learn from each other as they have a telepathic connection from higher self to higher self, and a heart bond. Over time, when fully merged, they actually will become One Heart and feel the same things and each other, even if they have not even had a Human connection (yet). 

Not all Soul Twins meet in the flesh. Some Unions remain the in the heavenly realms where souls reside. These Twins council and help each other in dream time and if one is connected with ones higher self, one can hear the other speaking and teaching the other things. 

Once these Soul Twins above found each other again and their Flames or energies fused, the grand love of creation is released and this love heals the humans and it radiates to others in the world and cosmos.  



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Who needs Religions? by Kyria – How Did we Create Such Divisive World Religions? – by Era of Peace


Dear friends and followers of my blog,

I always knew, even as a child that God did not create religions, man did out of some need. I knew in church that Jesus did not mean things the way they were preaching, that he was trying to say something else about how to live in unconditional love and non-judgement and be kind and compassionate and merciful. I did not like the many hypocrites running  to church pretending to be good and afterwards they talked bad about others – this I observed as a 10 year old  all around me. I decided that I didn’t need to go to a church when I was 11.  Later in life I found my own spirituality and connection to source. Now I can visit Buddhist Stupas, Hindu Temples, Synagogs, Churches , Sacred Native indigenous Sites, and find the interconnection and see through the teachings, as I feel each branch of religion has a piece of a puzzle and when one put them together, one get a bigger picture. BTW, Buddhism is not a religion – it is a study and teaching of mind – of consciousness, and the Laws of Cause and Effect – Karma vs Dharma.

A new spirituality is birthing now, where the need of those old religious structures is falling away and apart. This is why so much of the misuse and abuse is being uprooted now, as we have Saturn ( structures, walls falling)  transitioning in Sagittarius ( religion, spirituality, wisdom). The Old structures are being reviewed and what is not truthful and of true love, must fall and be transformed and renewed, or not at all.

When we recognize our own connection with source of creation and that we are love in our core( not sin as we were brainwashed to be). When we live as love, we are truth. Then we do not need “religions” to give us rules. Being “Spiritual” means, knowing you are a spirit connected with all there is through love.


Kyria Aluéla Lumina – Priestess of Melchizedekia

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I share the latest Vlog from Patricia Cota-Robles, about Avatars and why Religions were even created on Earth.



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Music and The Natural Voice as an Instrument of the Divine

Music and The Natural Voice as an Instrument of the Divine 
When I listen to music and songs, I always here the melody and arrangements first, which I can instantly repeat and remember. For me I feel the energy and emotion of music and if any lyrics are there, they are first blurred out, until I try to understand them by paying focused attention to them, which for me is most often a strain. I usually prefer instrumental music to lyrical songs, unless the voice is used to tone/chant wordless sounds. 
I use my voice as an instrument or shall I say, my soul and the divine uses my vocal cords and resonance chambers of my mouth, throat and head( nasal). When I surrender to my soul voice and the spirit of the higher and lower worlds, the Cosmos and earth then use my vocal cords as an instrument.
My normal singing range is 5 octaves easy and in my expanded consciousness state, I get down to the 1 and 2 scale ( bass monk sounds) and up to the 7th ( like Dolphin and Bird sounds). Maria Callas was praised for singing E 6 in her days, many can go higher F# 6 and some even into 7 now.   I am amazed, when I allow the flow from “the zone” and I channel vocal sound, what happens in my larynx and with my tongue, mouth and nasal cavities, and what unusual sounds come out of me. I have heard my vocal cords being plucked like a harp and my voice drop into deep tibetan monk or mongolian throat singer sounds, sounds spiraling and smooth sliding scales, or go to non-human high extremes like dolphin squeals, bird chirps, and calls and cries of other animals. I am sure I am sliding up above C 7 range and down into the C 1- C 2 range when I do sound healing, and toning in sacred sites and temples. A composer once tested me and heard 5 octaves at least many years ago.  Now I go to more extremes in certain cases, when those frequencies are needed for healing, unblocking and raising awareness. My voice often slides so high up that it goes into the silent sound harmonics above the human range.
I know the vibration of the voice is the ultimate sound of the divine and nature!  God gave every Human a voice with a unique signature. Humans had to build instruments with their hands, but they had a voice from the start. Language with Words came later, the early Humans toned and used telepathy to communicate. 
The Voice without instrumental background music comes through in 432Hz – the PHI spiral of the cosmos – naturally, which is related to our DNA.
The voice can express emotions when the singer is in touch with his/her heart and soul. Of course a musician who can channel his/her soul can bring out the emotions via the instruments also with breath or how they feed the emotions into their instrument via their skillful hands and or breath work if a wind instrument. 
I personally never really liked to learn lyrics of songs, although I had to in chorus and for musicals I sang in in school productions. My favorite pieces where those with Ba da da ba da da da…like a Bach fugue we did…no lyrics or some Jazzy bee boop da di da. Once I began to allow spirit to sing through me – “Tone” – I heard syllables and frequencies coming from my voice.
Toning is the natural voice, when the soul sings through you.  It is a kind of cosmic language coming from all over space and the inner of the earth too. The earth has her sounds and each planet has sounds , as Holst knew when he composed THE PLANETS.  Every atom , every rock, every building , every animal, every plant has their own a sound. 
You can find your own SOUL SOUND by allowing tones to flow through you in a sound meditation. That takes practice and one needs learn  to surrender to the divine self. Try OM-ing for a while first, the tone the vowels – a e i o u – and just let sounds come out of you naturally. OM opens you up to the cosmos and creation. 
Be your own symphony and play your vocal cords. Then feel, what it does. Music and Sound of the voice is the ultimate healer, when it comes from the love of the heart. Certain notes and combinations of sounds and rhythms create certain effects and can open portals to the soul, the cosmos  and inner earth.
Below you can listen to a few of my toning improvisations on my soundcloud to get the idea what sounds can come out of you. I offer personal Soul Voice coaching and I can channel your SOUL SONG for your healing and consciousness expansion in a private session or lesson. ( see further blog links on the bottom of this page to read more about Soul Codes and My TV appearance)
Make some beautiful noise and express your soul.
Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist
aka Kyria Aluéla Lumina
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Message from Lady Venus Kumara

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl

English edition by crystalflow translations


From being a coward to being courageous

» In the beginning there is not much difference between a coward and a courageous person. The only difference is that the coward listens and succumbs to his fears, while the courageous one brushes them aside and moves on. The courageous one steps into the unknown despite all fears. « Osho: Courage.
Live wildly and dangerously; page 15; Ullstein/Allegria Publishing)

Beloved humans,

This message contains everything that constitutes a successful existence of a human being. Anyone who plucks up courage and overcomes their fears can truly be considered fortunate – and overcoming your fears and plucking up courage is what this message is about.

Don’t think that you should never be fearful at all and must always be free from fear. Never put such demands upon your life, because life is abundantly full of everything – even fears.

Getting through fears courageously    

Embrace your fears, accept them, and get ready to transcend them. Don’t shy away from it and get past anything that paralyzes you. Move on and move through your fears. Whenever you feel the kind of fear that lingers in your system and wants to stick with you permanently, check if it is really justified. Get to the bottom of it to find the cause.

Courage is rarely a virtue one is born with. Most people slowly develop their courageous nature – or, a bit more each day, they become courageous warriors of light. In the process, there are many small “moments of cowardice” that one needs to get over, until gradually the precious quality of courage emerges from a person. Whenever you face injustice or you become aware of unacceptable situations around you, it may almost burst out of you.


So take all the time you need to become courageous. Train your courage as if it were a muscle. Build upon your sense of achievement and never judge yourself if you “fail”; whenever you have created cowardice instead of courage – fail and fail again, until you succeed!

That’s the way – please never give up on it. The message is: Never allow yourself to get discouraged by your own cowardice and always remain conscious of your AS-IS STATE.

The right approach is to become aware of your own fears, to then check whether they are justified, and to pass through them in the end. Any fear is overcome by facing it.

The fear of darkness is not conquered by avoiding darkness but by exposing yourself to it.

I’m telling you: At some point every soul is ready to deal with what seemed unthinkable for the longest time. At some point there comes a moment in time for every human being when one defeats the inner coward and faces life with courage.

Before you can completely get involved with god, you need to fully accept life on this earth. Fear and despondence are part of this life, the part that needs to be transcended and transformed by human beings. Then trust in life can emerge, and only then devotion to god becomes possible. A consistently scared and despondent person keeps aloof not only from other people but first and foremost from god.

Most people are not “born into” courage. The path to courage always leads through working with small fears that need to be transcended. A person grows with their tasks. Smaller fears that have been released clear the view to your bigger fears – and gradually you regain your power and start experiencing the unknown as something enriching.

Achieving fearlessness

Fearlessness lies at the end of this process. To strive for this now should be the highest goal of those who want to give this world and mankind a new face. The time when this matrix shows its true nature has come. Its nature is fear, because this matrix is held together only by human fear.

Fears of the apocalypse, of a huge war, or the fear of losing a person, thing or situation one has become fond of, seem to have befallen many people. People feel that their existence is threatened – the danger to their lives appears to be growing. You must face these fears now and check the legitimacy of each and any sentiment of fear.

Start by going with the flow of life.

Life happens with or without you – it happens with you if you have complete faith in the divine flow.

Life doesn’t comply with you – you need to comply with life, which means aligning with god and fully giving yourself over to his divine guidance.

The biggest fear of a human being is to become entirely reliant on god. The ego avoids the nearness of god, because it must disintegrate in the presence of god. The mind supports the ego by always creating reasons for avoiding the unity of a human being with god.

So be aware: Fears – on all levels – are always kept alive by the mind. Where there is nothing to be threatened, there are no fears. Only the ego can be threatened, but never the eternal and infinite Self. In order to realize this you need a spiritual approach to life and a meditative spirit.

Once you are dead, no one can kill you anymore. I am inviting you now to die this death. Two steps are necessary for this:

  • to know, accept and transform your fears;
  • to grow into the divine presence of your eternal being.

At the end of this process you will have overcome all fears; cowardice will be replaced by courage, and your divine consciousness will emerge.

What is eternal can never die, what is infinite has no beginning or end. Truly: human reality exists far beyond all imagination and beyond this world.

I am


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Osmosis of Soul Lovers

Osmosis of Soul Lovers

When two souls are in Divine Union in the heavenly realms of the higher dimensions (zone), the qualities of each individual soul blend and merge. This can mean that the physical Humans below on the earth plane, start to become more and more like the other person. They feel each other from afar and hear each others thoughts. The knowledge and heart feelings exchange and the two become compassionate, and wish to serve humanity and be charitable.

When souls love each other – this love is so strong that alchemical changes in the body and personality happen. The hearts expand to encompass the world. This can happen, even if the two people are not even physically together. Once the divine time comes and these two meet…wow…what healing it will be for all mankind.

Written by

Kyria Aluéla – Priestess Chantress Melchizedekia

Kyria Mystica – The Vocal Alchemist 


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You Were Created For Eternal Life in Utter Joy – Jesus’ Message

Dear Friends,

Today I share John Smallman’s blog with his Jesus Message as is. He has an audio recording to listen to as well.

Love is all that is,

Kyria Aluéla

Hier ist die Deutsche Übersetztung:

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Sunday July 2nd.

Change is in the air!  Yes, all the channeled messages are telling you this, because you do need to focus on your awareness of this.  Don’t just dismiss these seemingly repetitive messages with a shrug and the thought “here we go again,” as your egoic memory kicks in to tell you that you have heard all this before and that really “it’s just the same old, same old.”

I assure you it is not!  Enormous changes are ongoing that will vastly alter the way you live and interact with one another all across the world, regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, religious persuasion, or political beliefs.  This time of great change has been a long time coming, but it is now firmly established on Earth, and despite the unsettling and disturbing news of conflicts and all the consequential problems that follow on from them…

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Masculine-Feminine of God and Souls

The Soul as well as God is Masculine-Feminine combined.
The Torah- Ancient Jewish teachings – speaks of G-d being male-female as well. My  friend, Rabbi Michael Weisser told me this many years ago. 
So it seems it also refers to Twin Flames and Souls here as Rabbi Yitzchak explains . Many have mentioned this throughout History – Rumi and Aristotle a did too.

“The person to whom our Torah speaks is neither a man nor a woman, but both combined. For this is how Adam was first created and this is how we are in essence: Two half-bodies that are truly one. The minds are two, but the bodies, the souls and the very core of these two people are one and the same. This is why the character and responsibilities of a man and a woman differ, for each side of the body does its part to compliment the other. It would be redundant, after all, for both sides to do the same”

-Rabbi Yitzchak Luria (The Arizal)

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. –
Life could not come into existence without the Mother and Father energies, so why would G-d be male only? 
Within us is masculine and feminine and our soul has the two aspects – The “Eve” and the “Adam”. The original androgynous Soul-seed split into a Feminine and masculine soul, creating twins. This is often felt deep inside us, that we are missing a part of ourselves and yearn to find the other half. 
We must unite our  feminine and masculine – YIN YANG – rational and intuitive, Passive- Active within, to find this union of completeness and inner peace in order to find enlightenment and become blissful. Once we find this within we can attract the physical Soulmate or Twin Soul in Personification,  that matches the vibration of self, to be our true compatible companion in unconditional love. 
Divine God/dess Blessings, 
Kyria Aluela Lumina
Priestess of Melchizedek 
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Contingency Plan for Earth – Helpers Are Here for the Shift of Ages ( Vlog 17)






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Patricia Cota-Robles’

message on  Vlog 17,

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